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getting to know you {3}

    getting to know you

    It’s that time again : you girls are fun to get to know and I can’t wait for your answers to this week’s question:


    Now I realize that not all of you have been pregnant, and I don’t mean to be exclusive, so if you haven’t experienced pregnancy cravings, you are free to make something up {or share a weird craving that you’ve heard of or just tell us about what you had for dinner. I don’t care : I just think this game is fun!}

    My answer:

    With all four of my babies I craved ICE like it was dessert. I would go through the Starbucks drive-through and just ask for a cup of ice. Yum, it was delicious.

    With Audrey, I experienced the WEIRDEST craving to eat Lemon scented Soft Scrub, lick the chalkboard and drink lotion. Crazy. I seriously had to remind myself that I would be insane to actually take a bite of chalk.  I asked my doctor about it and apparently this medical condition {called Pica} occurs when your body is lacking minerals such as iron.  Some women crave dirt or clay or metal. I just wanted to eat toxic cleaning supplies.

    Anyway, I did find out that my iron was very low and took some supplements to bring it back into the normal range – and my infatuation with soft scrub greatly diminished. Weird. And kind of funny.

    Okay, now it is your turn : can’t wait for the off-the-wall answers.  Have a great weekend!

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    1. I craved BBQ ribs- couldn’t get enough of them. One time at Outbacks I actually ate more than the large biker dude at the next table who ordered the same thing I did!

    2. Hi. I craved corn dogs; so healthy lol. I probably haven’t had one in a decade now; and Dairy Queen’s fish sandwich . . . and I don’t think I’ve had one since.

    3. Just saw this, great topic. With both of my kids I chomped on ice from morning to night until I finally mentioned it to my doctor near the end of my second pregnancy and he told me it was Pica due to iron deficiency . . I started taking iron and completely lost my taste for ice. With my second I craved chewing Mint Mojito gum (Orbit I think?). It always had to be a fresh piece, I HAD to blow bubbles and chew it with my mouth open (which is a huge pet peeve for me!) The day my daughter was born I lost my craving and ended up throwing away the rest of my Costco pack of gum. Actually I won’t chew gum at all anymore unless I think my breath needs it and then I just chew it for a minute and spit it out. With both pregnancies my most obsessive craving was for SMELLS! Rubber, like new tennis shoes or a tire shop was amazing. There were other specific smells but Rubber was the big one.

    4. I craved anything with tomatoes or tomato sauce. Spaghettios, tomato juice, ketchup, etc. The craziest thing is that my little girl LOVES tomatoes now and even asks for cherry tomatoes for dessert when she sees that I’ve bought some. Don’t get me wrong, she also likes sweets and doesn’t eat all her veggies, but at least she likes tomatoes!

    5. No pregnancies yet, but I have Pica. I’ve had issues with anemia in the past and my Pica has flared up in correlation. I crave deep, dark, moist earth. Like potting soil. As a child I would eat handfuls of soil from house plants. I currently satiate my craving with a diet full of roasted and raw beets shaved on sandwiches and salads.

    6. My first pregnancy I remember eating a whole wedge of brie cheese in 1 sitting! This was before I learned you shouldn’t eat soft cheeses, whoops! Later in that pregnancy it was Blizzards and corn dogs. I would sit down and eat two corn dogs with tons of mustard while my husband was slaving away on our bathroom remodel, then I would send him to Dairy Queen! 2nd pregnancy, I just ate and ate and ate and so did my husband who gained 20 pounds!

    7. I loved Buffalo Wings!! My husband loved getting to go to the Wind Dome every other night for dinner so we were both in heaven! Just a small warning for mommies- to-be craving ice, it may mean that you have an iron deficiency. This can be easily turned around with a prescription prenatal vitamin that is high in iron. :)

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    8. I am coming to the end of my first pregnancy…October 16th can’t come soon enough! My cravings have been: Captain Crunch Berries (never ever ate these before I was pregnant, but for some reason during morning sickness this was the ONLY thing to get me through), then the cheeseburger cravings started (any place any time – L.O.V.E), and now I heart salad for lunch (there is an awesome salad bar by my work and I cannot get enough of it!). Finally, anything Mexican is fabulous. I am also a HUGE Starbucks fan, but for the first 5-6 months I could not stand coffee, however, now I love it again. Phew. :)

    9. I craved chicken strips and honey…lots of honey. I actually waited in a drive thru line for 35 mins to get some only to find out they were out of honey! WHAT?!?! how does that happen…I cried all the way to the next fast food place to order the same thing, and THEY DID NOT have honey either. It was the worst day of my life, or so I thought, until I got home and there was honey in my cabinet! Are you kidding? I still laugh about it to this day.

    10. Mine was an almost total lack of control to eat lava rocks, sand and pumice stones. Restraint was difficult as the office in which I worked had lava rock beckoning me at every entrance. I still salivate over seeing these items. Eating raw oatmeal straight from the box curbed my appetite for such things as did the iron pills by doctor prescribed.

    11. with my first daughter Keaton (she will be 3 in November), i was sick for 7 months all day every day. but towards the end i craved raw baby carrots and coke. i would go through at least a bag of carrots a day. with my second daughter Carmela,(now 5 months) i craved celery!!! i would go through a stalk or bunch (or whatever they are called) a day if not 2 a day. i was highly addicted to it. i also craved floor cleaners of any kind….i obviously didnt drink it but i couldnt get enough of the smell. i had very low iron, which might explain craving cleaners haha

    12. What I noticed was my LACK of craving for this I usually crave! For example, I’m a chocolate gal…a little every day. I got pregnant and no longer wanted it! Same goes for all the other sweets I used to eat! I did crave lots of fruit…pineapple and strawberries and CHEESEBURGERS and MILK. Then there was that one week period where all I wanted to eat were avocados and banana peppers….Hmmmm….

    13. well, i’ve not been pregnant yet, BUT! i can tell you that my mom was craving chinese food from a specific restaurant in our area when she was pregnant with me, AND it was my FAVORITE chinese food EVER until they closed their doors a couple of years ago. :( it bummed me out, but I’ve since been able to find another that i like almost as much!

    14. Well here is an odd one. I hated guacamole like could not stand it. One day about 4 months in my husband calls me…
      Him, “Where are you? When are you coming home?”
      Me, “Sorry I had to stop at Baja Fresh I am on my SECOND tub of guacamole.”

      I could not get enough of the stuff! Turned out it was kiddos first favorite food too.

    15. Oh my gosh, that is too funny about the soft scrub! I’d heard of that condition before but never knew of anyone it had happened too. Wow, so it really does happen.

      I also craved ice on a continual basis and would always head to the places that I thought had the ‘best’ ice when we ate out. My husband thought this was really strange and that I was going to damage my teeth or something. All I ever wanted for dinner was ice. I’m glad to hear that someone else did the same thing. Oh, and milk. I think I went through a gallon of milk every couple of days. AT LEAST four or five large glasses a day. I couldn’t stop drinking it. And my only other real craving was pickles. Yes, just like a typical pregnant woman I ate them straight out of the jar standing at the fridge. I couldn’t stand pickles before my pregnancy and halfway through all I wanted was bread n’ butter pickles with milk and a cup of ice. How funny. Thanks for the fun question!

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    16. Instead of cravings I had strong aversions. I probably eat chicken once a day when not pregnant, and then I could not smell raw or cooked chicken without getting sick while pregnant-let along try to eat it!!

    17. Red meat. In my first trimester, I salivated for roast beef, hamburgers, and steak.

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    18. In the beginning of my pregnancy, I craved Schlotzsky’s Turkey Original sandwiches like crazy! The closest schlotzsky’s was over an hour away, but I made the trip several times anyway. Had to have it!

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    19. I’m a 40 something stay at home mom of 2 boys. One is in highschool and one is in elementary school. My youngest son has special needs (albeit mild) so life can get a little stressful with that. I have been married for 23 yrs to the most loving man and love taking care of my home and family. I love to decorate and express my creativity. I have lived in the South all my life and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

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    20. I guess I remember (it was a long time ago) that I liked hamburgers with red onions on them. I used to like to get them at Checkers because they were so rich. Also I liked the fountain drinks at the fast food restaurants because they had more carbonation. They were particularly good in the early months when my stomach was a little queazy.

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    21. With my first, I had a bologna (gross) addiction for about 2 weeks. Then, all of a sudden, the sight of it made me want to vomit.
      With #2 it was Otter Pops. I would go through at least 5 a day – and that was holding myself back!

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    22. Normally a “chocoholic”, I could not stand the site, taste or smell of chocolate , but instead I craved plain ol’ yellow cake like Twinkies & chicken parm sandwiches from the pizzaria. With my 2nd, I was back on chocolate and was very much into strawberry slushes from sonic. Also their crushed ice was/is the best!

    23. I have a daughter (who just turned one this past week!) and I didn’t have any cravings but I did have some food aversions…particularly steamed/cooked vegetables. The smell was just awful. My poor hubby kept making me veggies so the baby would be healthy and like veggies, but I could barely get them down (and tossed them if he packed them in my lunch). Despite this, she loves her veggies. :)

    24. With all three, but especially the third, I only wanted anything that would stay down!!! (Which wasn’t much) After 21 weeks, I ate Wendy’s hamburgers, Panda Express, and Lay’s Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips. And soda, but only if it was caffinated because otherwise it was a waste of time – caffine would help me have a little energy! Was I fat, you ask??? :) Not really but baby #3 was almost 10lbs!

    25. I had the ice craving too with all four of my children… luckily though for two of them i was working at the cinemas and would bring home buckets of ice! Or i would send my husband out for late night trips to the petrol station to get more! Another craving is as soon as i fall pregant i crave vinegar… i could drink it from the bottle…

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    26. I also craved ice with my first son, then with my next one I craved root beer and vegetables, but the weirdest was with my daughter, I not only craved it, but ate it, pickles and whip cream!! Yum ; }

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    27. Captain Crunch w/ Crunch Berries and Long John Silvers (2 fish planks, fries, 2 hushpuppies, and extra crunchies). The problem with Long Johns was that I got everyone in the office to start craving it too. The place smelled BAD! But, I could normally get a couple of people to toss me their hushpuppies to go along with everything else I had already inhaled. That probably had a little something to do with me growing out of my maternity clothes :)

    28. No cravings 1st pregnancy….2nd pregnancy I wanted fried rice with anything and everything. If I had a hamburger, I had to have a bowl of fried rice. If I ate spaghetti…you got it. I had to have a side of fried rice!With 3rd pregnancy, I had to have JELLO. Same thing as 2nd pregnancy. Everything had a side dish of Jello with it. I always had a big tupperware bowl in the fridge at all times. To this day, I still love them both. :)

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    29. beef, steak, flamebroiled burgers, kabobs . . . . get the picture. not much of a beef eater normally, so this was super weird for me!

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    30. I craved Big Macs and sweet and sour sauce from McDonald’s. We lived across from a McDonald’s at the time and that only fueled by obsession!

    31. No weird cravings really. Just chocolate. Lots of it! But I had a co-worker who was pregnant at the same time I was with my first and she had this overwhelming craving to lick a bar of soap. So she carried one with her!

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    32. Grape popsicles, Arby’s beef & cheddar sandwiches, and Mexican food… lots and lots of Mexican food.

      Found you from Nester’s. Love your blog (and your kitchen!)

    33. I craved ice like crazy! By the end of my pregnancy I knew where every drivethru with “good ice” was! I was pregnant during the summer, and once took an entire cooler of (just) ice to the pool with me. I floated by the edge of the pool and ate the entire cooler full!!

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    34. uh yeah!! I loved olives at first,then pickles, and I am now hogging out on the cranberry sauce! baby’s coming at Christmas so I might develop a few more cravings yet!

    35. fried egg and cheese sandwiches. ;) every night around 10:30. my hubby was so sweet to always support my craving, too.

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    36. I’ve never been pregnant, but when I was younger sometimes I would eat powdered laundry detergent, chalk, and powdered starch. I still eat weird combinations of foodsnsometimes, but thankfully, nothing like the stuff I ate as a child. One of my favorite things to do it to crush up barbecue potato chips into any type of ice cream that has chocolate in it.

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    37. I craved water…always thirsty..then I found out I had gestational diabetes, thus the reason. I was too sick all day and night with morning sickness to crave any foods.

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    38. Oh and forgot… my second was all about the Sonic Green Apple Slushy! I would order the largest available and sometimes go there more than once in a day!

    39. With my first daughter all I wanted was hot dogs! With the whole kitchen thrown on them… mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, cheese, sauerkraut, coleslaw, chili, onions. Yep, all that on one hot dog! But every weekend and any weekday that my husband would go with me, I would drag him to Home Depot, on the way in I would get a hot dog from the stand up front and then most days would grab another on the way out!

      Yummy memories!

    40. With my first daughter all I wanted was hot dogs! With the whole kitchen thrown on them… mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, cheese, sauerkraut, coleslaw, chili, onions. Yep, all that on one hot dog! But every weekend and any weekday that my husband would go with me, I would drag him to Home Depot, on the way in I would get a hot dog from the stand up front and then most days would grab another on the way out!

      Yummy memories!

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    41. With my first two boys I LOVED mashed potatoes. I couldn’t get enough of them! With my 3rd I really loved anything fresh… fruit, salad, etc. AND I really loved popcorn. I think we ate popcorn at least 4 times a week!

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    42. I’m definitely identifying with the ice thing…and the fizzy thing. So my ultimate craving with all four of my pregnancies has been Coke Icees. Not an absolute must-have, but pretty much a constant, “Yeah, I could drink one of those about now.” Then there are the days when I can think about practically nothing else and start counting minutes until I can go get one. : /

    43. my funniest craving story.
      I had to have me some Rhubarb.
      So, one day I went to our local grocery store… and it was early June. They SHOULD have had Rhubarb.
      they did not.
      So, I waddled over to this nice gentleman, stocking shelves.
      I asked him…(I must have had a tear in my eye and desperation in my voice): “Sir. Where is your rhubarb???”

      He started to tell me how they were all out, and that sometime on Wednesday…
      but then. he looked at my face. stopped. and said,
      “Ma’am. Hold on one moment while I call another store.

      heehee. I got my Rhubarb.

    44. I craved pimento-stuffed olives with the first four pregnancies. I craved Caprese Salad (tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and balsamic viniagrette dressing) with the fifth pregnancy but that ended too soon with a miscarriage.

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    45. with my first it was bakery doughnuts and my second it was Wendy’s Chili, Chips and Cheese (it HAD to be Wendys). With three and four I just wanted to eat everything :)

    46. when i was pregnant with my oldest daughter Keaton, i craved raw baby carrots (i’d go through at least a bag a day) and coca cola. with my youngest daughter Carmela, i also had low iron and craved floor cleaners lol (didnt actually drink them though) and celery!! i would go through a whole bunch or stalk or whatever they are called a day…if not 2 a day. i just loved it and couldn’t get enough!! :)

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    47. I had pica as well. I have only had one baby thus far but I ate more ice than anything. I bought a snow cone machine and would spoon out the ice shavings 7-8 times a day. I also was put on iron supplements but then 4 months after she was born. I had to get a iron transfusion. Me in a chair linked up to a bag of iron for hours. I would recommend it. haha. I went from having no energy to feeling like I could have run a marathon.

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    48. Having not yet become pregnant, I’ll tell you about my sister. When she was pregnant with my niece, she craved bar drink garnishes. Anything that could be used to garnish an alcoholic drink. Olives, mini pickles, lemon wedges, maraschino cherries, and celery.

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    49. I craved Steak and bacon…I was a pseudo vegetarian for 14 years, eating only chix and fish, but I couldn’t stand the smell of either chicken or salmon, YUCK! So, I had steak for the first time since my freshman year in college, then I couldn’t get enough of it. I also craved Sara Lee’s frozen cheesedake with canned cherry pie filling.

    50. Well, first of all,I couldn’t stand the smell of either chicken or salmon with my first pregnancy. YUck! This was rather tricky, as I had only eaten fish and chicken for the previous 14 years. As a result, I began craving bacon and steak, and ate meat again for the first time since my freshman year in college. I also craved Sara Lee frozen cheesecake with cherry pie filling.

    51. sonic tator tots with my first! cherry pepsi with my second. :) I did *so* well with my first, diet-wise, except for those tator tots (no caffeine ever!) He was born early, 3 pounds…my second I practically threw my healthy diet out the window and had a healthy 8 pounder. go figure!

    52. I had extreme morning sickness that lasted throughout the whole day. I don’t think it was an actual “craving”, but for some reason I had it in my brain that if I just had a little something in my stomach the nausea and puking would stop. That ‘little something’ was pretzel goldfish crackers. Of course, it didn’t stop the morning sickness but I would go to the market and buys several bags at a time. I would eat them and then deposit them into the toilet bowl. Crazy stuff!

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    53. I never really had in crazy off the wall cravings, but I was so sick so the only thing I craved was fruit, smoothies and cottage cheese. Although I do remember one night in particular craving and thought I would die if I didn’t have it right then. It was Sprite. I had to have Sprite and it was the only thing that would satisfy my craving. Luckily the hubby went out and got it for me!

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    54. I craved fresh turkey! Not rolled turkey or sliced turkey. Had to be fresh. Also, you may know that craving ice to chomp on can be sign for low iron level.

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    55. {ICE} meee too! it must be soft and crunchy!

      I am pregnant now and so far this pregnancy I have gone from
      not getting enough {grapefruit} and now nothing is {spicy} enough!

      I bought a jar of peppercinni’s and jalapeños and already both jars are almost empty!!! OH the joys.

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    56. Ice, ice baby. Specifically, Otter Pop offbrand. Icees too. But my biggest craving was 2% milk. I don’t even know when the last time I drank anything other than skim was before then, but I needed 2% milk. I would drink up to two gallons a week. We went to France when i was around 15wks and I seriously thought I would never come back to the U.S. because of the dairy products alone! LOL Oh! And I had to have an Instant Breakfast at least once a day. My girl apparently needed lots of calcium!

    57. Baby boy #1-unsweetend black iced tea, applesauce and Hot and Sour soup (this was what I LIVED on…I actually LOST weight due to vomiting 30 times a day for 6 months).

      Baby boy #2-BROCCOLI with ranch dip, applesauce, iced tea (lost weight with this one too just not as much, yepp…vomited my brains out again. We stopped after #2). :o)

    58. With my first(a girl) it was cherry ICEE’s. With #2(a boy), I craved raw ground beef-yes, RAW. I would be cooking it and fight the urge to eat it straight from the package(while simultaneously grossing myself out by having such a craving). With #3(a girl) I craved ice & knew it must mean low iron-boosted my iron and felt the cravings subside. I am pregnant with #4 and so far crave ice cold water and sea food.

    59. Just reading all these comments is making me hungry…

      With my first daughter, I craved grocery-store bakery birthday cake. It had to be from the grocery-store…a fabulous bakery cake, or a homemade birthday cake did not interest me at all.

      With my second daughter, it was saltine crackers and butter. The crackers were really just a way to eat the butter. My second daughter is a terrible eater, and I have always wondered if it has anything to do with the huge quantities of crackers and butter I ate while pregnant with her…

    60. With my son I craved chocolate milk (tons of it!), and pizza. Not together though. My husband would come home from school two days a week with a huge thing of chocolate milk. He would wake me up and I would lay in bed and drink every bit of it before my feet hit the floor. And when I was pregnant with my daughter I didn’t really crave much at first, because I was so sick the first four months. But the last few months I did eat a lot of cheese, lol.

    61. Cherries, cherries, and more cherries! And chips and salsa … and a margarita on the rocks with lots of salt. I didn’t indulge that particular craving much. I would order a margarita, take two sips and let my hubby finish it. Sob! He even tried to bring me a margarita in the hospital but my favorite place wouldn’t give him one to go. That whole pesky “drinking while driving” concern. :o)))))

    62. I am slightly lactose intolerance BUT while I was pregnant I was able to eat all the dairy products I wanted.
      I usually stated my day with a big bowl of Fruit Loops and ended it with ice cream.

      I didn’t have many weird cravings. But I stopped liking other chips and only wanted Doritos.

    63. I have one baby so far and I was so sick with him I pretty much picked foods that wouldn’t taste too terrible to throw back up, as gross as that is.
      But later on I wanted cranberry apple juice (drank that like crazy) oranges, apples and carrots. Oh and cinnamon rolls and oreos.
      And I craved ice too! Every morning when I went to work I would go to the cafeteria to get a big cup of crushed ice, and it had to be from a certain machine… We didn’t have an ice maker at home at the time so I would freeze trays of ice, then put the ice in a plastic bag and smash it up to make my own “crushed” ice… so weird.

    64. With my oldest I craved Mexican. And I had always hated Mexican before. With my second, I always wanted fish. Once, at BW3, I ordered the fish and the waitress said, “Oh, do we have really good fish sandwiches?” Me: “Not particularly. But I’m pregnant and it’ll work!” (ps I know you aren’t supposed to have TOO much fish when pregnant – and I didn’t. But I wanted it ALL THE TIME).

    65. With my son it was hot dogs with spicy yellow mustard, sauerkraut and minced onions. I made a concession for breakfast … no onions (I’m sure my co-workers were grateful)! And fresh nectarines … luckily it was summer in CA.
      With my daughter I had no cravings; nothing but nausea for the entire 9 months … couldn’t stand the smell of cooking food … lots of crackers, bland chicken salad on toast, water. My husband was releived when that pregnancy was over and I was back to cooking ‘real’ food!

    66. with every single pregnancy I craved STARCHES…I was deathly sick for the first 25 weeks…like 3 or 4 medicines…could hardly function kind of sick.

      Anyway, I craved potato soup, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, biscuits with gravy all over it and anything else you can think of that was starchy. :)

      Going to China to bring our daughter home…now, that was a great “pregnancy!” I got a baby but had no weight gain!!!

    67. Chocolate ice cream & pickles was the first. This moved on to Cookie Dough & Snickers Blizzards from Dairy Queen—made with the CHOCOlate ice-cream. And it couldn’t be too drippy. It had to be THICK.

      Everything anyone mentioned seemed necessary for consumption…if you’ve ever seen Gilmore Girls, you would know the mistake I made watching it. I needed EVERyTHING they mentioned.

      I’m still pregnant (39 weeks)…and that blizzard sounds pretty good all of a sudden…..

    68. With my first I craved hot fudge sundaes, nectarines and sparkling apple cider. With the second it was milk (I would drink 3 gallons a week-by myself!) and salad (a bag a day).

    69. Yes! ICE!! I wanted to munch on ice ALL THE TIME – and like you said – it was like dessert to me. I’m sure I drove everyone crazy at restaurants because I’d munch on ice there too.

      With Baby #1: sick and vomitting the entire time, so cravings then…but mashed potatoes were the few things I could manage okay

      Baby #2: same again, but with help from medication I could eat more. Towards the end I loved ice and grilled cheese sandwiches. I wanted a grilled cheese for every meal. And this doesn’t count as a craving – but I cherished the ‘clean’ smell…I would wipe down the kitchen JUST so I could smell the Clorox Lemony cleaning wipes and I would literally pause and inhaul deeply when walking by the cleaning products aisle at the store! I just don’t do that anymore, so it must have been preganancy related!

    70. How fun…love your blog. I just found it and now I am going to keep coming back for more!

      My pregnancy craving was apples! I had at least a couple a day! I loved them!!!! (still do, but not so obsessively now)

    71. I craved Blue Bell Milk Chocolate ice cream with my daughter. With my first son I craved hot pepper cheese and pepperonis.

      With all of my babies I loved to SMELL McDonald’s cheeseburgers. I don’t eat red meat, but the smell of the cheeseburger was so great. My husband hated that I would smell his food before he could have it so we just started ordering an extra one for me to sniff!

    72. With my second daughter, I craved BBQ Keilbasa, no idea why, but still love it to this day! That’s the only real craving I remember from all 4, nothing to strange!

    73. With the first it was Brauhm’s brownie fudge sundaes at 9 pm – drive thru – in my pj’s. I gained 40 lbs that pregnancy. With the second it was cereal and Subway sandwiches. I gained 19 lbs. Much better.

    74. I’m in the first trimester of my first pregnancy and I had no clue just how out of control these hormones could be! All I have wanted is hearty Italian bread with a perfect chewy crust and soft, fluffy inside…I can taste it now! Good thing my husband has helped keep this in moderation – the pregnancy weight would really be packed on!

    75. Chuncky peanut butter on whole wheat toast, Granny Smith apples, Chinese Food, Ivar’s clam chowder and a 3:oo box of Frango’s at my desk one a week…yes the whole box!

    76. Collard greens. As a child and growing up I never liked them…EVER. Married: I had had planted a garden I couldn’t keep up with during my pregnancy and the greens had come up “volunteer”. One day I just walked straight out, picked them, cooked them and filled my craving. I flavored them with bacon grease and onion…the old fashioned way.

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    77. I TOTALLY had the ice cravings-which i found out later was also due to low iron levels. I would go through drive thru JUST to get the ice. I would wake up in the middle of the night and sneak downstairs to raid the ice trays! LOL

      With my 1st child is was cantelope and mayo. Sooo weird.


    78. I love love loved Ms Vickies Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar chips. When I was 8 weeks, we stayed at an all inclusive for 2 weeks in the Dominican. After that, anytime I heard the word BUFFET I thought I would toss it. For real.

    79. I was soooo sick with Jack all the way into my third trimester, and the only thing that often sounded good and that I could keep down was…peanut M&Ms. I don’t normally have a real sweet tooth (I’m a salty girl), but that was what I ate all the time. I can’t wrap my mind around PICA…I took care of a patient one time who had it and I’d have to keep an eye on her because she kept eating the paper towels in the room!!

    80. I didn’t have any strange or weird cravings while pregnant with either kid, but I did crave a good burger with both. I mean I could have eaten a burger every single day. The weirdest food aversion with my first pregnancy, however, was KFC. It wasn’t just the food that made me want to vomit but even seeing an ad or a commercial for it made me want to get sick!

    81. With No.1 I needed chocolate Frosty’s from Wendy’s. Almost daily and at very odd hours. The drive through staff got to know my husband on a first name basis. With No. 2, I wanted Stouffers mac and cheese (no other tasted right), corn dogs, and kettle corn (but only the kind you can get at fairs and festivals). Foods I NEVER eat or crave (except maybe the kettle corn!) :)

    82. This is such an adorable question!

      I had this thing for Chicken Salad. I was always on the hunt for Chicken Salad. There was a week where I could not stop craving steak…and lastly…I had an unnatural obsession with Italian Cream cake. Luckily it was my last week of being PG. I can only imagine the baby weight had that been my 1st week. :)


    83. I’m with you on the ice. I would plan restaurant outings based on who had the best ice. Sometimes, ok every time, while my husband would go to the counter to pay our bill, I’d be sitting at the table finishing up my ice like I’d never see the stuff again.

      I also had an iron deficiency. My midwife had me take liquid chlorophyll and that seemed to take care of the problem.

    84. After having two girls, we were at a crossroads of being done having babies or keep trying for another baby. (Okay if it was another girl!) We had 80% made up our mind we were done since our youngest was almost 5. I went on vacation to Seattle to go to a Neil Diamond concert with my sisters, and started craving onion rings. I had NEVER ordered onion rings in my life, but now I could not get enough of them. Come to find out, I was pregnant (didn’t know it) and it ended up being a BOY. I was on a low-fat diet and I think once I got pregnant, my body wanted fat and salt — pronto!

    85. Huge cravings for crispy tacos from Chipotle. No meat, just beans, rice, TONS of salsa and sour cream, lettuce and cheese. I ate that almost once a week. I even took a picture of the meal with my phone so I could look at it. How weird is that? I aso craved veggie sandwhiches from subway with extra extra pickles. Good thing both of those meals were fairly inexpensive. Now everytime I get crispy tacos from Chipotle I am reminded of being pregnant.

    86. Cottage cheese! I ate it straight out of the tub all day long:) And I’d put pepper on it! I loved cottage cheese with pepper!
      My husband thought I’d lost my mind since he thinks it’s pretty gross to begin with!

      I love your blog! I’m a recent reader…found you through Alyssa Fortenberry! Thanks for blogging :)

    87. I’ve never been one to frequent McDonalds, but when I was pregnant with my daughter, I happened to see a Big Mac commercial. That did it for me and I HAD to have quite a few Big Mac’s during the pregnancy!

    88. Cheeseburgers! All day everyday! I was teaching when I was pregnant with #1 and as soon as all of my kids were picked up, I drove to McDonalds and parked in the parking lot to scarf down the cheesburger I had gleefully purchased. When I looked up for a moment to catch my breath, I saw one of my families parked right next to me just staring at me. I literally pointed at my belly, shrugged my shoulders and went back to eating. So embarassing but you gotta do whatcha gotta do. ;)

    89. I worked at strabucka for years and when I was pregnant with our 1st I CRAVED the water. I’d go in and get vent iced water. It is triple filtered and so yum.
      I crave that water fir all three of my pregnancies with our boys.
      Also I craved these foods:
      With my 1st: popsicles
      My second: pancakes
      My third: rice…and lots of it

    90. I keep hearing a re-occurring theme with the Coke! I had that problem too. I was HIGHLY addicted as well. I tried so hard not to drink it because of the caffeine but I had no willpower. (Also had to get it from McD’s!)

    91. With both my daughters I had a total aversion to steak, or anything grilled. We’d drive within a mile of a steak joint, and I’d have to have my husband pull over so I could vomit.
      On the menu was a chicken caeser salad with mashed potatoes and gravy! Could NOT get enough!

    92. I had the oddest need to sniff rubber. Those are embarrassing words to type:) It only happened in my second pregnancy and I am sure it has to be on the Pica spectrum as well. I would quite literally stop in the bicycle section of Walmart and inhale the wonderful scent of all those new tires. New cans of tennis balls seemed to do the trick too. A new box full of foam stickers for my oldest? Awesome. I would find myself thinking of reasons to necessitate a trip to the tire store. Really. It was weird and I’m glad it is over!

    93. hilarious! Great question! I am loving all the answers…

      with my first I wanted boneless buffalo wings from applebees. with ranch to dip. ALL. THE. TIME. also- saladitos. If youre not form the south west or mexico, those are dried HIGHLY salted plums. My hubby drove all over LA for over an hour once when we were on vacation trying to find some for me. Towards the end- lemonade and little berry pies from the freezer section. then I would have heartburn that could kill a goat after consuming that. ugh. but it was SO GOOD at the time!

      with the second baby it was more salads with chicken and grapes and croutons and ranch. lol. but also McDonalds. And coke. HUGE, COLD, fountain cokes. mmmm…

      with both babies I just ate A LOT of food. ALL the time. I never har morning sickness or anything- so it was all food, all the time, right from the get go.

    94. Salami Grinders with my first son. I don’t remember what I wanted with number 2. With number 3 I craved broccoli and cauliflower salad but after I made it the smell of the raw veggies grossed me out so much I still won’t eat them. Ham smeared with cream cheese and wrapped around a pickle now that I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy with number 4. I also love fizzy fruity drinks. I’ve concoted one of Simply Lemon Raspberry Lemonade and Ginger Ale.

    95. I ate Tex-Mex all the time! We ended up getting to know one of our waiters very well at our favorite local Tex-Mex restaurant because we ate there so much. Taco Bueno Party Burritos which is weird because we never eat at Taco Bueno. My poor husband got tired of going through the drive-thru to get my burritos. I had an obsession with Subway Veggie Subs. I was also slightly obsessed with Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup. I didn’t like any other brand. It had to be that one. I would only eat the noodles and veggies and throw the rest away. I pitched a small fit in the grocery store one day because they didn’t have any in stock. I’m blaming it on the crazy pregnancy hormones.

    96. And for those of you that crave ice, go to Sonic. I used to work there as a teenager and we had TONS TONS TONS TONS of people that would come through and order a Rt. 44 of ice (small square cubes of crunchy goodness).

      I’ll have to try Starbacks!

    97. Fun topic! The answers here are NUTS! LOL! Onion sandwiches. . .LOL!

      I had a crazy one too. . .like the soft scrub. . .I actually craved pine sol cleaner. It was a smell craving (I didn’t want to eat it, I just wanted to smell it. CONSTANTLY!!). I would go home every night and mop the floor with it (no kidding). Me, a big belly, and a steaming hot bucket of water with a TON of pine sol in it. Every. Single. Night.

      Many years later I met a woman that had a similar “smell craving” and she had been told by her doctor that smell and taste are very related and that smell cravings are not uncommon.


    98. i only had two cravings. both were only in the first trimester. subway sandwiches and ruffles potato chips with french onion dip. after i had one subway i was fine and didn’t really crave it again. same with the ruffles and dip. i did eat nearly the whole bag of chips and container of dip in a matter of about two days. i did hear of someone mixing wendy’s chili into a frosty..yuck..also i heard of someone who liked to open the freezer door and smell the freezer and one who liked to smell under the house..i’m guessing it was a pier/beam house and it was because of the dirt..but i think she had been tested for low levels of minerals and was fine.

    99. This one is easy! I wanted (and ate) grilled cheese sandwiches everday in my second and third trimester. I think I ate too many because my son (now 4) hates cheese with a passion. The other thing that I craved was beignets from cafe du monde. This was a problem since I was not living in New Orleans. But I did get to visit once during pregnancy and I ate there three times in one day… it was delicious :)

    100. Nothing strange – chocolate milk and french toast. I had always hoped I would crave pickles, because I don’t like them, but want to like them. But nope.

    101. Well with my first I craved meat. I wanted a big steak just about every night for dinner. Its not too weird, I know but my oldest he loves to eat meat! With my second the thought of meat grossed me out and all I wanted to eat were fruits and vegetables and guess what? My second, she really does not like meat and would eat fruits and veggies all day long!

    102. I used to be a vegetarian but when I was pregnant with my first son I craved chicken fajita’s so I began eating chicken again. With my second boy I craved fresh blueberries and unforunately for me, blueberry season was coming to it’s end. With my 3rd son I craved pancakes, sandwiches, apple juice (only for a few weeks during nausea and then I couldn’t stand it), I want to say there was another one but I’m tired and can’t think (even if it was just 6 month ago). With all of them I had a huge craving for Mountain Dew but stayed strong and didn’t have any… until they were out and that’s all I drank for like a month afterwards!

    103. I don’t know that it’s a crazy craving, but with both of my boys I wanted Italian ice or Slurpees. Yum! With this little girl, I’ve been more into the ice cream than the Slurpees. For awhile my sweet hubby was making me a malt every night – it’s amazing I haven’t gained tons of weight!

    104. nachos…like the kind you get at the fair and football games. with that nasty cheese sauce! {ick!} some friends actually served that as one of our sunday night fellowship meals at church…just for me! and let me take home all the leftover sauce. everyone else was grossed out {as i would be now!}, but i was in heaven! :)

    105. Oh fun, I craved anything spicy with my son :-) One time I was eating popcorn and decided to add in jalepenos, it was good!

      With my daughter it was sweets, I always wanted chocolate milk.

      And with this pregnancy I do not know the gender, but it’s been spicy stuff again :-) maybe its a boy ;-)

    106. what a fun question!! With my first son I craved captain crunch with crunchberries cereal. every. day. With my second son it was spagetti o’s, not with meat balls but straight up spagetti o’s. with my daughter it was snickers and hamburger’s with tomato & lettuce ONLY. no mayo. no nothing. just the bread, the hamburger with the tomato& lettuce. with my last son I craved a steak everyday cooked medium rare. And I don’t like my steak medium rare. They told me I was anemic that’s why I wanted a bloody steak!! YUK!!

    107. Juicy Juice Fruit Punch. I don’t know that I’d ever even tasted before I was pregnant, but one day as I was walking down the juice aisle I spotted and HAD to have it. For weeks it was the only thing I could drink.

    108. With my first daughter I craved turkey sandwiches with Miracle Whip (not mayo, had to be MW for some reason) and with my second daughter it was Whoppers from Burger King. With my son I craved black cherry slushies from Quick Trip. All normal foods, but nothing I would ever eat if I wasn’t pregnant and I haven’t touched any of it since. And I had pica, too! I craved pencil erasers and even went so far as to remove them from my desk at work. I never told anyone until years later!

    109. Salad…I know not the most dangerous or bad-for-you craving but the problem was I wanted salad specifically from a salad bar. Salad from the drive through at McDonald’s? Oh no, I wanted a full salad bar, that was all that would do. I found all the places in our town that served salad at a bar and that was dinner for 9 months !

    110. When I was pregnant with my first child, I had been a vegetarian for 10 years. During the pregnancy, I craved chicken and cherry slushies. To this day (8 years later) I am no longer a vegetarian.

      With my second child (born 4 weeks ago) I had zero cravings. Very strange. However, I couldn’t eat many of my favorite foods due to their causing heartburn. It was such a bland 9 months for me!

    111. Tomatoes. Everything tomatoes. Especially homemade sloppy joes. LOTS of sloppy joes! And homemade butterscotch brownies. Couldn’t get enough of either. No wonder I swelled out of my shoes!

    112. I only had a serious craving once during my pregnancy, and that was for an Arby’s roast beef, Jamocha shake, and curly fries. Unfortunately, there are no Arby’s in Europe, where I was living at the time.

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    113. With my daughter, I craved cucumbers.
      With my son, I craved raw potatoes.
      With my 2nd son, I craved thick slices of onion with mayo on bread…onion sandwiches.

    114. After four pregnancies…with the boys I craved mashed potatoes, lemonade, and mexican food. We ate so much mexican I thought their first word would be burrito, lol! With my daughter, I wanted pancakes. Nothing too weird I guess. Oh, the funny thing I remember NOT craving, and this is something I normally love, was shrimp. Whenever I saw a commercial for Red Lobster and the shrimp scampi, I felt sick. Now, the fried shrimp didn’t bother me, but the “naked” shrimp made me want to puke!

    115. fun question! with my first i craved triscuits and pickles. not together, but alternating them. i ate mexican food like crazy with all 3 pregnancies (not unusual for me normally either, but i know lots of pregnant women can’t stand it, so i expected i’d feel the same!)

      i’ve never been a huge coke drinker, but with all 3, i craved fizzy sonic drinks!

      i had an insatiable desire for ice cream too. and towards the end of pregnancies, the baby belly made a perfect rest for the bowl of ice cream ;)

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