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getting to know you {4}

    The weekend is here – which means {among other things} it is time for

    getting to know you

    This weekend’s question is:


    I have vacation on my mind, even though there is not one in sight! So, we’ll just dream for now. But rather than the usual ‘if you could go anywhere, where would you go’ question, I’ve added the component of traveling alone.  Would you do it? Have you done it? Where would you go? What would you do?

    I think I would take a little trip by myself – spend the time sleeping, relaxing, reading and maybe a bit of shopping. But when meal time came, I think I would be so embarrassed to dine at a restaurant alone!  Once in college I decided one of my life goals was to see a movie in the theater by myself. I did it, and it wasn’t terrible {other than having to say ‘just one, please’ to the ticket lady}, but it would have been better if I had a friend with me. I think the same would be true for a vacation.  I love the idea of being alone, but I think I would get pretty lonely, pretty quickly. 

    As for where I would go : right now, I’m torn between Napa, California staying in some gorgeous bed and breakfast at a winery overlooking the changing Autumn leaves, snuggled up by a fireplace reading a good book and wearing a cute chunky knit sweater and Frye boots that I don’t own but want


    or someplace warm and tropical like Maui where I could spend my days laying out on the beach or swimming in the ocean, enjoying the amazing beauty that is Hawaii. 


    Ahh, both sound wonderful. 

    But both sound more wonderful if I had my husband or my sisters there with me!  So maybe my answer is no :

    Okay, your turn.  Leave a comment if you want to dream for a moment :

    67 thoughts on “getting to know you {4}”

    1. Happy belated birthday friend! I say skip Napa County (way too overrated) and come to Sonoma County instead! Then you can come and visit us in Petaluma and we can hop into one of my favorite (and sure to be your favorite) shops downtown called Maude. I tell you this b/c it is the shop owned by the girl who makes those awesome dolls you posted on a while back. I had just happen to pop in the other day and not only met her (Jess Brown) but watched as she made some. You would LOVE her shop and all the gorgeous material that surrounded her as she “clothed” these dolls was a sight! She was just wrapping up a package of them to be sent off to Brussels in fact! Anyway, been meaning to tell you about that, and thank you, thank you for inspiring beauty!

    2. I would absolutely go on vacation by myself! I’m not even picky about where I’d go… I’d settle for a weekend in Seattle so I can go to IKEA :) But if I had unlimited resources, I’d go to New York. I’d be so happy to just walk around… and buy one pair of Manolos. That’s all I want!

      I can’t even imagine having time to myself though!

    3. I agree with one poster about having a vacation at home! There is so much I want to do since we moved 4 months ago and it’s SO hard with little ones running around and having to pack up my projects each night. I have had overnights before in a hotel by myself and it’s nice, but I never leave St. Louis. I feel much better at home. But Maui does sound good……:) And I went to a movie by myself once and loved it! But it was a good crying movie – I’d want to be with friends or my husband for everything else.

    4. p.s. I didn’t really answer your questions! :) Since I married so late in life, I don’t really think I’d want to go on a vacation by myself ever again…but I’d love to go with my husband to Spain.

    5. I’ve gone on vacation by myself twice…once, after grad-school I spent 2 weeks in Cancun and a couple years ago, on a break from work in Romania, I went by train to Budapest and spent 2 weeks there. That second trip was amazingly healing to my soul…God did much in my life when He got me by myself.

    6. A vacation at home was my first thought as well because not only do I not enjoy being alone but the only time I get to myself is after the boys go to bed. And even then I spend the first hour washing dinner dishes, folding that neglected load of laundry that’s been sitting in the dryer for the last 3 hours (just getting more wrinkled by the minute) and picking up dinosaurs and superheros. Time alone at home definitely seemed like the answer until Ithought about how every MOM also has an identity in which is more than just being a mom and a wife. It’s that unique girl tucked away in a women’s body who once had many many dreams, aspirations and ideas. How wonderful would it be, to be out of your environment and your comfort zone for a mini vacation all by yourself to surface all that creativity without having to fuss over the “to-do” list? Hmmm…just a thought. So needless to say, no matter how hard it would be for me to be away from my the love of my life and the apples of my eye, I would take the leap! My choice, as strange as it seems, because it’s so close, would be Leavenworth WA. The quaintest little town.

      1. my grandparents live in Leavenworth, so we are there quite often. I think you are right that a get-away would be good for a mom as a time to just be yourself apart from your duties. Good point.

    7. About this time last year I took a trip by myself to a little town outside Atlanta, GA called Dahlonega. It’s up in the mountains and just beautiful. One of my last projects as a designer before i quit working was a small inn up there. So I spent a weekend by myself in one of the rooms I designed. It was one of the best weekends of my life. I was able to reflect on things I’ve done and want to do and how I would like to change. I would allow myself time to splurge (donuts for breakfast), TV, reading a book on the front porch rocking chair, walks around the town, and other things that I enjoy. It was amazing and I highly recommend EVERY mom doing it. If you live around Atlanta, then go to The Smith House.

    8. I have gone on little getaways by myself. I have always had my dog with me though. I like to go to a cabin in the woods for a few days and take long walks, do a little fishing, read some good books and reflect on my life. I am usually missing my husband after 3 nights though. I often go out for lunch alone, I usually bring a magazine or a book. I like the time to think.

    9. When you first mentioned it, the idea of it sounded great. But I think I am with you, it would get lonely fast. But as I get older I realize I enjoy a little “alone time” more than I used to. So, I am still undecided!

    10. Some days it’s a nice warm beach. Other days its a secluded cabin. Both have beautiful scenery and are extremely peaceful. But lets be honest, just taking a long soak in the tub without someone banging on the door would be a nice getaway :)

    11. I love the idea of vacationing alone, but I don’t think I would travel very far. For me it would be a car ride away, somewhere in New England, probably RI or Maine. I love the Fall and the idea of a quiet Inn or quaint hotel where I could just read in peace and soak up the quiet for a few days would be heaven. It would be enough time to relax, but not so long I would miss my babies!

    12. Jen’s idea of a Staycation – time at home without children and normal responsibilities – sounds pretty good, but I think I’d still want my mom or sister to hang out with me at least during some point in the day. Probably, I could stand being by myself for a day or two if I was somewhere really comfortable with beautiful surroundings. It would be nice to have some time to be just quiet without even the distractions of house puttering.

    13. I have 3 travel themes on my wish list:

      1. I would like to go an an italian excursion that is related to learning more about renaissance art, architecture etc. So a very vacation that is about enjoying the local sites combined with lectures by really good scholars on noteworthy works of art. I love the works of Giotto and would go see his murals and the Vatican collection as well.

      2. I am in love with French 18 century fashion and art. I would like to see the Palace at Versailles. Also learn more about Madame Pompadour and Marie Antoinette and court painters, Boucher, Fragonard and Watteau.

      3. I have heard that Dubai is exquisite and a must experience destination. I love Indian food, the textiles produced there and the influence of colors from the culture.

    14. I would prefer not to go away on my own, but I thought a bit more about it. I’d LOVE to stay at The Salish Lodge and Spa. I live pretty close to it and so it wouldn’t feel like I was REALLY far away, but I would be away enough to not feel like i needed to do anything at home. I’d totally live it up going to the places I wanted to go!

    15. I could go for a weekend vacation alone but any longger would get lonely! Where oh where to go Napa sounds relaxing or maybe somewhere with great shopping and a spa. I do agree eating would be the hard part but could do it!

    16. I agree, I am not sure I would want to take a true vacation alone. I would be reluctant to do things by myself, like you eating alone is not something I like to do. Though, in this current life I don’t have the opportunity to do much alone at all with three little kids with me all the time. My hubby and I work at the same school and commute together, so I am rarely alone. Maybe it would be best if I had the opportunity to spend a few days alone in my home. The first day home alone I would clean my home really well with no disruptions. Then on the second day of my “staycation” alone I would work on some DIY projects. The third day would be spent with a little R & R. I would workout, read and just relax in my clean, quiet and decorated house. I would only be responsible for me. I could do whatever I wanted, when I wanted in my own home. I know that may not sound like a vacation to most, but to me it sounds divine. By the third night I would be ready for my family to come home and by the same time next year I would be ready for another “Staycation.”

    17. Yes! Before kids I would travel solo for work and it never bothered me. The trick is staying busy and keeping it short. I think it builds character and independence to do things solo. (I love seeing movies and often go alone if I can’t find someone to see what I wanna see.)

      I’d go somewhere quaint with antique and thrift stores and great history. I’d spend all morning at a coffee shop reading and enjoy the peacefulness of my solitude. My hubs takes the kids to the family farm 6hrs away once a year so I currently enjoy a solo staycation. It’s a great way to recharge!

    18. I go to the movies by myself a lot! I don’t have to share the licorice and I can watch a chick flick my DH would never want to see. I would totally take a vacation by myself…I dream about it. My only reservation is that I would feel guilty leaving DH home with the kids. I would go to Bodega Bay (because I LOVE it there), stay in a beautiful hotel, order room service and drive to all the quaint little towns that are nearby and shop, shop, shop. Sounds blissful to me!

    19. I don’t think I would like being totally alone…I crave the company of close girl friends or my hubby- who I barely see now due to his travel schedule. My dream vacation is a house in Tuscany. Sipping wine, driving a convertible with a scarf around my neck, eating in small out of the way restaurants. Heaven!

    20. bahahahahaha- somehow my comment to this post was posted on your post from last week! Ok- so here it is again-in the correct post box:
      Well in the BC days (Before Children) I would NEVER have considered traveling alone. But the 3 small children I now CRAVE being alone! And Napa does sound awesome. or somewhere along the West Coast where the leaves are changing colors and the antique shops are full of goodies. Oh how fun it would be to sleep in, have a quiet breakfast with a warm cup of tea, then a day at the shops-thrift stores & antique shops & outlet malls-oh-my!!! Lunch would be at some quaint little deli, and dinner would be room service and a good chic flick!! ahhhhhhhhh -p.s-can I go now? p.s.s. – can you send this to my husband for a hint? LOL

    21. I would not go by myself. Touring, eating and sleeping alone does not sound like fun to me. I would go with my hubby. I love vacations together. We just returned from fall in New England; and it was one of the best weeks we’ve had (I’m posting pics all this week if you’re interested). Another favorite would be a cruise; as we have not done one in over 25 years. It is such a wonderful way to travel.
      Thanks for sharing about yourself.

    22. My first vacation was “forced”. My son – 5th grade – was going to Bali, Indonesia for a week with his school (not so far fetched as we were living in Jakarta at the time). I was worried about being an airplane ride away… so I decided to go on vacation by myself for the week he was on his trip. I stayed at a 5 star hotel right on the ocean… read a gazillion books, shopped for cool odds and ends until I could not shop anymore, drank a few margaritas by the ocean, enjoyed the spa and the pool and tons of good food. I discovered that I loved the vacation! I did not say much for 5 days… which is quite different than normal – as I managed a business and have 5 kids. I absolutely adored the little slice of peace … but in the end, was so ready to return to the chaos of my normal life. I have since repeated the whole alone vacation – went to New Zealand on my own for a week – forced to do so as I had frequent flyer miles that were about to expire ; ) hit Singapore solo -a few times and also a short jaunt to San Francisco … I agree with the comment above… my next trip will be to New York City!

      I also adore traveling with just my teenage daughter – she is adventurous – will try anything – and won’t comment when I have to hit a couple (or more) cool little shops! And she always has extra room in her suitcase for all the extra “finds” I need to return home with!

    23. I was in Rome by myself for work (I had organized a conference there) the week after 9/11. My plane ticket had been purchased months before and I had tacked on a few extra days for fun. I was newlywed (only about 15 months) and so missed my hubby terribly. Not to mention I was a world away with no English TV or newspapers and only the occasional visit to an Internet cafe to catch up on what was happening here. As I wandered the Forum, the Colliseum and other places, I received MANY kind words and hugs from complete strangers who, when they figured out that I was an American, just wanted me to know that they were sorry that this had happened. I felt warmly welcomed in restaurants where I of course dined alone but received attentive service and wonerful help via the suggestions of wine choices or desserts. Since then i’ve also visited Lisbon, Prague and Cannes on my own but will say that I only want to go to Europe again if it’s with a friend or my hubby. Kudos to those who enjoy being a solitary traveler!

    24. New York City. I would start with breakfast at BLT Market, take a long walk through the park and go to a museum, grab a cupcake at Magnolia, and go to a show before crashing at a swanky hotel. Now if I could just get over my fear of the taxis and the subway…

    25. I would be way to scared to go by myself! I would go with my husband but take some alone time for myself, somewhere he could ski and I could shop.

    26. I go places alone all the time – what can I say? I’m great company!
      But a vacation alone scares the pants off of me… who would I turn to if I got lost? Or if I really needed to pee and my suitcase wouldn’t fit inside the restroom with me? Panic!

    27. I don’t think I could go on a vacation by myself…I would get to lonely. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy time by myself, after awhile I like to be around people.

    28. I think I could definitely handle a vacation alone except for maybe meal times. I’d probably want to order room service for all my meals. Where to go??? Perhaps one of those spa resorts where you can also hike, ect., eat healthy gourmet meals and get spa treatments, of course. A cabin by the lake sounds good too…although sleeping in a lonely house would be a toughie.

    29. I think I wouldn’t mind a few days to myself, not sure I could do a whole week. A great little town by the water, with some quaint little antique shops, stay at a B&B with some fabulous homemade food (that I didn’t have to cook or clean up!), sleep, sleep, sleep, read a book on a porch swing……yeah, I could do that for a few days! Being away from my 5 kids (that includes the 42 year old one) makes me appreciate them so much more when I get back, it’s good for us all! When Mommy is happy and well rested, then everyone is happy!

    30. I forgot to mention I don’t mind going to the movies by myself at all. I am a chatterbox through and through. But at the movies it’s officially quiet time. My BFF since second grade is also a movie partner of mine and has been since were old enough to go to the movies together. She feels exactly the same way.

    31. I homeschool, so my husband encourages me to take nights away at times. I love it. I can journal, read, bathe, etc, completely interrupted. Would I take a vacation by myself? Yes!!! It would be short though and restful, wouldn’t want to do anything too far away, maybe in the mountains, or the beach.

    32. Nope…couldn’t do it. If I were to take a vacation by myself, I would have a miserable time. I don’t like to eat alone…and I definitley wouldn’t like to go to the movies alone. But, my husband and boys go camping one weekend a year. They have a total boys weekend and I have a weekend all to myself at home. I sleep, I read, I get a pedicure or a massage, I go out to lunch with a friend, and I might even organize a drawer or do a little decorating. It is nice to have a little quiet time and reflexion, but I like being able to do it on my own turf.

      But, if I could go on vacation anywhere (with my family or maybe just my hubby), I would like to go to England. I’d like to visit a castle, see Buckingham palace, take tea, and visit Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and Birthplace. I’d also like to tour the East Coast in the Fall to take in the colorful change of the season and some American History.

    33. Going on vacation alone is exhilarating. I have and LOVE going to NYC alone. I wander the streets, people watch, shop and have even hit the TKTS booth for a play. I love being able to go to an art museum and actually seeing what I want at my own pace.

    34. That’s actually a really hard question for me to answer! I would totally take a road trip alone (done that), but I stayed with friends along the way and being with friends was the destination as well. I’m not sure that I would want to take a true vacation alone though…I crave someone to listen to me too much. :) Where would I go? Right now I’m craving somewhere with fall colors and long walks/hikes (but I’m kinda dreaming because I’m due to deliver our sweet baby girl this month…hiking – ha!) and a wood burning fireplace. Yum! Maybe Gatlinburg or somewhere in that area? We don’t get “fall” down here, just reduced summer.

    35. Oh, let’s see…I could do a long weekend or at least 5 days – I would go somewhere that felt like I was in colonial america (old, renovated homes, shops, mountains, flea markets) and stay in a beautiful old b&b! I would bring my Bible and some other books that would be good for the soul, and perhaps a Jane Austen novel – something like that! I would HAVE to have a woodburning fireplace in the room, and go when the leaves would be glorious in the fall!

    36. I would LOVE to go to the movies by myself. I love shopping by myself. Heck, these days I just want to go to the bathroom by myself. But at the end of the day, I’d love to vacation with my husband or a friend. I would love to go somewhere warm and lay in the sun with my eyes closed, knowing that someone else was playing with my kids. I’d enjoy the leisure of a cold beer and good book. So basically…a vacation with the kids at home, but with someone to share it with.

    37. As I married my best friend, I can say I wouldn’t want to take a vacation without him. However! I love to go to the movies alone and do so often. Love the matinees when it isn’t crowded and there are fewer distractions. He doesn’t like movies so it’s easy to go when he’s working :)
      Love this site, btw!!! have a great weekend!

    38. I don’t think I would really enjoy a full blown vacation all by myself, but I sure wouldn’t mind a couple of days driving along some back roads hitting small town antique and junk stores and the occasional civic club garage sale. No one in my family ever wants to stop at those things when we’re on a road trip. I always look longingly out the window trying to take it all in as we pass by. Hoping to find one thing worthy of begging my husband to pull over. But, alas, I’ll just have to pick a good weekend, clean out my husband’s truck, and tell the kids that I’ll be back in a few days good as new ; )

    39. I think without my family I could handle a little 2 to 3 day retreat at some Arizona Spa, where I get pampered all day and lay by the pool reading a book :-)

    40. Absolutely would and have many times. I traveled alone A LOT before I got married and actually that’s still the way I prefer to go (no reflection on my husband or friends.) I have kind of a solo personality anyway and it’s just so much easier when it comes to choosing what/if you want to eat, what you want to do, where to stay, & so on, when it’s just you. Also I think local people are more inclined to approach, talk to, & welcome one person than they are a couple or group. And that experience of being on the inside, “living it”, makes a trip so much richer & memorable.

    41. My parents would probably kill me if they knew…but I traveled alone all the time while I studied abroad in Rome. I love roaming around old European streets at my own pace, stopping as long as I wanted to shop or take photos. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do that again now that I’ve got a husband and a baby that I couldn’t stand to leave!

    42. One day a couple of years ago, I dropped the kids off at my mil’s and drove down route one on the coast of maine; it was during fall so I stopped any time I wanted too to take colorful pictures; i explored new beaches that i hadn’t been to before; i window shopped in stores unhindered by little rascals. :) it was absolutely wonderful, and yet I was so eager to see my family that evening! Mini-vacations alone are very refreshing. Emphasis on mini. :)

    43. I would TOTALLY go on a (mini) vacay solo! It actually sounds like heaven to be able to get a little time away by myself. I’d love to stay at this b&b here:
      In the month of October you couldn’t ask for more peace and quiet or a more beautiful,picturesque setting as the leaves change color. It would be wonderful to just sit out in a rocking chair on the wrap around porch, sipping some tea, wrapped up in a blanket and a good book. BUT, my parents actually own and operate this b&b, so it wouldnt technically be a vacation by myself AND they would kill me if I drove all the way from KY for a vacation without their grand babies!

    44. Right out of university I moved to Germany to work as a missionary. While I had plenty of co-workers, it took me awhile to get up the nerve to travel and enjoy Europe by myself. Eventually I got over it and started taking the train wherever I wanted to see the beauty of Europe. It was amazing! I could go at my own pace and take time to reflect. Of course I loved to travel with friends whenever possible, but sometimes we have to venture out and go on our own. Now, years later, I think of those times with a bit of envy! If I could go on vacation by myself I would go back to Europe and travel alone, taking in the sights, sounds, food, and friendly faces once again.

    45. I’d love to take a girls vacation. We’ve done weekends at each other’s houses, but it’d be fun to go somewhere great. I keep thinking when our kids are older. ? I’m sure it’d be somewhere where there was great shopping. Hmmmm.

      I’ve always thought I’d like to vacation alone and read on a beach all days! When my husband and I went on vacation, I tried to do that for a few hours. I couldn’t take it! I wanted to go do something with him! I’d love to go to the east coast and tour historial old homes during the fall or to Europe. He MIGHT be willing….but that’s not his thang. That might make a better girls vacation!

    46. I had to think about this one for a moment…no, I don’t think I could, or would want to, go by myself on a vacation. I wouldn’t mind a day to myself…having room service for breakfast in an incredible hotel…spending the day reading a good book, sipping tea and maybe an afternoon of antiquing…then I’d be ready to have dinner with my husband outside, at a wonderful little bistro or cafe, sipping wine, and telling him about what I’d been reading or what treasures I discovered. We used to do this before children when we were on vacation – he’d take a day to play golf and I would do all the above… Have a great weekend!

    47. I have always wanted to travel alone! I’d like to live in NYC for about a month completely by myself. I figure while I’m there I get to be my own best friend and I can meet new people! Or I would love to go back-packing through Europe or Africa…yep I would definitely travel alone :)

    48. I love the travel with my husband. I am a beach gal so Maui is where I’d want to be. I do admit sometimes it’s nice to go to dinner alone, bring a magazine and sit alone, enjoying the moment of being by one self.

    49. easy answer for me: my husband and I are “climatically” incompatible, so I would go to places he (who loves tropical, one season climates) avoids: Boston in winter, or a cosy cottage in the countryside in Ireland or Britain…

    50. Jo in New Prague, MN

      I would go on a vacation by myself. I would go to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I’ve been there many times and know it like the back of my hand. I would spend my days on the beach, soaking up the sun and standing in the water letting the waves it me. I would not be bothered by having dinner alone. I would take many books and do nothing but rest and read. My job is very stressful and having nothing to do or think about for a week is pure heaven for me. Going there alone would be more fun than going with my husband because he always needs to be on the go.

    51. I can think of a bunch of places I would like to go where I could enjoy the scenery, some shopping, and a little pampering all by myself. But when I think about it longer and not being able to share in it with my husband especially, I think it would be rather lonely! Some things are good to do alone, but an entire vacation would be too much.

    52. I am fine with going to the movies alone (if it’s during the day) or eating alone (if I bring a good book), but I don’t know if I would ever travel alone!! Maybe to a spa? But if I get to go with my husband, then I’d really like to go to Italy. And if I had my kids….well, Disney, I guess??

    53. I’ve been to the movies by myself. Even though I’m 100% extrovert I LOVE it. Makes the movie so much better. When I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, I went to see a Twilight movie at noon, and ate a ton of popcorn. The only bad thing-I couldn’t leave my stuff in my seat to go to the restroom. TWICE I had to pack everything up and waddle to the bathroom.

      Vacationing…wouldn’t want to do.

    54. Um, is it bad that I fantasize about having ‘alone’ vacations? In my big life dreams, I own a successful biz and get to vacation frequently with my awesome hubs and kids…but once a year, I vacation ALL BY MYSELF (cue the music)

      I have NO problem dining, going to a movie, or really doing anything by myself. I don’t do it often these days, but I absolutely cherish my alone time.

      I picture my alone vacations in Mexico…or maybe the South…just somewhere HOT where I could lounge all day in my bikini, read novels, and WRITE.

      P.S. I got married in Maui and it is AMAZING. But that’s somewhere too magical to ever experience w/o the loves of my life.

    55. i have never gone to the movies alone! i think i would go to a monastery. i mean, if i seriously am going to have a break from the 4 boys and 1 male husband (exaggerating the point i am the only female is a small one bathroom house), i am going to have some real quiet time where i can hear myself think. and have a chance to have a conversation with God uninterrupted. someday when i am not still nursing a wee one.

    56. I’d stay in Boyes Hot Springs at the Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa and have a facial and a massage. (I don’t work there.) It just a beautiful place located close to the city of Sonoma. I’d pack my sunglasses, a book and some workout clothing. No make up. Turn the cell off. Leave the laptop at home. That would be a perfect weekend for me. Close enough not to have to worry about travel but far enough away to seem like a get away.

    57. anywhere? maybe new zeland… because there is an Olympic equestrian that lives and trains there. I would spend all my time riding with him and learning all I could learn form one of the best. and enjoying the gorgeous beaches on my off time… but your right… i would get lonely pretty fast with out my boys or my hubby.

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