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how to make a dog bed out of a dropcloth

Our labradoodle, Atlas, needed a new bed.

He destroyed his first five so we took about a four month break before I decided to give him another try. A puppy needs a cozy place to rest, right?


Since he is a chewer, I didn’t want to invest much in this new dog bed so a painter’s drop cloth {cheap!} and some diy embellishment was the perfect combination.



canvas drop cloth / tape measure / scissors / pins /acrylic paint / paintbrush

{not shown: letter template, pencil, sandpaper, sewing machine, thread, dog bed insert}

STEP ONE // figure out your desired dimensions


I already had a dog bed insert {from the last bed he tore apart} so I based my measurements off of that. You’ll need four pieces total – one top piece, two bottom pieces that will overlap for an envelope closure, and one long strip for the sides.

STEP TWO // cut drop cloth to size


STEP THREE // embellish top with dog’s initial, name, stripes, etc.


I printed his name, cut out the letters and traced them onto the drop cloth.

STEP FOUR // paint and sand design


Just fill in the lettering with regular craft paint {or fabric paint for washable durability}. Lightly sand to give a slightly aged look.

STEP FIVE //  sew the bed together


Begin by overlapping the back for the envelope closure {this will allow you to insert the dog bed without having to sew a zipper}. If you cut your pieces using the pre-hemmed edge of the drop cloth, you won’t need to create your own hems.  Sew the overlapping pieces along the edge just to hold into place.


Next you’ll pin the side band right sides together to the bottom piece. Just line up the edges and pin around the diameter of the dog bed. At the corners, nicely fold the corners and pin.


Once you pin the side piece all the way around the dog bed bottom, just pin the end pieces of the side piece together and stitch right sides together. Then sew all the way around the diameter of the bed. It will look like this:


Next step is to add the top piece.


Put your top piece face down on the bottom {right sides together}. Pin along the edges.


Now sew it all together – going around twice for a reinforced stitch.


STEP SIX // turn right side out and stuff the dog bed





Our sweet/crazy puppy loves it.


So much, in fact, that he left his mark on day two.


Dumb dog.

Any tips for a chew-happy dog are greatly appreciated …

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three really good reasons to not get a dog


Atlas, the labradoodle, joined our family this past christmas.

Since then, I’ve learned a thing or two about having a dog. Here’s what I’ve discovered: there are three very good reasons not to get a dog.


I mean, this one is pretty obvious. Dogs are animals and by default that means they are not overly concerned with wiping muddy paws before coming inside and relieving themselves in discrete locations. And they shed. Oh, the hair! We thought we were safe with our choice of a labradoodle, but come to find out, the non-shedding factor is as unpredictable as the weather. We bought a shedder.



Each night after wrestling the kids into jammies, brushing their teeth, reading books, saying prayers, tucking them in, I come downstairs to a pup who thinks it’s his turn for some attention. So we play fetch and I rub his belly and give him a treat and within seconds of turning on the tv or sitting down at the computer or opening a book, he is in my face or on my lap asking for more. He needs walks even when it’s raining and playtime even when you’re tired and it doesn’t matter if you’ve been playing tug-o-war with him for an hour – he’ll still want more.



First you buy the dog. Then you buy the dog some stuff {toys, dog bed, food}. Then the dog destroys the toy and chews up his bed and needs fancier food for his sensitive stomach and you spend more money. Then you go on a vacation and pay to board the dog. But you feel bad and so you spend a little extra so he can have some special doggy play time during his lodging stay. He needs grooming and vaccinations and a new leash because he chewed through it and a bigger collar because he grows like a weed. He costs a lot of money.



There is something so right about having a dog in our family.

Atlas is inconvenient; he’s messy and needy and costs money I could find of 384 other ways to spend, but we really can’t imagine not having this sweet puppy in our lives.


He is cute. He is fun. He makes us laugh. He licks up crumbs. He is happy to see us. He is loyal. He is part of our family.

So, even though there are three really good reasons why you should not get a dog, there are even more reasons why you should.

But maybe try to find a non-shedder.

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our new puppy

Perhaps my newest pinterest board tipped you off:

jdc pinterest board puppy love


Or if you follow me on instagram, maybe this photo gave away our surprise:

Yep. We finally did it.

We got a dog.

Our family grew this christmas and now includes this sweet pup:


He’s a black labradoodle {labrador retriever + standard poodle} and cute as can be.


We are maybe a little crazy to add a puppy into our lives right now, but we’ve been talking about it for a while – actually a few years.  We always said we would wait until our baby was not a baby and since she’ll be three next month {what?!}, we figured the time was now.


So far, our Atlas {named after Ryan’s favorite book} is a great puppy – frisky at times, but mostly mellow and happy.


You’ll undoubtedly see much more of the puppy here and on instagram – I’m a smitten mommy.


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