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our new puppy

    Perhaps my newest pinterest board tipped you off:

    jdc pinterest board puppy love


    Or if you follow me on instagram, maybe this photo gave away our surprise:

    Yep. We finally did it.

    We got a dog.

    Our family grew this christmas and now includes this sweet pup:


    He’s a black labradoodle {labrador retriever + standard poodle} and cute as can be.


    We are maybe a little crazy to add a puppy into our lives right now, but we’ve been talking about it for a while – actually a few years.  We always said we would wait until our baby was not a baby and since she’ll be three next month {what?!}, we figured the time was now.


    So far, our Atlas {named after Ryan’s favorite book} is a great puppy – frisky at times, but mostly mellow and happy.


    You’ll undoubtedly see much more of the puppy here and on instagram – I’m a smitten mommy.


    45 thoughts on “our new puppy”

    1. I just had to comment! I was Google imaging “black labradoodles” trying to get an idea of what my puppy would look like when he is fully grown and this came up. Your puppy looked just like mine so i clicked and realized they have the same name!! Glad to see I’m not the only crazy mom of 2 that got a big puppy and named him atlas lol

    2. HE is so CUTE!!! I want to hear your talk about him more often in the blog .. the reason because we are thinking of getting a labradoodle ourself (still looking for the right breeder). Did you get him from a breeder? Anyway, looking forward to get our own fuzz-ball .. my son just can’t wait till the day we bring 1 home. Thank you for sharing.

    3. Emily congratulations!! Check out the show Dog Whisperer!! James and I just started watching it last week and we are completely addicted to it and it is really helping.
      Have fun!

    4. My husband and I have a black labradoodle we got as a puppy and is now 31/2 ,he is the sweetest most lovable and smart dog and we adore him.

    5. Love him! I saw him on your Instagram feed and instantly melted. I can’t wait till our family gets a dog. We probably would this summer, but we’re expecting baby #2 and I think it’s too much for us to handle right now.

    6. I am in LOVE!! I love the name. Such a sweet face!!! You can’t go wrong with a doodle! They are THE BEST DOGS!!! We got Reilly Girl, our miniature Golden Doodle when our youngest was 3. It was the perfect time! They were like double trouble for a couple of years – kind of like having twins!! Wishing you many happy days! Love your blog and your style.

    7. Congrats! You can not go wrong with a doodle! We have two and they bring so much joy into our lives. Our two boys live them like crazy!!! Atlas is a gorgeous pup and I LOVE his name!

    8. Congratulations!!!! He’s adorable. Even if life gets hectic and crazy, you will NOT regret getting a new “baby” …. I have 2 and they are the joys of my life. Enjoy and can’t wait to see him in future posts/pics. And, just followed you on Instagram :)

    9. I have Delilah, the Goldendoodle, and Beatrice, the Standard Poodle….Good luck with Atlas! You are going to love this dog!

    10. We have a 3 year old apricot labradoodle who is the cherry on top to our family. He was mellow at first, don’t let that fool ya! We waited till our kids were 14 and 11 before getting a dog for the same reason you did :)

    11. Oh Emily, I am so happy for your family and your new member! As a new puppy mommy, I can tell you that they are wonderful. He will frustrate you a little at times with training, etc., but they give so much unconditional love. They melt your heart and make any tiny frustrations worth it. So happy for y’all and I absolutely can’t wait to hear more about him! We almost got a labradoodle because of the no/low shedding factor, but in the end, went with a different dog who does shed. We love her, but that’s a lot. With your love of the home, you’ll love the little shedding. So happy for y’all!

    12. I’m in LOVE!
      We had nine Goldendoodle puppies last fall and it was a complete joy to have them all. Not to mention that every single one of them was black (the dad was chocolate) so our babies look just like yours!
      Enjoy him!

    13. Oh my Emily – he is adorable. So jealous. I want a dog so much – but my husband is being a little picky about the whole process. I had a black lab mix that passed away a few years ago…he was the best dog that I ever had (and I miss him so much). Labs have such a great personality and poodles have the smarts and the hypo-allergenic plus. How can you go wrong?

      Enjoy – he is beautiful


    14. What a perfectly sweet, handsome doodle:0) We have a 2 year old chocolate labradoodle and he is by far the best dog we have ever had, super smart and easy to train.. We have a great breeder and he gave us some fabulous tips, if you need them let me know. Welcome to the dog club!!

    15. Well you know I love doodles! He’s adorable and you will be happy he does not shed!!! It really does make you love them more.


    16. Congrats on your newest addition! I love his name & the little wisps of his hair in the pics! We rescued a puppy back in April (a pit mix) and while she’s a lot of work it’s totally worth it! Just make sure to get him in a training class when he’s old enough… we learned so much it’s nice to walk next to a dog and not have them pull the whole time! Good luck with Atlas! I look forward to more puppy posts! :)

    17. Ahh, he’s adorable! We got the kids a hamster, not sure we are ready to take the next step to dog yet. I will wait to hear about some of your adventures first.

    18. Oh my gosh, how exciting – congratulations on the new addition! I love the name (we’re also big “Atlas Shrugged” lovers in my house) and he’s just so darn tootin’ cute. Can’t wait to hear more about him and of course see more of his photos.

    19. How exciting! We got a little labradoodle puppy for Christmas as well! Feels like having a newborn all over again! Is yours sleeping the night yet! :)

    20. Oh so cute! I did notice your pins. I was so apprehensive when we got our dog, but it was the best decision ever. Soon it will feel like your new little guy has been a part of the family forever.

    21. Ah, congrats! He is a handsome guy!! We have a goldendoodle and she is the best dog ever. Seriously as a puppy she was so calm and didn’t really do anything naughty. My kids just love our Ruby and I”m sure yours love your Atlas which is such a cute name! Enjoy your puppy!

    22. What a precious face Atlas has!!! I am sure he will fit right into your home (and hopefully not chew anything with those razor sharp puppy teeth). We love having dogs as a part of our family and I am sure you guys will too. Congrats!

    23. Congrats! We also have a labradoodle who is by far, the BEST dog we’ve ever had. They have the loveliest disposition for kids, perfect addition to the family.

    24. Congrats! Atlas is ADORABLE. We have a toy poodle that joined our family about a year ago & has totally stolen our hearts. I hope Atlas brings you equal joy!

    25. He’s adorable! Yep, you can’t get anything buy us. Noticed your pins and figured you took the plunge. This little guy will bring so much joy to your family. Congrats!

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