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my sweet girl

      To my sweet Audrey-girl, From the moment we knew you were joining our family, we adored you. When we met you for the first time we were overwhelmed with your gentle beauty, your petite features, your long fingers. Your demeanor is sweet and delicate,… Continue Reading…my sweet girl

    love letters

      Under my bed sits a box.  A box that is often forgotten, but contains some of my most cherished possessions. Ryan and I started dating early on at college. Our first date was the day after Valentine’s Day for coffee at Starbucks {how fitting for… Continue Reading…love letters

      big girl shoes

        Meet Matilda.


        The world’s cutest {almost} two year old. She is a spunky little thing who is such a girl. One of my favorite things about her is her love of shoes.

        Her birthday is in just a few days and I have found the perfect gift for her

        {Rae : stop reading if you don’t want to see what  we’re giving your baby}

        birdies big girl shoes

        Birdie’s Big Girl Shoes is a darling story book with GORGEOUS illustrated by the talented Sujean Rim. It is right up there on my list of most delightful {and pretty} children’s books.  And just the right thing for a little girl with a shoe obsession.


        Such a cute illustration. I sort of want to frame it and put it in Audrey’s room.


        When Ryan saw this picture he said the mom reminded him of me. I’m totally flattered because that mommy has some sexy legs!

        So I bought the book and was inspired to make a little something extra for the birthday girl.


        How about a tutorial?


        Here is what you’ll need:

        :: t-shirt {I bought this one from Target – Audrey has it too and I love it}

        :: fabric {for the shoe and for the flower}

        :: image {or a book with an image you want to copy}

        :: scissors, pins, needle & thread

        :: sewing machine

        :: tulle & beads {optional, for the flower}

        Continue Reading…big girl shoes

        The Summer Boutique

          The day before the boutique my sister called to say that many of her friends were interested in coming but they didn’t really know what it was.  Ryan and I had a vision for what we wanted it to be, but explaining it was a… Continue Reading…The Summer Boutique