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my sweet girl

    audrey ryan


    To my sweet Audrey-girl,

    From the moment we knew you were joining our family, we adored you. When we met you for the first time we were overwhelmed with your gentle beauty, your petite features, your long fingers. Your demeanor is sweet and delicate, your smile melts us, your movements are graceful and your laugh is contagious.

    Your great-Auntie Lorrie once told me that having a daughter is ‘magical’ and now I know she was absolutely right.  I love your brothers, but the connection I feel to you, my sweet girl, is different.  You have awoken a greater creativity in me, a softness and protectiveness that is new to me.

    I have so many hopes and dreams for you, but my deepest prayer of all is that you will know how perfectly and wonderfully you have been made.  May you always know that you are adored by your mommy and daddy, by your big brothers, your grandmas & grandpas, aunties & uncles and all of your cousins and friends. But most of all, may you know that Your Heavenly Father was overjoyed when he created you and He is so pleased with his princess, Audrey Ryan.

    You have changed our lives, baby girl. You have completed our family, added precious femininity to our household of boys and have forever blessed your mommy.

    I love you sweet girl.


    Love, Mommy

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    1. When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Thanks a lot!

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    2. I’m a new follower and am especially touched by this post. It’s beautiful! My little girl will be one soon and I love the collage you put together above. Did you use Picasa by chance? Would love to know. Looking forward to following you regularly!

    3. This pretty much made me cry as my little girl will be one next month! How fast this first year with her has gone!

      I must say that I absolutly LOVE you picture collage and that I am planning on making something similar for my little Lyla. Thank you for the wonderful idea… much better than going out a buying an expensive 12 months frame! :-)

    4. OH my goodness!!! She is a doll!!! I am absolutely loving your amazing web site! So many Fabulous ideas! Me and my fam have been blogging for a bit now, and yours is one of my fav’s! We love to decorate so thanx for the fabulous inspiration!
      five & co

    5. I’m a new subscriber (directed here via Reinvented). What a precious little girl and what a wonderful tribute to her. Not only her pictures, but your written words will mean so much to her later. I’m looking forward to scoping out the rest of your blog.

    6. she is so beautiful and i love all the flower headbands from the beginning!!
      daughters are magical and now my baby daughter is having her own!! can’t believe it!!
      (just saw the commenter above with almost the same comment, it is very exciting)!

    7. Oh I so understand this! While I only have one little boy and one little girl.. that little girl is such so sweet and it feel different to mother her. Happy birthday to your sweet girl.
      PS – I love your blog. :)

    8. What a beautiful post! I love how you collected images from each month– it is really neat to see how much your daughter has changed in a year! So I have to ask, where do you purchase Audrey’s clothes? She is quite the trendsetter for the under-two age group– her clothes are so feminine and traditional and classic!

    9. I love these precious letters I keep seeing from moms to their babies popping up on blogs I read. But all the other ones so far have been to boys, and, you are right, there is just something special about a daughter. Have fun this birthday weekend!

    10. What a little sweetie!! Happy Birthday Audrey!!! God blessed our family with 3 daughters , and now with 3 granddaughters!! So fun! Blessings to you & your beautiful family.

    11. This brought tears to my eyes. What a world we’d have if every Mommy felt the same way about her daughter! I don’t have children but I do have a Mom and am the only daughter with 3 brothers so this really spoke to me. So adoringly sweet! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful, personal thing … and for giving God the credit he’s due, too!

    12. So sweet! I have a little boy and girl and you are so right. My son is definitely a momma’s boy and we have a special connection, but there is totally something “magical” about having a girl. My little girl is about to turn 2…just wait til they start pushing a stroller around with their babies and carrying a purse. It will melt your heart! :)

    13. I am commenting on your post with tears in my eyes. It’s amazing how magical and wonderful motherhood is and what a special bond mothers and daughters have. Having my baby girl has changed my whole life. I love my little boy as well but like you said, it’s different. May your family and little Audrey be blessed as you celebrate her first year!

    14. I agree, baby girls are magical. I have two of them, all grown up now, and one wonderful son. And now there’s a brand new baby granddaughter who is making life even more magical! Your photos of your beautiful girl are stunning.

      When I read the line about “your great-aunt Lorrie” I did a double take, because the spelling of the name is quite uncommon, and I don’t see it very often.

    15. Your blog is unbelievable! I love it! You have so much inspiration to offer here. I just subscribed via email and look forward to reading more. Your baby girl is adorable! I love the first year collage you have going on up there. Super cute! It’s so nice to meet you!

    16. that was the sweetest ever…..i’m 15 weeks pregnant right now and both my hubby and I would like a boy, but you ALMOST made me want a girl. you did make me mist up though. so thanks for that ;)

    17. What a sweet memento to leave for her to read one day….*tear.*
      You are right about that mama-little girl connection. I have 3 girls and it is so true. Audrey looks like the perfect combo of beauty and sweetness. Enjoy her today!
      Blessings, Emily

    18. She is precious, and the note is just so sweet – one that will be treasured by her when she is older. As the mother of first two sons and then a daughter, you are so right in the “magic” of a daughter and the “completing of your family.” My children have long passed this sweet age, but you will love it when you see her adoring her older brothers – and have her accompany you as your friend on shopping trips. This age does pass by all to quickly, but there is magic in the road ahead too. You are truly blessed, and so are your children.

    19. just beautiful! your words and little Audrey :) my little Carmela turns 1 on April 9th and i cannot believe how fast the time goes. little girls are so precious <3

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