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no-fuss mini classroom valentines

Valentine’s Day is coming! Which basically means the kiddos have parties in their classrooms and get to eat massive amounts of candy hearts and pass out valentines to their classmates.

Ryan and I don’t really do Valentine’s Day – our dating anniversary is on the 15th and that has always been a special one to us so we just skip over the holiday and celebrate the next day.

I am, actually, a big fan of the holiday. My mom always made Valentine’s day special for us with little treats and notes and so Valentine’s day has always been more of a day to just tell the people you love that you love them rather than a super romantic red-long-stem-roses-fancy-dinner-out kind of celebration. It’s sweet and special and a good chance to share the love.

This year, with a handful of business projects and just as many family ones, I went the no-fuss route and ordered the kids’ classroom valentines from Minted. (Correction: I ordered the three younger kids their classroom valentines from Minted. Our oldest reminded me that passing out valentines in middle school is not a thing).

I spent way to long looking around at all the cute designs, then narrowed down my favorites to let the kids choose from.

Our 4th grader picked this wordsearch card.

crossword Our 2nd grader went the shark route (I adore these!).

fintastic Miss Kindergarten herself had a hard time picking between adorable kittens and golden hearts, but ended up picking this Bee My Valentine design and they are just darling.


The note on the order form says that these are not big enough to mail, but I didn’t realize how perfectly tiny they are in real life! The cards and envelopes are truly mini and perfect for passing out to friends. We’ll pop a few in the mail to cousins and out of town friends and just stick them in a bigger envelope so they make it through the mail.

mini valentine The last day to order to ensure Valentine delivery is Sunday February 7th (with rush shipping) so make sure you pop over to minted asap to place your order.

How about a quick giveaway? Minted is partnering with me to give away $50 shop credit to THREE lucky winners. Yay! Click below to enter.


Contest ends Thursday 2/5 at 5pm pacific. Good luck!

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Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway!

‘Tis officially the season.


As you may have heard, our home is currently in the BHG Christmas Ideas Magazine (so fun!).


I thought it would be fun to put a gift together based on what you see in the article, so I pulled together a handful of my favorite things for Christmas and I’m giving them all away!


You’ll get a copy of the magazine, as well as some things that just make me happy (and hopefully you, too!).


Let’s talk about a few items included in the giveaway:


Peace On Earth 8×10 art print. This is a new one I am releasing for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday big sale (details to come later this week on how you can save big).

Three yards each of my favorite green, black and white ribbons, and lots and lots of baker’s twine.

The most luxurious cream Alpaca wool blanket from Ecuador (I’ll have more available for sale soon!).

Printed watercolor gift tags with string.

Spruce scented candle which will make your house smell like Christmas.

One striped dishtowel (my last one!).

$25 Starbucks gift card.

One large pom pom garland and one small pom pom garland.

The new She Reads Truth Advent book

Not pictured but so darling: ceramic stag head ornament.


I’m pretty sure you will love each and every item and can’t wait to send the package to one lucky winner.


Favorite Things Christmas Giveaway / enter here!

Good luck, my friends! And let the most wonderful time of the year begin!

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Black and White Striped Dish Towels + Napkins (and a giveaway!)

black and white striped dish towel / jones design company

You may have noticed in photos posted here on the blog and on Instagram that I have a slight obsession with all things black and white striped. Rugs, lamp shades, ribbon, throw blankets, and most recently, striped dish towels and cloth napkins.

black and white striped dish towel / jones design company

I found this perfect dish towel at a little shop on vacation and bought a few. I’m super picky when it comes to towels in the kitchen … they must be absorbent. It is so annoying to try to dry your hands or a dish and have the water just push around or bead up on the towel. I like one that actually soaks in the water and does it’s job. I was so hopeful that these striped cuties would also be useful towels. Thankfully, they are. Even before washing, but especially after.

Since I found what I loved, I researched the distributer and ordered a whole box. A few more for me and a bunch for you.

black and white striped dish towel / jones design company

While ordering, I also found the matching napkins. Big, square, soft goodness that look great dressing up the dining room table.

striped dinner napkins / jones design company

These are great for fall, but I think I can use them throughout the year embellishing with different fruits, flowers, greenery to match the season. I’m also thinking they could be turned into pillows (you know how I feel about pillows …)

dining room place setting for fall / jones design company

I have a set of 8 napkins leftover and would love to give them away!

Enter to win the giveaway!


As for the dish towels, I wish I had more to offer, but I didn’t want to go crazy with my order so I only have 28 sets of two. I’m thinking the easiest way to offer them to you is to do a sale on a first dibs basis over on Instagram.


If we run out before you have a chance, don’t worry. I’ll try to get another order in soon, so just let me know in the comments if you’d like a set!


The towels sold out waaaay faster than I thought. I’ll place another order and will send them out when the shipment arrives. If you’d like a set, head to instagram and post your paypal address here

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the annoying framing saga of my new favorite artwork

Months ago I spotted the most striking watercolor birthstone artwork in the Minted catalog. The collection caught my eye and I kept coming back to it trying to decide where I could put a print or two in our house.


I really loved all of them, as a whole set, and walked around the house looking for a blank wall that could feature 12 gem prints. Turns out, our front guest bathroom had just the wall. Blank, white, ready for art.


The people at Minted were so kind to send the prints to me and I agreed to frame them and hang them and share how fabulous they look with all of you fine blog readers.

Well, as I mentioned, that was months ago. It has literally taken me months to get these things framed and hung and ready to share.

So here’s how the saga went down:

The prints are 11×11 square. I could have opted to have them framed from Minted, but I envisioned a modern, streamlined, super simple gold metal frame and they don’t offer that as an option.

So I just figured I would have them framed myself.

I took the art into a local frame shop on a day when they were having a big custom framing sale. I picked out the thinnest (and I’m assuming cheapest) metal frame. The sales lady measured and typed some details into her computer and spit out a number for the 12 frames and glass and back hanging things.

You know what that quote was?


And that was with a 40% discount.

My mouth hung open and then I politely let her know that I’d be looking for another option.

I mean, I’m not the cheapest person in the world and I realize nice things cost money. But a thin metal frame with some glass should not, in my humble opinion, cost over $100. Especially when I needed 12 of them. Good grief.


So the search began. What I wanted was an 11×11 square gold thin metal frame. And as luck would have it, that does not exist in the world.

I bought a few different frame options and wasn’t crazy about any of them.

When I found a pack of 4 12×12 album frames from Walmart for $9, I figured I would give it a try. I ordered 3 sets and when they arrived, one was damaged. So I ordered another set. One of those was cracked, too, but at that point I had a few extras so I just tossed the broken ones and kept the good ones.

The frames came in black and are the cheapest, most poorly made frames ever created. But at this point I was just wanting to get the project done, so I stuck with them. I thought about just keeping them black, but decided I really did want them gold and took them outside one day and sprayed them with my favorite gold spray paint.

Once the frames were painted, I put the art in them. The frames are 12×12 and my art is 11×11 and the lady at the frame store told me I couldn’t have mats cut with that small of difference so I went the easy route and just mounted the art on off-white 12×12 scrapbook paper. It’s not ideal, but it looks fine.

Are you bored with my story yet? I am. The whole thing was annoying.

Anyway, I finally popped them into the frames (which was a saga in itself as two of them shattered) and hung them in a grid on the bathroom wall.


I hung them in a tight grid with one inch in between each frame. Using a level and ruler, I marked where the nails should go and started tapping them in. It only took me 19 holes to hang 12 prints :)


But after all the drama, they are on the wall and look beautiful. I seriously adore these prints. I love their simplicity and their detail and how they are organic and fancy at the same time.


And the frames, while not perfect, work fine. From afar, they actually look like just what I had in mind.


Here’s the moral of the story:

  1. If your eye is drawn to a specific piece of art, go for it.
  2. Thin metal frames from the frame shop are not cheap.
  3. Cheap frames from Walmart are inexpensive and also terribly engineered.
  4. Pushing through with this framing fiasco was worth it. The art looks great.

Thanks for reading my story and letting me rant for a moment. To reward your perseverance in getting this far, how about a chance to win $250 from Minted?! One lucky ready will win $250 and three more will win $100.

minted + jdc giveaway. 1 winner will receive $250 to Minted, 3 will win $100 each!


Good luck!

*** UPDATE ***

The giveaway winners are:

Emily S.
Lindsay B.
Erica W.
Gwen L.
Congrats, ladies!
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My daily bible reading routine

I haven’t been great at opening my bible these past few years. I’ll just put that out there from the start.

The reasons are legit – my kids wake earlier than I do, I’m just so exhausted by the end of the day, I’m not part of a formal bible study so I don’t know what to read. And yet, if I truly believe that what I believe is true, then God speaks and nourishes my soul through His Word and the thing I need most in my day is connection and openness to hearing God. Which comes through opening my bible.

A little over a year ago, I discovered She Reads Truth and it has changed my daily bible reading routine.

She Reads Truth started as a small group of internet friends holding each other accountable to get into God’s Word and has turned in to the most amazing resource for women all over the world.  They offer simple bible reading plans, regular studies to work through, an app that makes following along each day super easy and optional workbooks that double as journals.

So this is what my daily bible reading looks like:


I grab my bible (or two – I like my NIV study bible and The Voice for a different translation), my current She Reads Truth study workbook, a pen and my ipad.  I don’t have a set time, just when there is a few minutes of quiet when I can steal away to the front porch or living room couch or my bedroom. I’m learning to just tune the kids out because unless I get up very, very early, there’s just no avoiding their sweet presence in my life (do you hear a hint of sarcasm?!).

Whatever the current SRT plan is, I follow along. I like to use their app, but you can follow each study for free on their site (or get them sent to your email each day). I find that I can’t keep up with the everyday – I miss a day here or there and so I like using the app to keep track of where I left off.  This usually means I’m behind a little, but I’m okay with that.

I used to just read the scripture, read the devotion and maybe pray for a second. But my best friend challenged me to use the workbook to write down prayers, thoughts, insights and since starting that a few months ago I find I get so much more out of each day’s lesson.  It makes me pause for a little longer, forces me to write which makes me think and I’ve had such soul-satisfying times with the Lord because of taking those few extra minutes to linger. Plus, I can go back and see what He was speaking to me and how prayers have been answered and where I’m still growing.

I’m so thankful for my friends at She Reads Truth who help us busy ladies get into God’s Word.

I asked my friend Raechel if we could do a giveaway of their newest study and she was so generous! We’re giving away a $30 store credit to FOUR lucky ladies. You can use it for the upcoming This Is The Gospel study, or any of the previous ones (may I recommend Fruit of The Spirit? I designed the art, but also the study was SO GOOD). Enter the giveaway below.

We also have a discount code for JDC readers:

Enter EMILY15 at checkout for 15% off anything in the

She Reads Truth shop

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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summer giveaway with kristin from the hunted interior


Today’s blogger is one of my newest finds and I am enamored. Her style is sophisticated, glamorous, playful and bold. She has just been blogging for two years and I can’t wait to see where it takes her … very big things are coming her way.



Here is how Kristin answered a handful of my questions:


I feel like my DIY Skills improve with each project, so our new console that I created to look like the Bungalow5 Desk was a pretty proud accomplishment.


{it looks so good! See the diy here}


Sewing.  I am getting pretty good with power tools, but I am death to a sewing machine.  Seriously, I have killed two.


My best decorating tip is to go with your gut.  Every time I have fallen prey to a design trend or listened to others I have regretted the decision.  Going with your first instinct will help lead you down the right direction.



My Disco Ball: Crazy but true. My husband got it for me for my 30th Birthday & it just makes me smile.  My daughter often shakes her booty in front of it too which just adds to it’s sparkly appeal.



Something black. It just adds depth & adds a touch of class to every space.


You can see much more of Kristin’s work, her house, and many tutorials at www.huntedinterior.com


Today’s giveaway is a fantastic design resource and lovely coffee table book called The Design Cookbook. This media console from Kristin’s house is part of the book!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for entering!

{winner will be announced saturday july 27}

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four more giveaway winners

Today I’m wrapping up this week’s featured giveaways. It was fun to hear from each of the bloggers. If you missed any, we met: melissa-winner

Melissa from the inspired room

DAY FOUR WINNER {lantern} // emily joyce


Ashley from the handmade home

DAY FIVE WINNER {book + art supplies} // nancy carr


Nicole from making it lovely

DAY SIX {tassel bracelet} // audrey hirschy


Jami from the natos

DAY SEVEN WINNER {cake plate} // janelle long

Congratulations! Please email me at emily{at} jonesdesigncompany.com to claim your prize!

Come back monday for another great giveaway and blogger feature.

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the voice bible giveaway

There is a new translation of the Bible on the market and it has quickly become my favorite.


My best friend and her mom hosted a small women’s retreat this past weekend and it was wonderful in every way possible. At the last minute I grabbed my Voice bible instead of my marked-up, well-loved NIV study bible. I’m so glad I did because we read a lot of scripture as a group and every time it was my turn to read, I just loved the way my new bible worded them.


I’ve been a believer since my childhood and many of the most popular bible passages are very familiar to me. Reading the verses I know from memory in my new bible made them come alive in new ways to me.  The cool thing is, there were a few women there this weekend who are newer Christians and not as familiar with the bible and The Voice translation spoke to them as well.  It is the perfect combination of modern language and original text. The literary styles and original intention of the scriptures are kept as true as possible while making the book read as a story and speak to us in words that make sense in this time in history.

Here are a few comparisons of beloved verses from the New International Version {blue} and The Voice {red}.


Isn’t the wording lovely?

I will always refer to my NIV study bible {I like the concordance in the back to look up scripture} as well as the years of little markings and notes I’ve written. This bible has been through a lot with me and I am attached.  But I think the Voice will be my new go-to.


You can now read the Voice on biblegateway.com {my favorite online bible resource} and can also download the new testament online for free. And you can read much more about what went in to creating this version on the Voice bible website, hearthevoice.com and order a full version here.

win-a-copy-of-the-voice-bible The people at Thomas Nelson sent me a bible to giveaway, so if you’d like a chance to win it please leave a comment below. I think you will love it.


Thank you to all who entered! I will announce a winner shortly.

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collaboration with noonday {with a giveaway}

Do you ever feel like you want to make a difference, but you just don’t know how? Like anything you do feels somehow insignificant to a world in need of so much more than you can offer?

Me too.

It’s like we’re plugging a hole in a raft with one hundred more.

But I’ve heard story after story of little acts making a huge impact in one person’s life. A boy who had food to eat that day. A surprise latte that encouraged a hopeless neighbor. A pair of shoes for a child without. These don’t seem like a big deal to most of us – we eat and have jobs and wear clothes like its normal – but to those who need it most, it is a miracle.

I like being part of miracles.

Which is why I love Noonday Collection.


Noonday Collection sells jewelry, gifts, items for the home and accessories – all made by artisans working their way out of poverty.  They also advocate for orphans, offering care and prevention, and support adoption as well.   All items are fair-trade and locally made, which means with each purchase, you are truly making a difference.


I am honored to announce that JDC and Noonday have collaborated on a new journal. I know it’s just a little thing, but I feel so honored to be part of something bigger – helping women across the world make ends meet for their families.


My part was simply to design the cover and the artisans in India turned them in to beautiful works of art. Each is 5 x 7 and printed on super thick cotton paper.

The cotton pages inside are blank so you can jot notes, doodle, dream or journal.


Each journal included information about the artisan who created the journal – it reminds us that even a small purchase can make a big difference in another family’s life.


The journals are now available at Noonday Collection.

I just know you will love them!

To kick things off, we have two lovely journals to give away. Here are the rules:

1. like JDC facebook page {right here}

2. like Noonday Collection facebook page {right here}

3. leave a comment

I’ll announce the winners this week!

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shopping to make a difference

Do you ever feel like you want to make a difference, but you just don’t know how? Like anything you do feels somehow insignificant to a world in need of so much more than you can offer?

Me too.

It’s like we’re plugging a hole in a raft with one hundred more.

But I’ve heard story after story of little acts making a huge impact in one person’s life. A boy who had food to eat that day. A surprise latte that encouraged a hopeless neighbor. A pair of shoes for a child without. These don’t seem like a big deal to most of us – we eat and have jobs and wear clothes like its normal – but to those who need it most, it is a miracle.

I like being part of miracles.

Which is why I love Noonday Collection.

Noonday Collection sells jewelry, items for the home and accessories – all made by artisans working their way out of poverty.  They also advocate for orphans, offering care and prevention, and support adoption as well.   All items are fair-trade and locally made, which means with each purchase, you are truly making a difference.

To help spread the word and to give you an easy way to make an impact {through shopping, no less!}, my friend Paige sent me a bracelet to give away.

I have this same one {in coral} and love it. It’s chunky and smooth and how cool is it that it was made by an artisan in Ecuador! Out of seeds!

If you would like to win this tagua seed bracelet, please leave a comment below. You can say anything. Just one entry, please.

For more about Noonday and to do a little make-a-difference-shopping, click here.

*** The giveaway is now closed ***

Congratulations to the winner, Sara Field!

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land of nod

One of my favorite children’s stores is Shop at The Land of Nod” target=”_blank”>The Land of Nod. The stores are charmingly decorated, they produce a clever catalog with whimsical artwork and they stock the greatest toys and games.

Here are my kids’ top picks from Shop at The Land of Nod” target=”_blank”>The Land of Nod website.

E T H A N ‘ S   P I  C K   { 7 . 5 }

” target=”_blank”>image

B R A D Y ‘ S   P I C K   { 6 }

” target=”_blank”>art jar

M A S O N ‘ S   P I C K   { 4 }

” target=”_blank”>image

A U D R E Y ‘ S   P I C K   { a l m o s t   2 }

” target=”_blank”>image

and a few of my favorites {so hard to pick just a few!}

” target=”_blank”>image ” target=”_blank”>image” target=”_blank”>image ” target=”_blank”>image

Free shipping on stocking stuffers” target=”_blank”>image

If you are looking for great gifts for the kids in your life, head over to Shop at The Land of Nod” target=”_blank”>The Land of Nod to take a peek at all of the delightful goodies.

The kind people at The Land of Nod have offered a $75 gift card to one of you!


TO ENTER TO WIN THE GIFT CARD {and seriously, who wouldn’t want $75 to spend on toys} leave a comment below telling us the very best Christmas gift you received as a child.

A random winner will be selected and announced on the JDC Facebook page on Monday.

good luck and happy weekend

*** The contest is now closed. To see the winner, click here ***

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some fashion advice, please {and the lucky lady}

My cousin is getting married in just a few weeks {see her darling invitations here} and we are all so excited.

What is a fun party without a new fun party dress, right? {at least that is what I’m telling Ryan}.

But I need some help : and I have a few considerations to think about before selecting a dress:

1. The wedding is outside. In October. In Washington. Hopefully we’ll get one of our gorgeous fall days when the sky is blue and the leaves are turning – but that also means the air will be crisp.  So I need to wear something that will be warm-ish. I’d prefer sleeves.

2. We’ll be walking on grass, so pointy heels will be challenging. I’d like to wear my brown boots, so the dress needs to be nice enough for a wedding, but casual enough to wear with boots.

3. The bridesmaids are wearing navy. I’m loving navy right now, but I don’t want to look like that girl who is trying to be part of the wedding party even though I am not.

Here are a few dresses I like and I’d love your opinion.

{you can click on the images to go to the source}


My fave so far is that dotted one. My sister thinks it might look like a sack. It is navy, but at least it has dots.

{both from Zara}

image image

What do you think about a fun skirt & blouse? Too weird? And I love the red dress, but it doesn’t have sleeves and I’d need a sweater. Hmm :

{both from Shabby Apple}


These are both cute. I wasn’t wanting black, but I like the ruffle neckline. And I love that lace one {although it is nearly $300} and lace is not necessarily a warm material :

{both from ModCloth}

Please help me! I’d love to hear what you think or any other suggestions you might have.

zig zag

Okay, and finally, the winner of the September giveaway:


There were so many great answers to why it is lovely to be a woman. I hope you know how special you all are and enjoy the many, many great things about being a lady.

And Miss Patti, please send me a note to emily@jonesdesigncompany.com with your address and I’ll send your package to you!

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Polka dots are fun. And hopefully a little bit sophisticated since I have dot draperies hanging in our dining room.

dot curtains

These playful curtains are from {where else?} IKEA.  They are called Henny Cirkel – but I can’t seem to find them online. You may need to shop in-store to purchase.

dot drapery

I also have a pair hanging in the boys room. What can I say : I like dots.

zig zag

Speaking of my love of dots, there are a whole bunch of them in the newest giveaway collection.

august giveaway

august giveaway collage

1. gift wrap 2. petite painting by me 3. set of 8 hello note cards 4. 1 1/2 yards of dotty garland 5. ipad case by Angela Kay Designs 6. cupcake liners 7. pink dot umbrella 8. set of 4 bowls 9. pink & yellow starched flower pins

zig zag

Let’s talk for a second about this ipad case {which also fits a kindle dx, tablet pc or motorola Xoom}. It is seriously the cutest little clutch I’ve ever seen. I love the oversize ball clasp and that orange polka dot fabric? So fun.

ipad case

{ipad not included : I enjoy late night rounds of Angry Birds too much to let go of this gadget!}

The inside is a cute floral print and it is lined with thick fleece to protect from scratches.  Visit Angela Kay Designs to see more darling clutches.

angela kay designs

zig zag

To enter the giveaway, please click the button below.

monthly giveaway button 2

Comments are closed on this post to avoid confusion. Click here to enter the giveaway!

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summer soiree printables

A few months ago, these cute invitations were featured in House of Fifty. I was honored to be part of the first publication of Janell’s {of Isabella & Max Rooms} great e-zine and look forward to her next issue {due out in just a few weeks, I believe}. You can sign up to receive the next issue right here.

If you didn’t see the first issue, I thought I’d share the printable invitations & note cards with you in time for you to throw a little summer soiree.

summer flag soiree

Just print them out, cut on the dotted lines and fill in the details. No need to be fancy about your summer soiree : just an afternoon with friends, lemonade and popsicles would be something to celebrate.

summer flag note cards

You can use these note cards as party favors, or to write a quick ‘thanks for coming’ note to your friends.


zig zag

One more thing : if you have not yet entered the July giveaway, please enter soon! The winner will be announced on Tuesday July 26th.


Click here to enter!

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what I wore

We have had the most amazing weather in Seattle this week. My absolutely favorite time of the year is when the leaves are turning, the sky is clear blue and I can wear a sweater. It’s been lovely.

So here I am this week – dressed every day in jeans and some shade of gray.

IMG_6241 IMG_6395

1. sweater: Marshalls, t-shirt: Marshalls, scarf: Target, Jeans: Seven Dojo, shoes: Marshalls

{Okay, weird. I think I only own three things from Marshalls and I have them all on in this photo. Not that I don’t like Marshalls – you can get some amazing deals. I just am not a very good Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Ross/Nordstrom Rack shopper so I don’t go in much}.

2. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic boot cut, shoes: Target

IMG_6304 IMG_6415

3. sweater: Nordstrom, jeans: Joes Jeans, shoes: Payless

4. Ahhh, what a sweet baby girl. Okay, focus.

shirt: Banana Republic, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nordstrom

 IMG_6421 IMG_6428-1

5. dress: Target {purchased mine from my very fashionable friend who was selling it in her garage sale – does that mean it is no longer fashionable? Oh well.}, cardigan: Martin + Osa, belt: 8th grade {note: I’m not actually certain about the 8th grade thing. It could have been early high school. Yes, it still fits which I’m grateful for, but the fact that I own a belt from 1993 with a huge silver buckle, am not a cowgirl and wear it anyway tells you just how fashion-forward I am. Or how cheap – have you seen the prices of belts lately?!!}. Jeans: Seven Flare, boots: Nordstrom

6. t-shirt: Target, cardigan: Martin + Osa, jeans: Banana Republic wide leg, shoes: Nine West, scarf: Nordstrom


And just a reminder that the OCTOBER GIVEAWAY will be announced on Monday. If you haven’t signed up, make sure you do so now!



{click on the button for details}

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