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My daily bible reading routine

    I haven’t been great at opening my bible these past few years. I’ll just put that out there from the start.

    The reasons are legit – my kids wake earlier than I do, I’m just so exhausted by the end of the day, I’m not part of a formal bible study so I don’t know what to read. And yet, if I truly believe that what I believe is true, then God speaks and nourishes my soul through His Word and the thing I need most in my day is connection and openness to hearing God. Which comes through opening my bible.

    A little over a year ago, I discovered She Reads Truth and it has changed my daily bible reading routine.

    She Reads Truth started as a small group of internet friends holding each other accountable to get into God’s Word and has turned in to the most amazing resource for women all over the world.  They offer simple bible reading plans, regular studies to work through, an app that makes following along each day super easy and optional workbooks that double as journals.

    So this is what my daily bible reading looks like:


    I grab my bible (or two – I like my NIV study bible and The Voice for a different translation), my current She Reads Truth study workbook, a pen and my ipad.  I don’t have a set time, just when there is a few minutes of quiet when I can steal away to the front porch or living room couch or my bedroom. I’m learning to just tune the kids out because unless I get up very, very early, there’s just no avoiding their sweet presence in my life (do you hear a hint of sarcasm?!).

    Whatever the current SRT plan is, I follow along. I like to use their app, but you can follow each study for free on their site (or get them sent to your email each day). I find that I can’t keep up with the everyday – I miss a day here or there and so I like using the app to keep track of where I left off.  This usually means I’m behind a little, but I’m okay with that.

    I used to just read the scripture, read the devotion and maybe pray for a second. But my best friend challenged me to use the workbook to write down prayers, thoughts, insights and since starting that a few months ago I find I get so much more out of each day’s lesson.  It makes me pause for a little longer, forces me to write which makes me think and I’ve had such soul-satisfying times with the Lord because of taking those few extra minutes to linger. Plus, I can go back and see what He was speaking to me and how prayers have been answered and where I’m still growing.

    I’m so thankful for my friends at She Reads Truth who help us busy ladies get into God’s Word.

    I asked my friend Raechel if we could do a giveaway of their newest study and she was so generous! We’re giving away a $30 store credit to FOUR lucky ladies. You can use it for the upcoming This Is The Gospel study, or any of the previous ones (may I recommend Fruit of The Spirit? I designed the art, but also the study was SO GOOD). Enter the giveaway below.

    We also have a discount code for JDC readers:

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    163 thoughts on “My daily bible reading routine”

    1. God’s Word is so essential and nourishing but I agree that it’s hard to find time to read it! How silly that I think everything else is more important.

    2. I started doing SRT when you posted a IG pic of the Fruit of the Spirit artwork! It was just the thing I’d been praying for and have loved every study since then! I even got a girlfriend hooked on it too!

    3. God is faithful. I am humbled, almost daily, by his faithfulness to me and my children. I am so very grateful that He first loved me.

    4. so happy and excited to find out about a great women’s devotional – something to keep me dedicated! i have two boys (ages 3 and 1) and another due in 3 months, so finding the time is hard. but know how important it is to MAKE the time.

    5. This is so timely for me!! I’ve really been trying to get more consistent with my bible reading. Thanks for sharing!!

    6. Kristina Middendorf

      God is…my Abba Father…the giver of the grace I so desperately need today…my groom that awaits His bride…the One who gave it all to win me back.

      Thankful that I was prompted to answer that, it’s so healthy to really stop and think about that – causes my heart to worship!

    7. God is love. I need to make some changes in my life and starting (and sticking to!) a bible reading routine is one of the first.

    8. I love this idea and I could really use the help with my daily Bible reading! Thanks for the chance to win!

    9. God is good, ALL the time. We just got the good news yesterday that my Mom is now in remission! Praise Him!!! And even if she was not, He is still good. I believe that with all my heart.

    10. Lynette McReynolds

      God is …trustworthy. When life is going smoothly and everything seems to be falling into place and when life is painful and you want relief, God is trustworthy. He is always good.

    11. God is ……. waiting for me to spend time with Him! I have been eying these studies for some time now & would love to finally get one!

    12. God is challenging me to find stability in him in the midst of great transition and change for my family. We just moved, so I will need to find new friends to study god’s word with in the season. So I’ve been looking for something I can do on my own as a study, this looks great!

    13. God is…faithful! Been working through the Women in the Word study and it’s a constant theme. So faithful and kind to His people!

    14. God is … So faithful. I love the SRT memory verse from a few weeks ago… I said to the Lord, you are my Lord. Apart from you I have no good thing!

      And the Fruit of the Spirit studies was soooo good – one of my favorites!

    15. GOD IS…not done with me, he’s making me new every day and is more concerned about my final outcome becoming more Christ-like than my temporary joys that I find only partial satisfaction in.

    16. God is… perfect in His plans and timing for my life. Learning this (slowly but surely). :) Thanks for the opportunity!

    17. GOD IS…so good – plain and simple. He is so abundantly faithful. He is my provider. ♡ Our family has been facing some really tough challenges, I’ve been getting clear glimpses of His love for me.

    18. God is… here. I’ve struggled with my faith in the past few years, lots of bad things happening and I sort of lost my way. I’m trying to get better at going back to church and redevoting myself to Him. Thank you so much for writing this post, it seems like this is just what I needed today.

    19. She Reads Truth has been on my radar but I’ve never actually done one of the studies. It sounds great- I’d love to try one out!

    20. …always with me. I’d love to share this with my Bible study group. We’re just finishing our last book, so this would be perfect timing! Thanks!

    21. God is always with us.

      Thank you for the opportunity of the chance to win one of these Bible studies. I love hearing God speak through the avenue of His church!

      (I tried to leave a comment earlier through the give-away section, but it wouldn’t let me type.)

    22. God is for me =)

      Also, on another note, I read 3 books you recommended by Moriarty…super, thanks! My favorite was Big Little Lies…

    23. God is sovereign…one of my favourite attributes of His…always brings perspective and peace to my day to day life.

    24. God is way more gracious than I deserve, more patient than I can imagine, constant and faithful daily.

    25. GOD IS… Truth. I need his truth in my life everyday, the reminder of his love is often forgotten when I don’t seek Him.

    26. I have been following TSR for about a year – thanks for introducing it awhile back to me. When I take a break at work -I can pull it up then and it always has something that I can apply right then. Loved the advent series last Christmas.

    27. I did the SRT Women of the Old Testament earlier this summer. It’s a great tool to get me back in the word daily…I just need to keep it up. :)

    28. This is just what I’ve been looking for! I have a couple of devos that I read everyday but have been wanting something that’s a little more in depth. Yay!

    29. GOD IS full of grace, always willing to give me a hand up! Great reminders and I need to “dust off” my SRT app!

    30. God is… Full of grace. Thankfully, because I definitely need it lately! I downloaded their app at one time but should probably get an actual workbook- I do better when I’m forced to think and write!

    31. GOD IS…always there, ready to meet with me wherever I am. Like you said, I can’t always wait for solitude and a quiet house. I think reading, studying, and praying in front of our children sets a great example for them and reminds them that the Word is important in your family.

    32. God is… my redeemer. Weve walked through very dark seasons of loss and grief over the last seven years. But God’s merciful power has never failed to breathe new life into what felt hopeless.

      Love She Reads Truth!

    33. Fortunately I am able to get up before my children and I am able to spend time reading and studying. My favorite go to author is Evelyn Christensen and her book “What happens when women Pray” always leads me to Biblical insights and sends me directly to the scripture I apparently needed. Thanks for the chance to move into this century in my Bible study.

    34. GOD IS…more than enough, bigger than I, full of grace, and something I don’t deserve but so glad that I have to count on.

      I love She Reads Truth – and pretty paper always makes me more motivated!

    35. GOD IS… in control. I have to remind myself daily to simply ask him to guide me instead of trying to figure everything out on my own.

    36. I am trying to figure out if She Reads Truth could be good for a group study. Is there any component that facilitates group discussion? This sure is cool….

    37. surprising. I love She Reads Truth and really need to renew my commitment to daily Bible study.

    38. GOD IS…deserving of so much more time than I give him.

      Thanks for the chance to win! This seems like just what I need :)

    39. Thank you so much for explaining about She Read Truth. I believe you have mentioned it before and the journal must have been what you featured in an Instagram photo awhile back. Always love your clothing suggestions- will check this out as well! Have a great day.

    40. I agree that is easier to stay motivated and on track with a structure to follow. Thanks for offering the giveaway! I found your site after hearing you on the Happy Hour and love all your beautiful artwork!

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