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road trip

Seaside, Florida

    We like to say that our time in Seaside was our vacation from our vacation. I had visited the Florida Gulf Coast twice before on my annual college girls weekend (where 5 of us college besties fly in from our homes around the country to… Continue Reading…Seaside, Florida

    New Orleans

      New Orleans, Louisiana, has been the biggest surprise so far on the trip. This was my first time to New Orleans, Ryan’s second (but his first was very brief) and we just didn’t know what to expect. It has never been a must-see place in my… Continue Reading…New Orleans

      Mesa Verde

        After Moab, we drove a few hours to Cortex, Colorado for a visit to Mesa Verde National Park. Have you heard of Mesa Verde? This is a stop that our oldest son discovered in a book while researching where to visit and we are so glad we… Continue Reading…Mesa Verde

        The Grand Canyon

          The last roadtrip update was of our time in Yosemite. From there, we spent a few days with friends in San Luis Obispo (such a fun time for the kids and grown-ups! See a few photos here and here). Next, we drove to Malibu and… Continue Reading…The Grand Canyon