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Current Go-To Accessories

    accessoriesI brought along just a few of my favorite accessories. Three bags, a couple of hats, a pair of sunglasses. I’ve used them over and over again these past three weeks. Well, except the sun hat. That one hasn’t been needed quite yet, but I’m sure I’ll get to it soon.


    emstandingThis little bag has been the best purchase I’ve made in a while.

    slingdessertYou may remember I was thinking about getting a fanny pack (this darling leather one). Then a reader-friend suggested a Kavu bag and after a little bit of research, I decided it would be a good choice for our trip.

    What I wanted was a place to keep my good camera, a few snacks, chapstick and my phone. This bag fits all of this, is super comfortable and not too bulky.

    The bag comes in a handful of colors and patterns. I was thinking about going with plain black, but then decided to go with this polka dot version because I liked the green trim so much. It is canvas and will get dirty, but the fabric is very thick and durable and should come clean with a damp cloth.
    yosemiteslingHere it is from the front:





    overlookThis big, soft caramel leather tote is the perfect catchall bag. It can hold a ton, but I usually just pop in my wallet, phone, lipgloss and a journal/notebook.

    leatherOn the day we were in L.A., the weather was weird and so I threw a soft cardigan in the bag to bring along. It was nice to have a bag big enough to bring along a few extras.  buoyleatherThe bag is from Love 41 and I received it as a gift when I did the Mother’s Day special with Jamie Ivey on her Happy Hour Podcast (#84).



    emilysmilingI can’t stop wearing this hat. Lindsey posted about it last year (?) and I went out and found one for myself right away. It’s from the Old Navy boys section, was about $7 and fits my small head perfectly.


    I saw this hat in a store in Moab this week and almost bought it. This one is super cute, too.


    I bought my big canvas bag when we went to Maui a few years ago. It’s been my go-to beach bag ever since. There is sad permanently stuck to the bottom and it’s always filled with some strange assortment of goggles, sunscreen, dive toys and a stray hairband.

    Land’s End and L.L. Bean make the best canvas bags. You can’t go wrong.


    The sun hat in the photo above (the cute blue and white geometric) is from Target in the dollar section. It is not well made, but it sure is cute!


    I also brought along this crushable white ribbon large brim hat. It’s my old standby.

    I’m on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses – aviators that don’t cost a million dollars and fit my small face. Any suggestions?

    What are your current go-to accessories?

    56 thoughts on “Current Go-To Accessories”

    1. I bought a pair of Suncloud Aviators from REI that are small frames and polarized. I think they were ~$60
      Love them – best sunglasses!

    2. Ha! Great minds think alike — I bought a smaller Kavu cross body bag in the same print a few weeks ago for our yearly trip to Seaside, Florida last week. It was totally the tiny polka dots and green zipper that sold me. It worked perfectly — was the perfect size for my essentials when we were browsing the shops and eating at the yummy food trucks.

    3. I have a tiny face and small head, too! My favorite aviators are Jessica Simpson. I’ve owned a few different styles and they work great for my long, narrow face. Love seeing all these details of your trip.

    4. Emily,
      I love my new OP aviators. They come in two cute colors, they’re lightweight and they stay on my face even for sports. I had my distance prescription put in them, but you could also just leave the trendy mirrored lenses they come with ?

    5. YES! I bought the cutest aviators at REI. They are SunCloud and around $70. Last I looked, they weren’t online. I also have a small face so I look like a bug in most glasses ;) I bought them in silver and gold and wear them daily. Loving your trip. Looks amazing. It’s also making me have some serious wanderlust.

    6. Caitlin Wallace Rowland

      I got a cute pair of aviator sunglasses from LOFT the other day! Super cute and I think I got them on sale for $15! Enjoying following along on your trip!

      P.S. I just bought that polka dot bag last week after seeing it in your pics on Instagram!

      1. Great question.

        We each brought a pair of tennis shoes. The kids each have a pair of good and cheap flip flops. I have a few pair of shoes – I’ll share my outfits and clothes asap!

    7. We just passed y’all!! We were headed north on 69 to the Indian Nation Turnpike on our way home to Tulsa after spending the long weekend in Austin. My husband & I have been following your trip & he spied the Airstream! It was a little like Where’s Waldo. Hope the trip is still going great! Can’t wait to keep reading! We’re dreaming of our own #sea to shining sea! Good luck!

    8. I like to carry a travel-size umbrella for days when it’s hot and I need shade. I prefer a backpack because it’s easier on my shoulders and back, plus it makes my chiropractor happy. ;) My backpack stows away flat in my suitcase. It’s great for holding my camera, essentials, water bottle, and shopping for souvenirs.

    9. If you’re a Costco member and will pass one along the way, they have some Maui Jim aviators that fit my small face perfectly. The style is called Klein and they are similar to the Baby Beach style but cost a third of the price – $89 vs $299. Still more expensive than Target sunglasses but you’re worth it! They are super comfy, too.

    10. I just purchased a smaller Kavu cross body bag in the same print for our yearly trip to Seaside, Florida. (My daughter told me my old Timbuk2 bag looked like a mailbag, ha!). It was the light color and green trim that sold me, too!

    11. I found some great aviators at Loft. I’ve looked for a pair for awhile that worked for me and finally found them there….I think they were about $25

    12. I love the trucker hat & backpack! My favorite aviators are from target and tj Maxx. I’m terrible about throwing them in the bottom of my purse, so cheap is the way to go for me. I love all the vacation pics & have enjoyed following along your journey!

    13. The Kavu bag is a must! I have the same polka dot (I bought for the green trim). My daughters are 6 and 8 and they received a Kavu as a bday gift from Grammy – they love it just as much! My other must have accessory is a cute pair of sneakers. I throw them on with shorts, skirts, and my favorite jeans rolled up.

    14. I just scored a cute pair of aviators from Target last week! Super lightweight, stylish, and didn’t break the bank at only 16.99! I have a small head too, and they fit perfectly.

    15. Thanks for sharing what is working for you! I’m particularly interested in that Kavu bag – would you recommend for a European vacation? We are taking the kids overseas this summer and I need something that I can pack cross body (in front), but will fit money, ID, point and shoot camera, phone and sunglasses (and not look tacky:)). Will this do the trick? Thanks!

      1. If you’re going to Euope, I’d opt for an anti-theft with RFID protection for your passport and credit cards by Travelon. They have many styles and are also lightweight. I have the convertible backpack. It easily converts to a crossbody.

    16. Emily,
      I’m loving the posts from your trip. I’m telling my family all about it, and we’re all envious and inspired by your adventure.
      You asked about small aviator sunglasses. I have these Maui Jim Baby Beach:
      They are a little pricey, but I’ve had mine for about three years and wear them constantly. Definitely worth the cost, in my opinion. Hope you find some you like.

    17. I love your posts!!!! And, I spotted the sun hat RIGHT away. I got one in the dollar section at target earlier this spring and absolutely love it. I posted a pic of me wearing it on FB and laughed bc I never take selfies (and got caught by my neighbor). Everything I had on was sooooo cute and super cheap so it was screaming for me to share, right down to my $1.80 tank from XXI and adorable fringe shorts from Walmart!!! That silly post got more views than the ones I share of any of my four kiddos (3 boys and one girl, too) and their goofy antics!!! I have awesome Tory Burch aviators (, but they were expensive especially since I had to replace them after I sat on them (it was husband’s fault!) I think Ray Bans make me look older than I am but my sister wears the kids’ size bc of her small noogin. Stella & Dot just launched sunnies and carry two aviator styles, but my ultimate fav are the blonde Miramars ( Whatever you decide to scoop up, make sure you get a cute case! Happy travels!! :-)

    18. I found a cheap cute pair of kids aviators at Tillys that fit my small face perfectly. They were $7!!
      My daughter and I are going to Washington DC this summer and we are looking for a bag to carry around. The sling bag looks perfect! Thanks for the tip.

    19. Oh my goodness, I am in love with this road trip. I hate road trips (read: being in the car/van for long periods of time), but wow, you are changing my mind SO fast! And the fact that you’re managing to look adorable the whole time. Well done!

    20. Cute swimsuit, is it a one piece or two? Where did you purchase it?

      Sounds like you’re all having so much fun!!


    21. Hi there! Have so enjoyed traveling with you and seeing a few places that I have visited and lots of new ones. Thanks for taking us along. Where will you be in Oklahoma? If you get to Tulsa there is a cemetery (Floral Haven) that flies thousands of American flags on this weekend. They are the flags donated from the families of
      veterans and each year there are more and more. It is an outstanding spectacle and tribute and worth the time. It is also not far from I-44 which runs through the city.

      Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your friends.

    22. LOFT has super cuter aviators right now. Really cheap but actually fit small faces. I bought my first pair a month ago after years of trying pairs on that didn’t look right.

    23. Hi Emily,

      Love reading the updates on your family roadtrip! This looks like one amazing trip.

      A suggestion on the sunglasses… A friend of mine with a small frame face purchased a pair of kids raybans. They ended up being the perfect size and slightly less expensive than their adult mate.

      Cheers to fun adventures!

    24. I’m really loving the Love 41 tote and I love the company, what color is this bag, the tobacco? The ones on the website look a little less uniform in the tan color than yours so thought I would ask. Love living vicariously through you Lex’s on this awesome journey!

    25. Hi Emily! I’m loving your adventure posts! I noticed you’ll be near Tulsa soon. I live in Broken Arrow and since I saw you’re in the market for sunglasses, so thought I would share. I have found my 2 favorite pairs of aviators at a little shop in Tulsa called Purse-a-nality. Super cute {and affordable} sunglasses and accessories of all kinds. Enjoy our state! I’m an Okie by marriage and have loved it here (besides missing the ocean, we used to live on Whidbey Island!)

    26. That backpack is PERFECT! Never heard of that brand before. I will definitely be getting it for our next trip. Thank you for sharing!

    27. Hi Emily-I wear my boys’ hats too-tiny head! Try Coach Aviators in Kristina style-they fit my face and I LOVE them! Love your style and following your summer adventures!

    28. Emily,
      This comment is not really about your “go to accessories” (although I do find almost everything you blog about to be fun and interesting) but rather about your trip and blog in general. I have followed you almost from the beginning, have your prints scattered around my house and have subscribed to your classes — I am a JDC fan! I am LOVING reading about your family’s current adventure and almost feel I am coming along for the ride. What a fabulous gift you and your husband are giving your kiddos (and your blog readers)! Yesterday I learned that the Grand Canyon is a mile deep and as big as the state of Delaware — when I shared that with my husband, he was flabbergasted :) Now he, too, feels a kinship with the Lex family and their trip. In fact, he wants to have you all over for dinner on the Chicago portion of your trip :)

      Mostly I just wanted to say “keep up the good work”! You and Ryan seem to be doing a great job raising your family, staying grounded in your faith and having fun along the way. May God bless you… and safe travels!

    29. i am LOVING following along on the trip! sunglass recommendation…oakley feedback. you can get regular or polarized lenses, they have a more substantial side and the nose piece is made in a way that if you put them on top of your head they dont catch in your hair. i have worn them exclusively for over 2yrs and love them!

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