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New favorites in the JDC Goods house + home shop

Sometimes I think about opening a brick and mortar shop. A big warehousy-type building with soaring ceilings, worn wood floors and white walls. It would highlight cute home goods that I could arrange and rearrange every day, a coffee shop (because shopping is always better with an extra hot latte), fresh flowers and plants and space to host classes and gatherings. I mean, how dreamy does that sound?!

In the meantime, we’re starting with an online house + home shop we call JDC GOODS.

The shop opened just before Christmas last year and has been such a fun experiment in sourcing products, photographing, playing stylist and watching our wonderful customers enjoy their purchases.

My criteria when ordering inventory is pretty simple: if I want it for my house then it makes the cut. Which basically means, I have one of everything we sell in our house.

We just received a handful of new items that I can’t wait to show you:

You know I’m a bit smitten with pillows and throws. I love the simplicity of this navy cotton throw blanket and the extra detail of the pom tassels. The goat fur pillow is weird and wonderful and super soft. And that new enamel box makes a darling planter, but also great for storing first aid supplies, paperwork in the office, cookies – it will find many uses in our house.

It’s likely that you’ve seen this big brass tray in photos on Instagram. It moves from place to place because it’s just so versatile. That pretty blanket is the cream version of the navy one above.

My local market had potted ranunculus for sale and I couldn’t resist. I popped three of them into this great tin planter and it’s an instant Spring-pick-me-up. Bonus: the whole thing is less than the price of a cut bouquet and will last much longer. The mister is brand new to the shop. I use mine all the time for in-between waterings. Did you know that misting cut hydrangea petals will keep them fresh longer? It really works!

For the office, I love the acrylic stapler and tape dispenser. They are so useful and pretty, too! Ribbon has been a long-time love of mine and I wanted to offer my favorite varieties in generous quantities in the shop. This velvet ribbon is so pretty and comes in three colors.

Each of these items are so great for a bathroom. That little Mr + Mrs dish is very inexpensive and makes such a cute gift.

Of course there is so much more great stuff in the shop than shown here. I’m particularly taken with this quirky glass ball display and cement tissue holder (oh my goodness, we go through so much tissue in this house).

Come on over to the shop to take a peek and see what goodies you can add to your house!

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Favorite Goods for House + Home

Over the last several months, we’ve been collecting and sourcing our favorite goods. I’m so excited to say that you can now find them all in our brand new HOUSE + HOME SHOP!

screenshotshop Every single thing in the shop is something I would put in our home. That is my criteria when picking items :)

You’ll find home accessories, throw blankets, mugs, kitchen towels, ribbon, my very favorite candle, gifts and more.

grayvelvetboxsm Additionally, we gave Ryan’s mom (who is the queen of finding amazing vintage items) the job of sourcing favorite found items and she delivered. Anytime you’ve seen something old and cool in my house, you can pretty much guarantee that it is from my mother-in-law. We knew we couldn’t open a house + home shop without adding in the unique pieces we love to add to our home and so we’re excited to offer a handful of found items (like that stack of old silver below!).

chairsm A couple of notes and then I’ll send you off to go check out the new shop:

Stock is limited. This is especially true for the found items as those are just one of a kinds, but also true for the rest of the shop. While we’ve ordered as much inventory as we reasonably could, we know there is a very good chance much will sell out. Grab your favorites while you can!

Please allow 5-7 business days for processing PLUS shipping time. We’ll do our very best to get your order out as quickly as possible. Do keep in mind the Thanksgiving holiday this week which will slow things down.

Bonus: All orders over $50 receive FREE shipping!

I love every item in the shop. Truly I do. This has been so much fun to choose items, photograph, package and open up a new shop. We look forward to hearing your thoughts as we regularly add new products and curate a shop that can be your go-to for all things house + home!


P.S. Check out more behind-the-scenes of the shop and how I’m using our new items in our house on instagram!

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Annual Summer Sale starts NOW!

Today marks the 5th year of the annual summer sale where you can get the very best deals on all art prints at Maker + Ink.

beyoutiful-and-loved-insta What is Maker + Ink, you may be asking? 

You can read the whole story of how it came to be right here, but I’ll fill you in quickly: Maker + Ink is a marketplace filled with stylish faith-based art from a handful of independent artists.

grace-upon-grace-insta Rather than shopping around and clicking from site to site, you can now find a wide variety of art that declares God’s truth and goodness all in one place: Maker + Ink home-darling-insta

Now through Thursday July 28th ALL PRINTS ARE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE.


It’s the perfect time to grab that print you’ve been eyeing, do some early Christmas shopping or put a few away for last minute gifts (think hostess, weddings, birthdays, teachers).


I Am Able | Taste and See | Peace | Darling | His Battle | Courage and Kindness | Be Brave | Streams of Mercy | Wind and Sea | Pleasant Words | All The Days | Flowers of Grace

And don’t forget to stock up on Christmas prints!

peaceonearth Shop Christmas Prints on Maker + Ink

Shop Christmas Collection


All prints are Buy One Get One Free.

No code is needed; just add your favorite prints to your cart and the savings will be taken automatically.

You are welcome to mix and match styles and sizes within the BOGO sale (so go ahead and pick up a variety of designs).

All purchases over $30 receive FREE SHIPPING.


Head on over to Maker + Ink to see the entire collection of gorgeous art and start saving!

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the coziest alpaca blanket

stay-warm Well, it’s almost spring, but I’ll tell you what: I can not get warm.

Perhaps it’s old(er) age? My fingers and toes have poor circulation and so each night I hop into bed under a soft sheet, a thick quilt and a down comforter in a duvet and still I am chilly.

My best friend knows this about me and gifted me the most luxurious, soft, extra large alpaca wool blanket. I sleep with it every night and though thin in weight, it is mighty in warmth.

bedroom I couldn’t keep the wonderfulness all to myself so I sourced a handful to add to the shop and share with you!

alpaca blankets stacked / jones design company Each color is beautiful. I have a gray one on my bed and that graphic striped one in the living room which I curl up with every night on the couch.

Video House Tour / jones design company

I wish I had more to offer, but there are only a few available in each color (like less than 10 each). If you are looking for a large, soft, lightweight throw that will keep you cozy, you will adore this alpaca wool blanket. We will ship out all orders this week so you’ll have plenty of time to snuggle with it before Spring officially makes its debut – unless you’re in California or Florida or Texas where it’s perpetually warm and you scoff at blankets :)


P.S. Remember these black + white striped dish towels? My next shipment should be in soon! I’ll let you know as soon as I have them in the shop.

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Style + Scripture = Maker + Ink

Mommy-brain is a real thing.

I used to be really sharp, I promise. Four kids later and let’s just say sharpness is not my strong-suit. I lose track of my phone, I can’t remember what time school starts (even though it starts at the same time every single day) and if I don’t text back immediately, you can pretty much guarantee it has slipped my mind.

I forget little things every day.

Which reminds me that I forget big things, too. Things like my anniversary (for real). Having a grateful attitude. Remembering who God is and what that means for my everyday life.

Right at the beginning of the Bible, Moses commands the people of Israel to love God with all their hearts and minds and strength and to not forget!

I love how the Voice translation says it:

“Make the things I’m commanding you today part of who you are. Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you’re sitting together in your home and when you’re walking together down the road. Make them the last thing you talk about before you go to bed and the first thing you talk about the next morning. Do whatever it takes to remember them: tie a reminder on your hand and bind a reminder on your forehead where you’ll see it all the time, such as on the doorpost where you cross the threshold or on the city gate.” – Deut. 6:6-9

God is so good to us. He is faithful, loving, just, gentle, kind and we are simply asked to receive, celebrate and remember.  Moses suggests writing the promises on our doorframes and on our gates; I would say displaying an art print in your home could be the modern-day equivalent.

Several years ago Ryan asked me to create a print with a verse he wanted to remember. Those were the days when the options for scripture art were very limited. Nothing was quite right for our style of decorating, so I created that first print. That print led to several more. Eventually it occurred to us that other families might enjoy having modern scripture prints in their homes too, to make it easier to remember God’s promises in a stylish way. We’ve been offering them ever since.

Over the past 6 years, the scripture art industry has exploded. There are so many gorgeous/modern/stylish options for faith-based art work which we’re truly excited about. I love having so many options when looking for just the right print for our home or a special gift.

The biggest problem now is not in the availability of a cute print, but in finding it! Search for ‘scripture print’ on google and you’ll find hundreds of websites, but never a single marketplace with the style of art we are drawn to.

And so, Ryan and I did what we do and created our own.

Introducing Maker + Ink:

Maker + Ink art print shop

Maker + Ink is an online marketplace for stylish art that declares God’s truth.

Instead of clicking from website to website in search of the perfect scripture print, you’ll find a carefully selected assortment of designs all in one place. We are excited to offer art prints created by a variety of independent designers, each with her own unique style.

And you know those prints that I opened my first art print shop with? They have now been updated. I just love how they turned out.


To celebrate the opening of Maker + Ink, everything is Buy One Get One Free now through Monday.

thanksgiving sale buy one get one free at Maker + Ink

No need to enter a discount code – its all done for you in the fancy new shop. Simply add your favorite prints and the discount will be applied automatically.

And you’ll get free shipping with any purchase of $30 or more.

Don’t forget to grab one of our favorite Christmas prints while you’re there!

Shop Christmas Prints on Maker + Ink

Let’s fill our minds (and homes) with beauty and truth in the hope that by being reminded of His truth, our hearts and lives will be transformed by grace.

I’d love for you to come by to check out the new shop, grab a few Christmas gifts and let us know what you think!

go to maker + ink

P.S. We’re excited to continue to grow the marketplace! If you are an artist and would like to partner with Maker + Ink, contact our team here.

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Black and White Dish Towels Are In The Shop (but they’ll sell out quickly!)


Last month I had the great idea to sell a few extra black and white striped dishtowels I found.

I think they sold out within 30 seconds. And then hundreds more were preordered.  It was insane.

Who knew you all would want dish towels?!

Actually, I should have known because cute, plain, absorbent cotton dish towels are not easy to come by and these hit all three.


I have several more sets of towels now available in the shop.  


We will likely sell out quickly, so hop over to grab yours now.


Our next shipment will be here in March 2016 (I’m pretty sure I bought the manufacturer out!) so there will be more to come!



I’m so sorry friends! The towels sold out before I even woke this morning. I sold out of everything I have (and that my distributer had to offer!), so be on the lookout for the next shipment in March. 

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4TH Annual SUMMER Sale – save 50% on all art prints

Summer Sale! All art prints are 50% off . July 27-30 . Jones Design Company

How about celebrating Summer with a sale? It’s time for our 4th annual 50% off summer sale!

50% off all art prints / jones design company

Four the next three days, you can get all art prints in the shop for HALF OFF. It’s the perfect time to grab that print you’ve been eyeing, do some early Christmas shopping or put a few away for last minute gifts (think hostess, weddings, birthdays, teachers).

summer art print sale / jones design company

Choose from our wide selection of everyday favorites like these:

Summer Art Print Sale / shop everyday favorites at 50% off / jones design company

(there are over 35 great designs to choose from!)

Or pick a Holiday Favorite:

Summer Art Print Sale / shop holiday favorites at 50% off / jones design company

All prints are professionally printed on heavy smooth white paper with three size variations. Your package will be processed and shipped with love within 7 business days.

… and …

Everyone who purchases during the sale will automatically be entered into our giveaway:

Enter to win 10 prints / jones design company

Now that’s fun!

Check out the shop here


Don’t forget to use discount code SUMMER50 at checkout!

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Hooray! Weekend Spring Sale!

spring sale on all art prints / jones design company

This weekend only, ALL ART PRINTS are 50% off!

Now is the time to stock up on gifts and I have a few suggestions to help you choose:

Any upcoming weddings this summer? How about gift the happy couple this print.

Baby on the way? This one is super sweet for a girl and this one for a boy.

Decorating your new home? Welcome guests with this illustration. Or need a sweet house warming/hostess gift? This one is perfect.

Here are a few more favorites from our Art Print Shop:

Be Still And Know be-still

Honeycomb honeycomb

Whatever whatever

Work work


In This House pw-sept-art

Enjoy The Little Things enjoy the little things art / jones design company

Enter code HOORAY for 50% off all art prints. Sale ends Sunday April 12th at 11:59pm pst. Please allow 5-7 business days for processing.

oh, yeah! … we offer FREE SHIPPING!

start shopping spring art print sale

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lovely prints now available (and a discount)

The Month of Love is right around the corner what better way to celebrate than with our lovely prints and a sale!

Use them to decorate this Valentine season or to give to a special someone as a love-day gift (gently nudge your husbands, ladies!).




(love never fails)


(love one another)


(i still do)

Valentine’s Day comes and goes and the best part about each of these prints is that they remain relevant long after the conversation hearts are consumed. Prop one on your nightstand, tape a reminder to your bathroom mirror, hang in your children’s rooms or give as a wedding or anniversary gift. Love never goes out of style.

Each of the prints come in three sizes – 11×14, 8×10 and 5×7.


We also have Lindsay’s fabulous greatest is love prints back in stock (they sell out quickly, so grab one now!)

greatest-is-love (greatest is love in white)

(greatest is love in slate)

as well as the darling twirl print


To say thank you for your kindness and support and to celebrate this upcoming month of love, please enjoy a discount on all art print purchases between now and tuesday january 27th.



(and remember: shipping is always free!)

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last chance!


This weekend is the last chance to order from the shop to ensure christmas delivery. If you’re still searching for that perfect gift to give the teachers, your neighbor, your mom – a thoughtful art print (popped in a frame?) is perfect!

>> Shop our entire collection here <<

All Christmas prints are on sale this weekend!


Use them this year, or have them ready for your christmas decorating next year!

>> Shop Christmas prints here <<



PS. Shipping is ALWAYS free!

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ooooh … new christmas designs (+ 50% off all art prints!)


Now is your chance to grab all your favorite prints at 50% off! Choose any design and any size for our best price of the year.

Also included in the sale are our NEW Christmas designs.



FLORAL STAG // a best-seller from last year that remains a perfect understated pop of christmasy cheer.


O CHRISTMAS TREE // a vintage truck carrying home a Christmas tree – what could be more nostalgic?! I am kinda in love with this new print.


ANTLERS // Plaid flowers, wintery foliage and the message joyeux noel. This one is great on it’s own, but would also be cute in a collage wall with family photos and other christmas images.


NATIVITY COLLECTION // I have to say, this series of prints is close to my heart. I want so much for our kids (and me!) to remember why we celebrate Christmas.  I want them to know the nativity story and understand the beauty and importance of Jesus coming as a baby in a stable, being announced by angels to lowly shepherds, and being worshiped by kings who followed a star to find him. So I sketched out a few simple scenes and added scripture passages, and now have a sweet collection of nativity prints to put up in our home.

Any of the prints would make charming gifts this Christmas (or save a few to give throughout the year).


No coupon code needed. Free shipping. Sale ends monday at 9pm pst.

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artwork for Audrey’s room

Remember how I was re-doing Audrey’s room? Here is the cute inspiration board:

Well, it’s still unfinished.

I made some progress back in March, but since then, nothing has happened. I am waiting on the biggest part of the project which is a whole wall of built-ins to go around the window. I have it designed in my mind but I haven’t pursued anything because I know what I want will be more than I want to spend on having it built. We could try to do it ourselves, but again, that takes time and we don’t have a ton of that laying around right now either. And then there is the option of doing a good ikea hack and building in pre-made bookshelves (something like this) but I haven’t found items with the correct dimensions for the space. So that’s what’s holding me up. One of these days I’ll figure it out.

In the meantime, I’ve been collecting artwork to hang on her walls. Audrey is fun and full of personality and I’d love for her room to reflect some of that through a whole wall filled with art. Continue Reading →

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i couldn’t stop (watercoloring)

I normally work on mondays, wednesdays and fridays when all four kids are in school. But last week I was not feeling well (a terrible head cold that made my brain feel fuzzy) and there was just no hope of me doing any actual thinking work. Instead, I took the opportunity to pull out my watercolors and see what came out on paper.

Once I started, I just couldn’t stop.


(via instagram)

The combination of a quiet house, a tired body and time to just create was so refreshing. This doesn’t happen often and I was pleased with the paintings that resulted.


The illustrations have turned into a new series of watercolor art prints!

The first is called Let Your Light Shine:


A few assorted lamps (I kinda want each one for my house!) with reference to Matthew 5:16.


The next print is called Clothe Yourselves:


All my favorite go-to clothing choices with the reminder to also put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12). I love this one to keep perspective when I’m dressing in the morning. Clothes are cute, but I also want to be mindful of my heart.


And the third (my personal favorite!), Fruit of the Spirit:


All sorts of delicious looking fruit and, of course, the well-known fruit of the spirit verse (Galatians 5:22-23). This one is so fun to add color to a kitchen.


 All three prints are now in the shop and available for pre-order (prints will be shipped the week of June 9th). Prints can be purchased individually, or as a set (for a discount!).


Thank you, as always, for supporting our business!

p.s. I hope to continue to add watercolor art work to the shop. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

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celebrate the end of tax season with a tax day bundle

tax-day-bundle-today-only We’re celebrating the end of tax season with a quick sale!

This limited-time bundle includes four of our most popular prints: glory, be strong, work and filled with joy. PLUS a brand new design: spring stag.


You’ll receive all five prints in either 5×7, 8×10 or 11×14 sizes for a savings of up to $50. They are cheerful reminders to scatter throughout your home and make delightful gifts for birthdays, weddings and hostess gifts.

This limited time offer will only be available until tonight at midnight (pacific time). Grab a bundle while they last!


As an extra bonus, how about a giveaway?

Everyone who purchases a bundle will be automatically entered to win $100 store credit in the shop!


A random winner will be selected on wednesday april 16th.

Click here to start shopping.

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