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Christmas Art Print Collection

I am so excited to share with you a new collection of Christmas art I’ve created for you. These five prints make delightful decorations and work equally well as thoughtful (and inexpensive!) gifts. Give them to teachers, bring them as hostess gifts to your holiday parties, or scatter them throughout your house to add instant […]

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New favorites in the JDC Goods house + home shop

Sometimes I think about opening a brick and mortar shop. A big warehousy-type building with soaring ceilings, worn wood floors and white walls. It would highlight cute home goods that I could arrange and rearrange every day, a coffee shop (because shopping is always better with an extra hot latte), fresh flowers and plants and […]

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Favorite Goods for House + Home

Over the last several months, we’ve been collecting and sourcing our favorite goods. I’m so excited to say that you can now find them all in our brand new HOUSE + HOME SHOP! Every single thing in the shop is something I would put in our home. That is my criteria when picking items :) You’ll […]

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Annual Summer Sale starts NOW!

Today marks the 5th year of the annual summer sale where you can get the very best deals on all art prints at Maker + Ink. What is Maker + Ink, you may be asking?  You can read the whole story of how it came to be right here, but I’ll fill you in quickly: Maker […]

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alpaca blankets stacked / jones design company

the coziest alpaca blanket

Well, it’s almost spring, but I’ll tell you what: I can not get warm. Perhaps it’s old(er) age? My fingers and toes have poor circulation and so each night I hop into bed under a soft sheet, a thick quilt and a down comforter in a duvet and still I am chilly. My best friend knows this […]

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Maker + Ink art print shop

Style + Scripture = Maker + Ink

Mommy-brain is a real thing. I used to be really sharp, I promise. Four kids later and let’s just say sharpness is not my strong-suit. I lose track of my phone, I can’t remember what time school starts (even though it starts at the same time every single day) and if I don’t text back immediately, you can […]

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artwork for Audrey’s room

Remember how I was re-doing Audrey’s room? Here is the cute inspiration board: Well, it’s still unfinished. I made some progress back in March, but since then, nothing has happened. I am waiting on the biggest part of the project which is a whole wall of built-ins to go around the window. I have it […]

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i couldn’t stop (watercoloring)

I normally work on mondays, wednesdays and fridays when all four kids are in school. But last week I was not feeling well (a terrible head cold that made my brain feel fuzzy) and there was just no hope of me doing any actual thinking work. Instead, I took the opportunity to pull out my […]

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last day to save

I hope you had a festive first holiday weekend of the season! We spent time with family and friends, watching football, cutting down our tree and dining in candlelight during a power outage. My house is a mess, the laundry is overflowing {just take a peek at my instagram photo}, I’ve consumed more food in […]

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have you seen these {new art prints}

Maybe you get this way too, but I was in a creative slump all summer.  Then suddenly fall approaches and – voila! – inspiration hits. It could be the season, or possibly the fact that my kids are at school all day and for the first time in years the house is empty and quiet, […]

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do your thing

I’ll be 35 in just a few weeks. I don’t have any problems with the age, per say. I live a fairly typical 35-year-old life, and a pretty good one at that. From the outside, I look, talk, live like a woman in her mid 30’s. What I’m concerned about is that maybe on the […]

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be still {the newest print in the shop}

Some people find peace in the wilderness. Some find it running or painting or singing or while sitting in a church pew. I find it at the sea. It just dawned on me that three of my most favorite places are located on the edge of the ocean. Amidst the chaos of the everyday, there […]

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why not add some art to the laundry room

I’m still going on our laundry room redo. If you’ve miss any posts, I started with this as the inspiration, then painted the cabinets white {that made a huge difference!} and used gift wrap as wallpaper. Next step was adding art to the long wall opposite of the washing machine/dryer. It has been blank and […]

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celebrating sunshine with a sale

Now to be fair, it’s actually supposed to be a nice {which means not raining} weekend in the Seattle area this weekend. But still, I’ll gladly take a bump in temperature, bright blue skies, the white sugar-sand beaches of Florida- even if just for a few days. I’ll be away from my computer, but instagramming […]

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walk in love

This new art print has been in my imagination for some time. I was waiting until I had just the right message to go with it and the creative inspiration to get it out on paper. That time came a few days ago – when the house was quiet {three in school, daddy sick in […]

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