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i couldn’t stop (watercoloring)

    I normally work on mondays, wednesdays and fridays when all four kids are in school. But last week I was not feeling well (a terrible head cold that made my brain feel fuzzy) and there was just no hope of me doing any actual thinking work. Instead, I took the opportunity to pull out my watercolors and see what came out on paper.

    Once I started, I just couldn’t stop.


    (via instagram)

    The combination of a quiet house, a tired body and time to just create was so refreshing. This doesn’t happen often and I was pleased with the paintings that resulted.


    The illustrations have turned into a new series of watercolor art prints!

    The first is called Let Your Light Shine:


    A few assorted lamps (I kinda want each one for my house!) with reference to Matthew 5:16.


    The next print is called Clothe Yourselves:


    All my favorite go-to clothing choices with the reminder to also put on compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience (Colossians 3:12). I love this one to keep perspective when I’m dressing in the morning. Clothes are cute, but I also want to be mindful of my heart.


    And the third (my personal favorite!), Fruit of the Spirit:


    All sorts of delicious looking fruit and, of course, the well-known fruit of the spirit verse (Galatians 5:22-23). This one is so fun to add color to a kitchen.


     All three prints are now in the shop and available for pre-order (prints will be shipped the week of June 9th). Prints can be purchased individually, or as a set (for a discount!).

    >>> VISIT THE SHOP NOW <<<

    Thank you, as always, for supporting our business!

    p.s. I hope to continue to add watercolor art work to the shop. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

    27 thoughts on “i couldn’t stop (watercoloring)”

    1. Emily. This comes in PERFECT timing. My women’s bible study group just finished a book on the fruits of the spirit! It was pretty great. I would love to purchase this print for my group. I was wondering if there would be any discount if I bought 7 of them?! Just curious. :) I wouldn’t be at all offended if you said no, just thought I would ask!!! Thanks for making beautiful, Christ-centered artwork!!!!!

    2. Gee…if I had a brain fog and a cold, something THAT beautiful would never come out! Come to think of it, nothing that beautiful would ever come from my head anyway. I just have to admire others that can do it because my talents lie elsewhere! Very nicely done!

    3. beautiful watercolor art as always. Where did you get the floral tape with the clothe yourself print. I just love it. A suggestion of mine would be herb plants.

    4. Emily,
      These prints are so bright and cheerful! You did such a great job! Just wondering, what kind of watercolors do you use when you paint?

    5. Emily,

      You are soo talented, those prints are just gorgeous! How neat to be able to create that. Each image has so much detail.

    6. just wondering when your watercolors move into the real deal…surely you have someone starting to help you plan a line of home decor and clothing line, right? Nice designs…you truly are so talented…some future follow up blog posting should outline the principles of graphic design that you just naturally applied in these graphics, and then the process that you used to move them to a framed, printed piece of art…you have worked so hard and you have so much to share…thanks always for sharing a part of you!!

    7. I’m so weirded out. In a good way. Just yesterday I sat down to plan out a Scripture Memory Camp my sisters and I are planning for our kiddos. A verse a week with art, songs, projects to go with each verse. The first one? Matthew 5:16! I love when God does stuff like this:
      God: Hey Brandy, you should plan to teach some Scripture to kids
      Me: Um, I’m not a teacher and am disorganized.
      God: Trust me. Wait’ll I show you something tomorrow on one of your favorite blogs to encourage you.
      Me: Oh, God, you so cray-zee!!!

    8. I love these! I would love to try my hand at water coloring…but honestly do not know where to begin! It seems very therapeutic!

    9. These are beautiful! For suggestions, how about –>
      * kitchen – measuring cups/spoons/etc.
      * game room – dice/board games
      * office – tape/scissors/notepad/laptop
      * party – hats/balloons/confetti/polka dots


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