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guest post: Armommy + labels

I did a tutorial a few weeks ago {or maybe it was last week?!} about burp cloths. I forgot to talk about my little fabric labels. My {very} good friend Rae is the inspiration for these, so I thought I’d ask her to do a guest post showing how she creates darling and useful fabric […]

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evergreen wreath {tutorial}

First off : thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes. You all are too kind and I feel grateful for such nice reader-friends.  By the way, did you know October 5 is the most common birthday in America? Go back 274 days {the average length of a pregnancy} and you’ll get New Year’s […]

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burp cloths

I’m not sure what it is, but all four of my darlings have been ridiculous spitter-uppers {yuck}. Which means I’ve gone through a lot of burp cloths. With No.4 I finally realized that if I was going to be wearing a burp cloth on my shoulder for the better part of the day, I might […]

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ruffle wreath {a tutorial}

I spent yesterday with my friend Rae while our husbands were doing important things like putting out fires and rescuing kittens from trees {by the way, do you know that fire fighters don’t really do that? Ryan gets slightly annoyed at the mention of it}. Anyway, we let the seven children of ours run wild […]

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silhouette tutorial

We all love a good silhouette. Especially of sweet little faces.  So {as promised} I’ve put together a tutorial on an easy way to make one.  Now, easy may be relative so bear with me. But first, a little silhouette inspiration: Feeling inspired? Here we go : (more…)

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my first guest post {and a photo}

It’s a fun day for me : I’m the creative guest at If you are visiting here from Ucreate, welcome!  Have a look around : and don’t forget to sign up for my monthly giveaway. There are lots of great goodies: :::: I often get the question, “how do you have time to blog/work when […]

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5 days of favorite projects {day5}

***UPDATED*** {see end of post} What a fun week it has been. I have enjoyed putting together these tutorials and have loved even more all of your comments! I am so grateful that I have been able to inspire many of you through these projects.  I’m thinking we should keep them coming : but for […]

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5 days of favorite projects {day 4}

Little known fact about me: I DON’T OWN A HOT GLUE GUN. I know. Crazy. How I’ve made it through my life as a project-doer without one is beyond me. But for today’s installment of I needed one. So I took the kids on a little walk a couple of streets over to my fellow […]

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5 days of favorite projects {day 3}

So, I hate to disappoint you regular readers, but there is no What I Wore post today. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to see anything I wore this past week anyway.  And it was sort of nice to have a break from awkwardly posing in front of a flimsy mirror while trying to decide if […]

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5 days of favorite projects {day 2}

Did you all make some flowers yesterday? I hope you were inspired by one of my current favorites! Now on to day two of This one is fun and while I’d like to think I made it up, I’m pretty sure it’s out there somewhere else.  Again, it is a simple and inexpensive project and […]

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5 days of favorite projects {day 1}

I love a good project. In fact I feel a little lost when I’m not working on something. This week, I’ll be putting together a tutorial each day on some of my favorite projects, which {I think} are also some of yours. Let me start by saying I probably didn’t come up with any of […]

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tracing the outline

painted wallpaper {a tutorial}

When I first took over the front office, I knew I wanted to make it a lighter, more inspiring room to be in.  I thought about painting stripes because I really do love them, but I already have some thick ones painted in the boys’ room. Then I thought wallpaper would be nice. But here’s […]

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ruffle scarf

While Christmas shopping at Anthropologie, I saw this scarf: {sorry, bad photo} We decided that rather than spend the $98 on one, I could try to recreate it. And so I made one, then another, then another {five in all} which made wonderful gifts.  I can’t promise they’ll stand up to hard use or that […]

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