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5 days of favorite projects {day5}


    {see end of post}

    What a fun week it has been. I have enjoyed putting together these tutorials and have loved even more all of your comments! I am so grateful that I have been able to inspire many of you through these projects.  I’m thinking we should keep them coming :

    but for now, we’ll finish off

    favorite projects

    with a little project for a kiddo in your life {although there is absolutely nothing wrong with making one for yourself}


    Here is what you’ll need:


    :: t-shirt

    :: fusible web {like this}

    :: iron

    :: image you’d like on the shirt

    :: decorative fabric{s}

    :: scissors

    STEP ONE: select an image for the t-shirt & cut it out


    My pear image is clip art printed to the size I wanted it. You could also draw & cut out your own.


    STEP TWO: cut fabric slightly larger than your design




    STEP THREE: cut fusible web to the size of your fabric


    STEP FOUR: adhere fabric to fusible web


    Place the wrong side of the fabric to the fusible side {you can see the slight texture}


    Using a board {or other hard surface} covered with a cloth and your iron set to wool/silk


    press the fabric to the fusible web



    STEP FIVE: trace the design


    Flip your design over and trace onto the paper backing of the fused fabric/web you just ironed


    STEP SIX:  cut out design




    STEP SEVEN: iron onto t-shirt


    Peel off the paper backing, decide on placement and press to adhere


    Continue with each piece



    You’re finished!


    You’ll be seeing this one on my Audrey-girl in a year or two.


    As with all the projects this week, the possibilities are endless.

    My sister had me make monogram t-shirts as favors for my niece’s first birthday party.



    which my boys wore a lot last summer



    I did a more elaborate design for a little friend




    And then, of course you could finish it with a small zig-zag stitch {as expertly done by my mom}


    Or with a straight stitch


    {as not quite so expertly done by me}


    So cute, so personal and so simple!


    Whew, my week of tutorials is finished. It was fun but time consuming! I’ve never before done so many projects in one week.   I’ll be taking the weekend off to go play in the sun with our family {sort of a last-of-the-summer-hurrah even though it feels like our summer has just started} and will be back Monday.

    Happy weekend! Hope it is filled with many PROJECTS!


    one more thing:

    if you could ask me one thing about what I do or about my company, what would it be?

    Comment below or send me an email and I’ll be putting together a post to answer them.

    74 thoughts on “5 days of favorite projects {day5}”

    1. Hi and first of all thank you for your inspiration.

      I notice you ironed on the pear and did not sew it down with a straight or zigzag stitch. I thought the fusible web was only a temp adhesive, I was quite glad when i spied what you had done. I make coats for rehab and adoptable dogs and put a logo on them. But I thought I had to sew them down.

      Can you please tell me what brand this fusible web is thanks EVEY

    2. These are adorable… I would love to know where you find your cute fabric? I would love to start sewing projects but live in small town and need to find out where I can order or buy cute, fun fabric.

    3. I have done several but some of my cutouts are too intricate for me to stitch around as I am not an expert seamstress either. Do you have to do this? I did notice that one of the shirts I made for my daughter came apart after drying – it was so cute too. thought?

      1. Have you tried fabric glue? It’s washable and can be applied with a small paint brush, q-tip, or even a toothpick to the more intricate areas of the design. You can get it at hobby and fabric stores. Read directions for cure time before washing (24 hours?). It’s also available in an iron-on heat set formula that can be worn right away. Give it a minute to cool first though! =•)

    4. Love them! I also have done a bit of this and also had trouble with the letters. I liked the ones I chose, after seeing yours though, I like them better. Especially the letter g, where did you find them?

    5. May I ask where you found the letters for the monogram shirts? I did a similar project recently…(a pillow sham for my sons bed with an F for Frankie) but ended up drawing it by hand. I looked all over online and couldn’t find just the right thing….or at least for free :)

      1. raizel

        you could download so many awesome fonts into your computer for free. then just open a WORD doc and blow it up big. pretty simple.

    6. Have mercy! My heart is racing from how awesome this is! I can’t sew but I can still make amazing outfits for my twin girls coming this spring. Thank you!!

    7. I can’t wait to use this technique in creating accessorie pillows for my son’s newly decorated bedroom! Love, love, love your ideas!

    8. Would you be able to share your clipart file with us? Perhaps save it off and offer it here as a link. I really love that pear shape and can’t find it in my clipart.

    9. I love your tutorials! This one was my favorite. I ran out and bought some fusible web and make a couple of shirts – so easy – you are a genius! :)

      But now, I have a question – can I wash the shirts without the applique fraying since they aren’t sewn on?? I am petrified that they will be ruined…what to do? If I turn them inside out before putting in the washer, will that help?

    10. How handy are you??? My big question is what computer program do you use for your designing (font types, etc.)? I think we’ll make the t-shirts in Girl Scouts this fall – how fun! Thank you for being so creative!!

    11. I’m so glad that I stumbled upon your website. What’s not to love?! Seriously. You definitely inspire me. Thank you. My question is, well, are – I’ve got two! – what has worked the best for you as far as generating new business and maintaining clients? How do you structure your day for work/kids/hubby/house and get it all in? I’m looking forward to your workshop (I’m catching up, so I’ve read out of order).

    12. I didn’t think I would have time to do this project, but I was inspired to just try it and it only took one day! Phil and I are going to Cape Cod next week and we will see all of Jacob’s cousins on my side. So I made five little t-shirts with New England beach themed shapes – a sand dollar, a sailboat, an adirondack chair, a lighthouse, and a horseshoe crab. They look amazing and I am so excited for family pictures! THANK YOU so much for the inspiration and the clear and patient instruction!

    13. The little pear-shirt project is adorable. I went out and bought all of the necessary parts and attempted my first one – a pumpkin. I’m so excited about the possibilities. Thanks!

    14. Thanks so much for a great week of amazing tutorials. I sincerely appreciate your taking the time to put these together. Your instructions are so clear. I’ve thought about fusible web all weekend & can’t wait to make cute shirts for my son & niece. But my first project is going to be the paper wreath. I have some old hymnals that would be fantastic for this.

      My question would be how you find time to get so much done. With just one child (who till turn one in two weeks), I have a hard time getting projects completed.

      Have a great day & God bless!

    15. Can I just say – you are AMAZING. I am pouring over your projects with a smile on my face. You are a girl after my own heart and I have my sister to thank for tuning me into your OH SO FUN blog. Thank you thank you.

    16. I am obsessed with your blog!! Also, you are a beautiful red head. My daughter is a red head blue eyed doll (my husband and I both have dark brown hair and brown eyes) and nobody in my family that anyone can remember had red hair,so whenever I see a red head, I think is that what Natalie will look like? If she looks like you she will be one lucky lady!

      Now, on to my questions. First, how do you manage to keep your house so clean with a business and 4 kids!!! Wow, your house looks so perfect, is it always like that? What tips do you have for busy moms to keep organized.

      Also, do you have some good ideas for Christmas crafts that would be great gifts?? I love all your ideas and it would be awesome to get some ideas of things you have done in the past.

    17. Oh girl, you are too talented! Loved all of the tutorials, I’m making the book wreath this week. Is it ok if I post it once it’s done and link to your site for instructions?

      Also, I would love to learn how to make the name tags you make using wire. I’ve seen it on your blogs attached to presents and I’m just in love.

      Thanks for a beautiful and real blog. You inspire and show us that it can be done.


    18. Thank you so much for putting together all these fabulous posts. You are obviously someone is a DO-er not like your truly who is someone who just looks at great blogs! I do think your posts might have given me the push to try a few!
      Lucinda in Dallas

    19. I ditto the above question… do the applique’s fray in the wash? I was just doing monogram ones earlier this week and found it VERY hard to do the zigzag stitch.. so stopped… and been trying to figure out how to keep the fabric from fraying!? Tks!

    20. get out! this is the most amazing and simple project! I am off to by fusible paper this weekend! thanks, love the monogram idea…they are so expensive in the stores?
      (can you iron that stuff on sweaters?) thinking christmas card photo op! thanks :) denise

    21. I am so happy that you posted several tutorials that don’t require sewing! I would love to be able to, but I don’t have a sewing machine…:( However, I bet these appliques would be cute handstitched. I already made the flowers from day 1. LOVE! Thanks for sharing your creativity and expertise.

    22. Hi! I LOVE these…I was just wondering how they wash? Does the fabric fray much? Just wondering if I would need to keep the fraying in mind when choosing my fabric. :) Thanks for these cute ideas!

    23. I have loved this week of tutorials. I do believe you’ve taken care of the bulk of my Xmas “shopping” for family & friends this year. I better get started soon. I’ll share some pics with you if I ever get my act together! Thanks for all the inpsiration and the detailed steps. I’ll be happy if mine projects turn out 1/2 as cute as yours! :)

    24. This week has been wonderfully fun. I love that all the projects seem so doable – just need to make time! Thank you so much for sharing. Love your blog so much and am full of anticipation for whatever comes next week.

    25. I’ve been making poly satin flowers for 3 days and loving it! I gave my first one to my next door neighbor just as she was leaving to go out. She was all dolled up and I quickly pinned the flower onto her adorable little knit purse. She was so excited and later told me that she had several compliments on it that evening! Thanks so much. Oh and I also wrapped one up and sent it to work with my husband for a birthday gift he had forgotten to tell me he needed. It was a huge hit. She pinned it on and wore it all day. They make great gifts! Thanks again!
      Cindy from louisiana.

    26. Thanks Emily! I LOVE monogrammed things! Worked on my book page project last night while Justin & Randy made comments! lol!

    27. love this idea. i actually was JUST about to do this with monograms for dresses, but never thought of doing it with objects like birdies, fruit, etc. SO cute. can’t wait to get started. :)

    28. Just found you!!! One question..where did you get the T’s for the projects. I am going to go read all your blogs.
      Beautiful boys………….

    29. Seriously, how DO you do it? 3 BOYS and a little girly girl! I have 3 children 1,3, and 7 and let me tell ya-Im drowning everyday. All the projects I want to do, all the projects I need to do, and then all the stuff that falls inbetween-Im pulling out my hair. So seriously how do you do it. Your home looks amazing (Im sure you toss the leggos and matchbox cars in a closet before you take the picture) but still-where do you find the time? Secrets, please?

      Take care!

    30. my girlies and i spent the day yesterday making the fabric flowers. they are gorgeous…so lifelike. we made them for friends, sisters, grandmas…
      it was so much fun to spend the day together doing this.

      i have the ruffle pillow started too!!

      and now i have the materials list written down for the t-shirts so that we can go to the fabric store pronto!

      this was an amazing week you shared with us.
      thanks so much!

    31. Love the t-shirt favors!! I’d love to get one of those at a party. I made bunny t-shirts for my kids last Easter. I loved how they came out. They are similar to what you did but I did not have a sewing machine so I trimmed the edges sewing by hand!!!!!!!!!! It was worth it as i thought they were adorable. Thanks for this one – definitely going to go with more.

    32. All I can say is…. WOW!!! I love every one of these tutorials and I want to make everything! I’m so glad I found your blog, you are so incredibly talented and inspiring. Thanks so much for putting the time into doing these tutorials and know that it really is greatly appreciated. :)

    33. i found your blog last week {through WIWW on pleated poppy} and i’m embarrassed to say how many hours i’ve spent pouring over your posts! ;) i’m in awe of your talent and style! and this week of tutorials?! i feel like i’ve hit the jackpot! i can’t wait to try them ALL!

    34. what a fun week! i have really enjoyed all of your tutorials. today i am going to attempt the book wreath. thanks for the inspiration!

    35. I think my children might miss me as I hide myself away to make these. :-P Seriously, these are adorable!

      In all sincerity, thanks for taking the time to put together each of these tutorials. I have enjoyed every single one.

    36. What a fun week it has been! Thanks! I make these shirts all the time! They are so easy, so personal, so cute, it makes me wonder why anyone would buy them?

    37. wahoo! i am definately making alot of these! i have so enjoyed your tutorials this week! i looked forward to them every morning! kinda like opening a present! come over for a visit! xo

    38. Thank you so much for a great week of tutorials. You are very gifted at explaining things well and I appreciate all the pictures. :) I plan to try several of these, but this was probably my favorite. Enjoy your weekend “off”! :)

    39. Thank you so much for posting all of these! I spent yesterday making flowers, and I am making a version of the book page art today. I LOVE the tee shirts too. I may have to quickly turn those out for my son’s birthday party….great idea for favors!

      Fab website! AND FWIW, I love the “what I wore” series. I enjoy seeing how other people put together outfits and accessories.

    40. Jo in New Prague, MN

      I LOVED every one of these. I’m probably going to make all 5 but i have the pillow and the flower instructions printed already. You give excellent instruction also. Thanks so much. I’m off today to buy thread and then it’s ruffle time. :)

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