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Caught My Eye (Independence Day Edition)

    Things that caught my eye - independence edition

    These are the things around the internet that have recently caught my eye:

    The Americana Collection from Lindsay Letters


    There are a handful of perfect summery prints in Lindsay’s latest collection, but this one (as seen on my fireplace mantle) is my favorite.



    Northwest cherries are in season. They are juicy and delicious and abundant and not very expensive. So I’ve been searching for recipes for how to use them and came across this hand pie recipe from my friend Rae. I’m making them today.


    Recycled Sailcloth totes


    I’ve been eyeing these bags for forever. There are tons of cute designs and they are very sturdy and eco-friendly.

    American Flags as Art


    I love the simple statement of an old flag against a clean space. Especially fitting in a barn (above) but also great framed in an eating space (below).


    Gingham sundress

    Such a sweet dress for day or night.



    This ones goes along with the America the Beautiful print up top and I adore everything by One Canoe Two. Thinking of adding this to one of the boys’ rooms.

    Speaking of America the Beautiful … enjoy this gem from Pollyanna. She’s the cutest.

    Happy Independence Day!


    I’m always finding something fun to pin.


    Anything that has caught your eye this week?

    9 thoughts on “Caught My Eye (Independence Day Edition)”

    1. Seabags have been around for a wihile….I live 5 minutes from Portland…they are ever so popular here! If you have a sailboat and donate your sails, you get a free bag or two (based on how big your sails are). You can watch them being made at the shop here in Portland….and you can even custom order what you want on the bags. They hold up super well….can’t say enough great things about them!

      I hope you order one and enjoy it and maybe one day you can come East for a visit!

    2. Emily,
      Thanks for bring a tear to my eye and sweet remembrances of 4th of Julys gone by!
      Love Pollyanna; she is timeless!
      Happy 4th to you and yours.
      God Bless America!

    3. Emily,
      You always know how to put just the right things together. What an inspiration for honoring this great country at a time when we need it more than ever.

    4. Wonderful items but the best is the Pollyanna clip. I have not seen that since my children were little. They would watch that video over and over. Thank you for the fun memory.

    5. Love!! My mom and I just showed my 7 year old daughter, “Pollyanna” when she was on town!! Classic!! It’s tart cherry and blueberry picking season here, too!! Best time of year!! :)

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