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Caught My Eye (kid things edition)

    things around the web that caught my eye - kid edition / jones design company

    These are the things around the internet that have recently caught my eye:

    Clubhouse Makeover by House Tweaking


    This camp-y clubhouse is a post from last year, but it’s just so good. Simple, outdoor style by the super talented Dana of House Tweaking. What kid wouldn’t love spending their summer hiding out in this M*A*S*H inspired treehouse?!

    Sunburst Watercolor Painting


    With the kids home from school for the summer, I’m always looking for fun projects to keep them occupied and off their devices. Art projects are a go-to and simple projects they can make are on my ‘pin list’. I actually did this watercolor sunburst project with my 3rd grader’s class this year and they turned out really pretty. Definitely one I’ll do again with my kids this summer.

    bee hive Tooth fairy pillow


    I mean, if this is not the cutest thing ever. I’m not sure how I came across the Apple White etsy shop, but she has some darling little products, especially her line of tooth fairy pillows.

    (side note: whoever came up with the idea of the tooth fairy was not a mother who can not remember anything past 8pm. My kids probably think the tooth fairy is the flakiest of all make-believe characters because she often forgets to visit. We just say she was on vacation. And now I’ve learned to set the alarm on my phone to remind me to be the tooth fairy!)

    DIY Guess Who Game


    Did you play Guess Who as a kid? I loved it. Maria, with her french beret was always my favorite. But why were there only a few women? That never made sense to me. Obviously, the first questions should be “is it a man?” so that you could knock down practically all if the answer was “no”. Anyway, Guess Who is fun and this DIY version with real-life friends/family would be such a great gift idea. Kinda looks involved, but maybe worth it.

    flamingo + ostrich stuffed animals


    So cute.


    I’m always finding something fun to pin.


    Anything that has caught your eye this week?


    8 thoughts on “Caught My Eye (kid things edition)”

    1. My 5 year old caught sight of the watercolor sunburst and exclaimed, “I want to do that NOW!” :) Thanks for sharing a great idea.

    2. The tooth-fairy alarm idea is BRILLIANT. Our tooth fairy is almost always late — super busy with some dental emergency somewhere half-way around the globe. (P.S. The book ‘Silverlicious’ from the ‘Pinkalicious’ series is a great help in selling that one.)

    3. I have loved that DIY Guess Who for a while…I think I missed the window for my own kiddos, but hoping they can help to create one for their cousins this summer! Everyone in our family looks alike though, so it will be a challenging game!

    4. Heard you on Jamie’s podcast and just loved your message. Can’t wait for next weeks and my new paperworks order! Love your blog, I think I’ll be on here all day. HA!

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