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caught my eye


    These are the things around the internet that have recently caught my eye:

    Dreamy bedroom by Vintage Whites


    Don’t all those textures make you want to curl up on that bed with a good book?! The rest of the room is so pretty, too.

    Tory Burch Fitbit leather wrap bracelet


    A bunch of friends and family wear fitbits and have this little club online where they compare steps and I’m getting FOMO. The one thing holding me back from jumping on the fitbit bandwagon is how bulky and not-cute they are.  This wrap bracelet is the perfect solution. You just pop in the device and wear it like a regular bracelet. Kinda spendy … but maybe for my birthday?

    Every Painting by Emily Jeffords


    Emily is a new-to-be artist (I found her on instagram @emily_jeffords) and find her paintings to be so fresh and peaceful.

    SeeKateSew one-hour hexagon quilt


    I’ve never made a quilt before and this one makes it super easy for the beginner (spoiler: there’s no quilting pieces! Instead, you use predesigned fabric from spoonflower).  I especially love the combination of the aqua and plus-sign sheets (from Target. I have them on my bed.)

    Guest Bath Makeover by Jenna Sue Designs

    You should see the before. It makes this perfectly fabulous bathroom even more impressive. The tile, the mirror, the faucet … all of it is so good.


    All of these are recent pins.


    p.s. I’m thinking I’ll make this a regular post. I’m always finding gorgeous things/images/ideas online and this will be a fun way to share them!

    6 thoughts on “caught my eye”

      1. Isn’t it great? This one is not from our house, so I’m not sure on the colors, but click through with the link and maybe they have sources at the end of the post. Good luck!

    1. My day starts with your blog! its a pretty way to start the day I love your style and this is a great idea for a regular post, thank you for sharing your design style,sincerely ,karen

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