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a fancy party {audrey turns three}

    Our little darling turned three last week and we threw her a fancy party.

    {the invites as seen here}


    The theme was a mix of fancy/glitter/crowns/gold/silver/girly/ruffles/polkadots.
    How’s that for a concise theme?


    The table was set with a ruffled tablecloth {made painstakingly by me}, place setting paper placemats {from here}, silver vessels filled with inexpensive carnations, and a homemade cake on my favorite beaded silver cake plate. It turned out fancy and pretty without being over-the-top.


    We served tea sandwiches, fruit, sparkly lemonade and the cutest sugar cookies in the shape of a crown for dessert.






    The birthday girl had the best time at her little party. I think she felt pretty special.


    and we loved celebrating our sweet Audrey.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Want to see what happened after the guests left?


    Atlas felt left out and decided to help himself to the cake. Bad puppy.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Coming up this week … a few tutorials for projects seen at the party.

    57 thoughts on “a fancy party {audrey turns three}”

    1. What a cheeky little bugger Atlas is! But what a cute puppy, how could you stay mad at him?

      By the way, thank you for your blog. It’s keep my occupied whilst its slow at work. I’m all the way in Australia! So lucky that I found your blog on pinterest! Isn’t that the best place ever!

    2. Gorgeous Party! I love the gold pompoms, place mats and all the little details. What a bad bad puppy! But, I bet your daughter had a magical day. My little one just turned 3 and the years go by too fast!

    3. Is it too self-absorbed that I want to throw this party for myself in April?!?

      Can you share the font you used on the invitation?

      I agree with an earlier comment – I LOVE that you did a princess party without a licensed character, allowing your sweet girl the chance to be the real princess.

      Just seeing the details of this party is uplifting. Thanks!

    4. Absolutely perfect!!!!!! I think this is the perfect party for a little girl…. job well done, momma and happy 3rd birthday to your sweet girl!! I’m sure she felt so loved on her special day!

    5. I LOVE the picture of y’all looking at each other and smiling! It’s perfect, and it’s just filled with happiness…pure happiness.

    6. Gorgeous party! Too funny about Atlas! I can’t wait for you to share your upcoming project tutorials. I just did your front door house number tutorial over the weekend and it turned out great.

      We’re actually gearing up for our last baby’s baptism in about six weeks and I’m wondering if you can share where you got the bar stools for your kitchen from. We moved to a new house not that long ago and are having trouble crossing barstools off the list and it looks like yours might be just what we’re looking for.

    7. What a beautiful celebration for your little girl. She is so sweet! I love her “party headpiece.” Once again, a job well done by her loving mum! Thanks for sharing.

    8. Was just wondering how many parties you have. Do u have a separate party for family, then another for school friends and family friends? Love all the details, fun!

      1. It depends on the kid and age. This year we had a family party and friend party for Audrey. Our son had three separate events – one on his actual day, a friend party and a family party. Only his friend party had games and decorations. The others are low-key.

      1. Thank you Laura and Emily! We’re so glad you’re fans. We should have a new website up and running soon, you’ll have to check out all of our new products!

    9. Hello Emily. I love your beautiful sense of style, your wonderful sense of humour, and, most especially, the way you love your life. Happy Birthday Audrey.

    10. Here’s hoping those tutorials include how you made that stunning table cloth! REALLY would love to learn how to do that :) How’s that for subtle!?!

      1. very :)
        Unfortunately I took photos and then deleted them accidentally. It made me very mad. For a long time. So, alas, no real tutorial on that one. I’ll post something about it though.

    11. I am so glad one of our customers sent us your link! I work for the company that makes the Perfect Setting placemats. You did such a great job, everything looks so precious!

    12. I love every glittery crowned detail especially because it’s ‘themed” without being licensed. i cannot really tolerate Disney themed princess parties. I wonder if you feel similar? I like to inspire imagination not imitation and some of the Disney princesses bug me.
      One final note: your restraint in grabbing the camera instead of screaming at the dog amazes me. turns out we are made entirely differently.

    13. Love it — from beginning to end! Especially the end! lol Audrey is adorable — brings back such wonderful memories of our 3 daughters and all the birthday parties we celebrated!

    14. What an amazing party you gave to your daughter. Loved it and all the little details. Also, a job well done on the tablecloth, I laughed at your comment, pain stakingly, I made two 12′ ruffled table clothes two years ago for an Easter party and totally identified with that comment. Love your talent!

    15. Looks amazing. Your attention to detail is spectacular! And, of course Atlas deserved a piece of cake. You silly human, why didn’t you serve it to him along with the others?! ;)

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