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summer is dwindling down, but there are things to do

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    This handsome dude is starting kindergarten in just a few weeks.

    He keeps having bad dreams about having to ‘sit on the wall’ or go to the principal’s office and he worries that his teacher will ask him to do things he can’t yet do. To say he is nervous about starting school is a huge understatement. Bless his sweet little heart.  He will do so well in school, but I’m still feeling emotional about my baby leaving home.  I don’t even want to think about the tears that will fall on the first day of school :

    Until then, we are focusing on enjoying the last weeks of summer.  I had high hopes of finishing a bunch of projects around the house and here we are with little time left and not one of those projects even started.  So I figured I could at least put a list together and see if making it public can keep me motivated. So here it is:

    summer to do

    Need a to do list too? You can download the template, print and fill in your list.


    {click image to download}

    Here’s to making the most of the rest of the summer :

    30 thoughts on “summer is dwindling down, but there are things to do”

    1. Hi there!

      Love your “to~do list! I may have to share on my blog because it is such a darn good idea. :) I will of course plug your wonderful blog and add your button! Thanks!

    2. I am an elementary teacher and I can tell you that every parent (and teacher) are nervous about the first day of school!!! My summer actually ended on Monday (getting things ready for the kiddos)!! I am so inspired by all that you do and help us learn!!! Keep up the good work, you have no idea how many people you touch each and every day!!!


    3. Thanks for the template Emily! Love that it coordinates with the August PDFs. It pulled up fine on my screen but I was wondering…Is there a way to further customize it by converting from a read only pdf? I wanted to add the kids’ names and the year and type in my to do’s rather than handwrite?

    4. Firstly, what a cutie pie! I don’t have kids, but I can imagine how tough it is to see them off on their first day of Kindergarten. He’ll do great, I’m sure. Secondly, I love the things you have planned to do with your kids before school starts. Bowling, aquarium visit, drive-in movie! Sounds like great fun. Can I come along?

    5. Silly question here. I noticed shampoo carpets is on your list. Do you rent a carpet cleaner, own one or have someone else do it. Mine are in bad need, and I thought I might ask someone who might know what is best, since you do such a great job at so many other things.

    6. Dont just see The Help, read it 1st. And if you are super busy with your kiddos and cant, listen to the audio book prior. Its fantastic. I read a book almost weekly, and this one is so well written, and def. worth a quick read/listen prior. ;)

    7. You said that you wanted to go bowling with the kiddos… this weekend there is a bowling fundraiser for my little niece who has been in the ICU at Harborview for 37 days. She was badly burned on July 2nd. Here is her story. You can have fun and also teacher your kiddos about helping others!

      Here is the information on the bowling.

      Hiline Lanes in Burien
      Saturday, August 13 · 1:00pm – 4:00pm
      David Graff has set up a fun way to raise money for the Addison Strode Medical Fund. He wants to fill all lanes.

      Check in will be at 12:15, we are asking a min donation of $20 per person. There is room for the first 140 people. You will be bowling 3/4 games + shoes are included. Hiline Lanes has multiple arcade games for the kids and also the Restaurant will be open.

      Please contact David Graff with more details of this e.vent. Thank you. or 206-854-1072.

      If you’d like more information on how to help this family please let me know!

      Love your site!

    8. oh goodness. that boy of yours is a heartbreaker!!! Mommy’s heart first, right? I will be thinking of you and praying for you as you enter this new chapter!!
      {thanks for the printable list. you are always thinking of us!}

    9. Oh no I am sad number two is scared about starting school. Wish Ian could be there with him. And speaking of – Ian is dying to get home and see his buddy – see you on Thursday.

    10. Thank you for the beautiful printable list….and OH MY WORD that boy is so darling. I am sort of almost in tears for you at the prospect of the boy going to school. What a handsome little man. :)

    11. Such a sweet picture of your little guy! I wrote a free ebook on kindergarten readiness. (I’m a kindergarten teacher.) It’s available on both of my blogs, if you’re interested.

      Enjoy the rest of your summer!


    12. Your list for yourself looks about like mine. Hair cut and see The Help are on my google calendar sidebar “to do list.” Additionally, I want to get a pedicure for our beach vacation yet to come as well! :)

    13. I’m in the same boat- lots of stuff I wanted to do and snap it’s the middle of august. I have a dbl whammy my littlest is starting K, and the two older starting a new private school. So to say everyone is nervous (( including mommy)) is an understatement.

    14. Two things:
      First of all, your blog sends me to La La Land where I find peace and comfort.
      Second of all, I feel encouraged that I am not the only one with house projects to work on. My husband and I purchased a fixer-upper a year ago and only yesterday did we finally install ceiling fans. Yikes!
      Ok, I have three things: Third of all, I have been meaning to write down my End of Summer list today and this fits the bill perfectly! Thank you and blessings!

    15. Thank you!…..when you give a printable, I feel like it’s Christmas! I am in love with your work, keep up the excellent job:)

    16. your little guy is so sweet. i’m about to start teaching kindergarten at a new school this year and it doesn’t matter how many years i’ve taught, i still get so nervous! i’m about to make myself sick right now so this is a good reminder that everyone’s feeling the same way :)

    17. Hey Emily! I’m not sure if it’s just me or if everyone is having trouble but none of your pictures or list/template is showing up, only text.
      My oldest is starting school in less than 2 weeks, for the most part he’s ok but every now and then he gets nervous. I’m sure there will be more tears shed from me than him!


    18. Ugh, what does a mother do when she sends her little ones to school?! My babe is only 9 months, and I’m already dreading the day school starts! All that to say, is I feel your ‘growing pains’.

      I’m loving the idea of the to-do list, but am also having some troubles getting it. Oh, hum-bug. :)

    19. summer has just flown by this year :( i also have so much that still needs to be done. i would also love the to do list but it shows up as an error or something and will not allow to print and i cant even see the image! my sweet little Keaton starts junior kindergarten in September (we live in Canada, so i dont know if they have that in the states) and she is only 3! but because she turns 4 this winter, she has to go. she is also nervous…..but excited too…..and worried about the principals office lol. i think i will cry on the first day of school, as i bet most moms do.

    20. good morning emily! i too cant believe summer is almost over! i am about to experience empty nest syndrome because my baby is starting kindergarten
      too:( i gave up on my to do list until school starts! i need something to do while my babes are in school!
      i just did a post on some sweet custom backpacks that i think you would love! stop by for a visit!

    21. There are so many things I still want to accomplish before the end of summer! We had much larger plans for our backyard, but my husband separated his shoulder mid-June, so that put a hold on most of those projects, but we’re about to be ready to start them back up :)

    22. I can’t believe summer is almost over. I’d love to see the to-do list printable, but nothing shows up on my computer screen when I click on it…

    23. I’m finding myself in the same fix – esp. with painting projects that really ought to be done while it’s nice and warm. A list for accountability is a superb idea. There is still time!

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