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25 favorite fonts

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    I like fonts. I suppose that makes sense as I do design things that require the use of them.  I’ve put together a list of my favorite ones – the fonts I use most often – and thought I’d share them.  There are so many amazing fonts available, but most of what I use either came with my computer or were downloaded for free {I’m a little cheap like that}.  By clicking on each font name below you will be directed to its source where you can either download or purchase.  Enjoy!

    2peas old type

    18th century

    1942 report

    a font with serifs

    albemarle swash














    little days

    nelly script

    oldstyle italic

    pea lovey dovey

    pea quinny


    sketch block


    What good is a downloaded font if you don’t know how to install it? So here is a quick tutorial on how to add a font.  Keep in mind I am working on a PC, so there may be variations on a mac {if this tutorial doesn’t work for your set-up, I’m sure there are others you could find by googling ‘installing a font’}.


    Select the font you wish to download and click the download button.


    Click OK to open with the default program.shot 4

    It will automatically pop up. Now you need to export the file {extract}, so click on that button.

    shot 5

    You can decide where you want the font to open up {I chose my desktop} then click ok.

    shot 1

    When I go to my desktop, there it is.


    Now open up your control panel, and then your font folder.

    shot 2

    Now drag and drop the new font into the font folder.

    shot 3

    Now you can use the font. I opened up a word document, selected the font tab and found my new font in the list.



    140 thoughts on “25 favorite fonts”

    1. FYI: The two peas old type font links to a blank page and I tried to search that site but found nothing about this font. Any substitutes that are similar styles you can recommend?

    2. Did you happen to make the flowers that are pictured on your desktop?? If so, do you have a tutorial for those??


    3. How wonderfully clever you are ! How I love your font choices !
      I’m going to bookmark this page to use when one of my BRAINY creative friends is here to guide me through it all…….you just would NOT believe how ‘cyber dim’ I am……really ! x

    4. Thank you for sharing these fonts/links!
      Quick question . . . albermarle swash is no longer available on the link you provided. Do you have another site or font that looks similar?

    5. This is awesome!! I am so excited to have found this! But I have a question, will programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator automatically have these fonts uploaded to them if I download them to the computer using the method you gave above?

    6. THANK YOU for explaining with pictures! I just spent the last day searching through my computer’s help section and google trying to upload a new font with no success. I came to your blog and five minutes later my new font is working..THANK YOU!!!

    7. Thanks so much for sharing these! I can’t wait to put some of them to use! :) Also, thanks for the tips on installing them–so helpful of you!

    8. Ooh, I’m such a typography nut. I love letterpress, type, and typefaces. Typography has been one of my favorite Graphic Design courses in school.
      I’ve been wondering what typeface you use in your ‘glory’ art print. Would you mind sharing? I think it’s beautiful :) Thanks for this awesome post and all your suggested fonts :)

    9. Hello – so excited to try these fonts, but I’m having troubles. What do I do if I don’t get the “Click OK to open with the default program” pop-up box? Mine is just saying “Open” or “Save” and then whenever I try to drag it into my fonts in the Control Panel I am getting an error. Help!! By the way, thanks so much for your lovely blog – I absolutely love it!

    10. Emily, I just wanted you to know I reference this post all the time. Thank you so much. I have used it to get directions on how to download, but also to have a glance at ideas of beautiful and current fonts.

    11. What a doll you are to share…and all in one easy place with links. These are some of my favorites too! I’ve got a few other favorites, but warning…they aren’t cheap: Adios Script and Compendium. (Oh my goodness, how I LOVE Compendium with all of it’s calligraphic swashes!). The font addiction can get expensive! But good designers deserve to be compensated for their art.

      Blessings to you, Emily!

    12. thank you so much for the info. I have been trying for awhile now to do this on my own, and haven’t been able to make it work. Your awesome, thanks for sharing. Love you blog.

    13. This was SO helpful! I stumbled across this page after spending hours trying to figure out how to get new fonts to work in Microsoft Word and having no luck… it was so easy to understand! Thank you!

    14. you are too kind. I love fonts and most of them were free. Even better! Thank you for always taking the time to explain things, share your ideas and most importantly share your faith in Jesus Christ. You do allow Him to shine through your transparency and honesty in your post!

    15. thanks for this…i have been bored with my fonts and this is just what I needed….on another note…did you make the flowers in the picture on your desktop?They are darling! Tutorial in the future? :)

    16. Hi! I am friends with Jen Jones (we were roommates in college:) and she showed my friends and I your blog. I LOVE it. We are making a small event/party hostess company and blog right now. And i love the fonts you shared. so Cute!

    17. What font do you use on your blog title? It looks a lot like the Nelly Flourish, but it seems like the “flourish” is on the lowercase letters on that one. Also… what about the font you used on the “love letters” in the previous post?

      Love your blog!!

    18. love fonts too! i work at an embroidery shop, so i’m always trying to find new fonts that will work good for embroidery. i have loved “circus”, but i feel like it is a little over-used these days. but, LOVE the PEA LOVEY DOVEY font. precious!

    19. thank you so much! i had most of these fonts before my hard drive crashed and when i lost them i just never tried to hunt down where i downloaded them from. thanks to you i have some of the good ones back!

    20. Emily-Thank you so much for sharing these. I always love all of the fonts you use. Thanks also for sharing the tutorial. But, thanks must of all for your beautiful, Wonderful, and MARVELOUS blog.

    21. Thanks so much for sharing these fonts! I downloaded almost all of them! You’ve been inspiring me in the past few months and I’ve done a bunch of projects using your tutorials which have been super-helpful! Thanks again!

    22. Hi Emily, Thank you so much for this! What might seem to others an obviously easy thing to do, wasn’t for me, so I’m SOO excited to be able to do this now!! I am the “publisher” of our Church Bulletin, and I’m thinking I may be able to use these new beautiful fonts now. Yeah!

    23. Thanks so much! Love the fonts and now I know how to download! Question…the picture on your desktop…what is that? Are those flower pins? Where can I get one?

    24. Thanks for sharing. My sister and I often e-mail each other about fonts we have found or are inspired by … kinda dorky, but that’s what sisters are for. We like the website It has fresh, hip fonts, and all are free. Plus there are categories on the right side of the page to help you find what you’re looking for (handrawn, script, sans serif, novelty, etc). You can even do a “test drive” on each font page… it’s like seeing your name in lights!

      Just a hunch, but I bet you would like Mountains of Christmas:

      Thanks again!

    25. Thanks so much for sharing those are great fonts. I do a lot of scrapbooking and am always looking for a fun font to use for my boys books.

    26. Wow, what a great thing to share. There was a tv show on recently with a little nine or ten year old boy that dreamed of sharing his favorite font with his valentine(as part of his perfect date.) I don’t know what show it was-not one I usually watch, I just happened to that night. This post made me think of it. It was too funny. Love the step by step today-thank you!!

    27. Ahhh! I am so thankful for this post! I am familiar with quite a few of these fonts, as I love to work with them, but there are a couple that I have been dieing to find!!!

    28. I also love fonts! Have you seen the children’s book Alphabeasties? I think you’d love it! There’s even a special word for people who love fonts but I’ve forgotten it and as soon as my little wakes up from naptime I’ll tell you what it is. You know, since that is what we are. : )

    29. I might have just spent like two hours downloading fonts. I easily have 1000 on my computer. It’s turning into a problem…thank you for inspiring me to download a few more and for sharing your favorites!

    30. Cool! The crazy thing is, I’ve already downloaded all of these at one time or another, thanks for the tutorial… next time a friend asks how i download font’s I’ll direct them here :D

    31. That Clemntine one has been my favorite lately too!
      Others I have downloadd for free from dafont…..
      L’Olivier, Hand Times, Aria Pencil Roman, and English Essay. I LOVE finding new fun fonts!

    32. Love these- thanks for sharing! My 6 yr old was just showing me what she’s learned about microsoft word last night and chaning fonts, colors and sizes. She’ll love some of these newbies!!

    33. Emily~ I’m a lil font-happy! Seriously, a good font makes my entire day! (Nerdy, yes. But I don’t even care.) Thank you for sharing these– it’s love at first type.

    34. awesome! I seriously LOVE fonts! I have been debating whether to purchase that Nelly font ever since you posted it a few weeks ago. Love that one! Thanks so much for sharing your faves – always great to find new fonts :)

    35. Thank you for sharing. I’ve been wanting some new fonts. Do you know how to remove fonts that you don’t use? I accidentally downloaded too many in my last attempt to update my fonts.

    36. Did you know that with the clementine font, “To make this font display correctly — that is, with the beginnings and ends of each word closed — you must begin each word with a capital letter and end each word with the symbol ^. (There are two irregularities: W & V. If a word contains a W, you must end the preceding letter with a ^. If a word contains a V, you must end the preceding letter with a ^ and capitalize the letter following the V.)” I like this font but liked it much better after learning this little tip! Dafont is my go-to for free fonts. After I found it I spent about two days downloading. So fun!!

    37. You are fantastic! Thanks, lady!

      Funny story (well, it wasn’t funny at the time!) – a couple years ago, I letterpress printed some invitations for a couple using the 1942 Report font. I forgot that font has a little bit of shadow to it and thought my press was totally screwed up, did all this trouble-shooting, spent hours tinkering…and then I realized, oh ya – it’s supposed to look like that! So I kinda hate/love that font. It took two years off my life!

    38. I’m in the same boat as Faith. I downloaded a couple of free fonts, but don’t know how to access them to be able to use them? Please help!!

    39. Oh these are amazing!!! But, ok, can someone help a girl out…this is all new to me. How do you actually use these suckers?! (I already downloaded a free one…no idea what to do now).

    40. Emily, this is the BESTESTTTTTT gift I have recieved!!! I LOOOVVVEE all the fonts you put up!!! Oh, MY! I am downloading all the ones I don’t have (and you made me look at fonts I DO have in a new light and appreciation! Thank you sooooooooooo much!

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