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art from art (woodland animals + templates)


    Today I’m joining in on a fun ‘think outside of the box’ challenge so if you’re here from Perfectly Imperfect, welcome!

    My blog friends Jamin and Ashley published three awesome books filled with removable 8×10 art prints. The idea is brilliant and makes switching out art affordable and so, so easy.  The art work is all great, but no one can hang all of it in their homes, so they challenged a group of bloggers to come up with other creative uses for the artwork – the only request was that we could not place them in a frame (which I sort of cheated on …).


    I was inspired to use the pretty paintings to create these cutie royal woodland animals. I call it making art from art.


    They were so simple to make (and I even have templates for you so you can make them too!).


    // SUPPLIES //


    template (download below) / art work / scissors / glue stick / piece of thick paper cut to 8×10

    // STEPS //


    1. cut out template pieces

    2. trace shapes onto art with desired colors

    3. cut out pattern pieces

    4. glue stick in place

    5. cut crown from glittery paper (gift wrap from here)

    Once your animal is finished, pop it in a frame (that’s where I cheated) and hang.


    Audrey loves the little fox!


    Here he is up close:


    And the deer:   deer-art-close

    And handsome owl:  owl-art-close

    Aren’t those cute?! I love how they turned out. I taped them up to the pin board in my office, but they will probably end up in Audrey’s room as part of her art wall. They would be cute in a nursery or child’s room and also a fun project to do with kids. You could use scrapbook paper, book pages, old magazines or, of course, Jamin & Ashley’s art books.


    Click the image above for the free template, or you can log in to THE ARCHIVE and find it in the template section.

    36 thoughts on “art from art (woodland animals + templates)”

    1. Stumbled onto your blog. Simply adore your posts. You made the projects look so easy. Will definitely give it a try. It would a perfect gift for a little one.

    2. Love this idea! I want to order the art books so I can make these cute animals for my kids’ playroom. Quick question – did all the paper you used come from the “Art for the Traditional Home” book? Thanks!


    3. Hi! I just finished up the animals! I did one each evening. :) I have a toddler, so. Anyway, these guys are pretty big – don’t think they can fit inside anything smaller than an 8×10. But I LOVE the three in one you have with that gold frame. From the picture it’s hard to tell if it is a frame at all? Can you tell me more about it? Thanks!

    4. oh, these are sooooo beautiful – so well designed! Reminded me of my first days back in design college… Very refreshing just to look at them! Thank you for the templates Emily!

      Are you sure you’ re not a graphic designer? Seems to me you’d bring a very nice fresh breeze in the industry…

    5. I love your project…but I love your dwell in Ashley and Jamin’s book even more. I wanted to use it…but it was way too pretty to cut up. :)

      Happy day friend!

    6. What a fabulous, creative and amazing idea… thanks for sharing! You, by the way, are fabulous, creative and amazing, too!
      G Woolwine
      Katy, TX

    7. Emily, I just love your style. I can look at an images and instantly know where it is from! I can’t wait to make these, too. I love the way painted tissue paper looks in projects like this, so I think that is what I will try!

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