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autumn flower pin {tutorial}

    A few weeks ago as I was setting out our outfits for my cousin’s wedding, I threw together a flower pin to embellish Audrey’s outfit.  I needed something fallish and green to help her coordinate with the rest of the family. I know, I am a dork like that.  But I was really pleased with the pretty pin that resulted and so I’m happy to share my how-tos with you today.

    autumn flower pin

    Here’s what you’ll need:


    :: medium rick rack

    :: piece of silk {approximately 2 inches x 10 inches}

    :: velvet ribbon

    :: green felt

    :: feathers

    :: scissors, hot glue gun, pin back

    Let’s start with the sweet little rick rack flower.  I saw this over here, pinned it on my ‘things to make’ board and actually gave it a try.  You can read the original tutorial here, or my version is below.

    STEP ONE: cut two pieces of rick rack to desired size {15 inches produced a 1 1/4 inch rosette}

    rick rack

    STEP TWO: glue the two pieces together at one end


    STEP THREE: wind the two pieces together


    It gets a little twisty : but don’t worry.  It is helpful to add a dab of glue to the end to keep it together.

    STEP THREE: coil


    Beginning at one end, tightly coil the rick rack, straightening as you go. If you’d like, add a dab of glue every once in a while to keep it together. To finish, tuck the end pieces under and glue into place.

    This is what you’ll end up with:


    STEP FOUR: fluff the rosette


    Gently bend a few outer pieces outward. Again, you can glue into place if you wish.  Isn’t it cute?!

    On to the next flower. I’ll call it the ruffle flower.

    STEP ONE: ruffle a strip of silk


    Cut a piece of silk {approximately 2 inches x 10 inches} and stitch a long stitch along the bottom. Pull the threads to tighten the ruffle.

    STEP TWO: spiral the ruffle so that the ends overlap and the center is tight


    STEP THREE: cut scallops


    STEP FOUR: bunch up the center and secure with a thread wrapped around several times


    This is what you’ll end up with:


    STEP FIVE: embellish the center


    Put a drop of fabric glue into the center of the flower, then add a few golden seed beads {I initially tried this with hot glue and the beads didn’t stick. Just FYI}.


    Now for the leaves.

    STEP ONE: cut out a circle {for the back of the pin} and two leaf shapes from the felt


    STEP TWO: burn the edges {carefully!}


    STEP THREE: accordion fold and secure to create dimension


    To create the ribbon loops, simply loop a piece of velvet ribbon {or ribbon of your choice} and secure with hot glue.


    Okay, now to assemble the pin.

    First glue on the ruffle flower.


    Then add the rick rack rosette.


    Glue in the ribbon loops


    and the leaves


    then poke in a few feathers and secure with hot glue. 


    P.S. these feathers came from real life birds that my friend’s husband hunted. I have a whole bag of them that he plucked, cleaned and saved for me. They are really cool, but sort of creepy. I’m sure the feathers you get at craft stores come from real birds too, but I never put much thought into it. It’s like eating an egg straight from a chicken versus buying them at the grocery store. Same thing, but a whole different mental picture. Random tangent of the day.

    Now add a pin to the back and you are finished.


    And that is my autumn flower pin. I kept one for Audrey and the other is part of this month’s giveaway.

    I know this looks like a lot of steps and maybe a little complicated, but it really quite simple. You could get really creative with adding different ribbons, a few rosettes, sparkly beads on wire : have fun with it!

    22 thoughts on “autumn flower pin {tutorial}”

    1. Oh, I loved this when you first showed it and was sooo happy when you did your tutorial! I tried it myself and did a post about it with a link back to you, so a big thank you for this inspiration.

    2. First of all, I LOVE your blog and all your products, you are so talented. I have been scanning your site for weeks now trying to find the post that you mentioned what camera it is you use. I’m pregnant with my first baby and want to invest in a a good DSLR but without breaking the bank and since your pictures are always so pretty I thought I would ask what camera and lenses you use? Thanks so much!


    3. Beautiful! I’m gonna make one for my daughter and daughter-in-law this weekend! Thanks for your easy, step by step instructions.

    4. What a pretty combo! I did one of those ric rac flowers on my last layout for May Arts- I was going to do a tutorial too! They are so fun!!
      (and I REALLY hear what you mean on the bird feathers!)

    5. I really like it…you are so good! I am just wishing to see a pic of your daughter with it on the outfit…got a fall wedding next week, and am making flowers for the dresses, for the shoes, etc. all because of your inspirations!

    6. Oh, Emily – HOW I WISH you would make these to sell! They would go in a heartbeat! We made your felt flower pins to give as Christmas pins last year – loved them! God has SOOOOOOOO gifted you, lady! Recieve the love and encouragment!

    7. This is so cute! Can you tell us where you find your velvet ribbon? I’ve been looking in stores for it since last Christmas and all I can ever find is the really wide kind.

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