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book page pumpkins

    Because I am completely not over the book page thing

    and because it is the world’s easiest way to add autumn style to inexpensive plasticky pumpkins {and gourds}

    I present you with a very simple, very kid-friendly, very un-original tutorial:

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    :: small faux pumpkins {I bought a bag of six for $8 at the craft store}

    :: mod podge

    :: book pages {the thinner the paper the better}

    :: paint brushes & paper plate for the glue

    STEP ONE: brush on some glue

    STEP TWO: press paper to adhere

    This is where having very thin paper comes in handy. Press the page into the creases of the pumpkin and cover with a coat of glue.

    STEP THREE: keep adding paper until completely covered

    STEP FOUR: let dry completely. The pages will look transparent when wet, but will dry opaque. No need for second coats.

    Once dry, they make festive {yet neutral} fall decorations.

    So grab a bag of pumpkins, tear up an old book, gather around a table with a friend or a kid and glue away. It’s pretty fun.

    15 thoughts on “book page pumpkins”

    1. As soon as I saw this post, I knew I had to try it. I bought three larger pumpkins of various sizes, an old book from salvation army and went to town! However, I ran into problems early on. I though I would be clever and use a full page at a time and it would be done so quickly! Wrong. It was so hard to get the pages (and they were thin pages) to crease properly into the grooves. I started using smaller strips, which helped, but it was still sooo messy trying to smooth everything onto the pumpkin. I left my pumpkin half done for weeks. I returned today with a new idea and it worked! First, I soaked the pages in water for about 15 min. I took them out, patted them dry and THEN did the mod podge. Also, I used smaller strips that were easy to tear to fit the spaces I needed to fill. It’s drying now, but so far it looks great!

    2. What a great idea! I will have to do this with my son. Do you mind sharing what font you used in the third picture for the word ‘pumpkin’? Thanks for sharing!

    3. all your book page projects always turn out so awesome, it’s easy to see why you’re not over it… and possibly never will be! thanks for all the great ideas and easy tutorials ;)

    4. While I absolutely LOVE this idea, I’m really struggling with the concept of tearing out the pages from books (especially when I saw the Coleridge poem…). Mega dilemma! :-)

      1. I *think* I’ve found a solution to your (and my dilemma) of not having a destructible book…photocopy the text!! Pick your favorite…for me it would be the dictionary; I love definitions–perhaps even something related to Autumn such as “gratitude” or “thankful” PLUS you can print on as thin of paper as desired. My only question, “will the ink run?”….I’ve yet to try it, but the inspiration just came to me while on vacation…need to get the laundry done first. Uck!

    5. i did these too, but used pages that had type pretty much all over them. i cut the fake stem off and stuck a stick in the hole, and i hot glued a glob of dried grass stuff on the top to cover up the raw edges around the stem.

    6. These book pumpkins are just lovely! I’ve recently just started playing with Mod Podge and find it’s as fantastic as everyone says it is… thank you for sharing this project, I can’t wait to try it ;)

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