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share your project {book page wreaths}

    Of all the projects I’ve done, I’m pretty sure the book page wreath is my favorite.

    Old book pages + ruffly texture is pure prettiness.




    Nonna took the idea and ran with it {as she so effortlessly does} and created a few new styles of book page wreaths.







    All of these fabulous ideas got me thinking :

    wouldn’t it be fun to see what other creative ladies have made from the tutorials I’ve posted?

    So I’m starting a new feature called

    share your project[4]

    We’ll start with book page wreaths. If you have made one that you’d like to share, please link up.


    1. link directly to your post {not just your blog}

    2. add the ‘share your project’ link button to your post {copy & paste}

    I can’t wait to see what you’ve made

    {please only share your book page wreath today … I’ll do ‘share your project’ posts on the other projects in the weeks to come}

    20 thoughts on “share your project {book page wreaths}”

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    2. I LOVE that idea! It will be neat to see everyones take one your projects. I am in the process of making a book wreath. I have already done the book canvas and have blogged about it!

    3. Ooooh…I love book wreaths and your ‘share your project’ linky makes me want to run home and get mine done! The examples are beauties…you’re right…they’re worthy of staying up much past the holidays!

    4. Ooops…I just came back to this and realized that we were suppose to link up WREATH instructions. I thought it was ANY instructions. My apologies.

    5. I can’t find the html code for the “share your project” button. I am guessing it is very obvious but I am technologically challenged and can’t find it! Can anyone help me figure out how to add the button to my post? Thanks!

    6. the wreath is my fav too! I just made one last week , of course posting it is another story. Hopefully I’ll get to that this week. then I’ll be sure to link up. {I also made some flower pins thanks to your toots.} Linking up soon…-denise

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