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Covered Journal / a simple diy with Audrey

    Covered Journal / a simple diy to do with kids

    My go-to when my kids have nothing to do is to suggest crafts. This very simple covered journal was one such attempt to occupy a certain 5 year old who needed a productive activity (and probably some one-on-one mom time, too). Audrey is all about having her own notebook to write or draw in, so even though I wasn’t planning on using the sketchbooks for this, it was a fun 15 minute project to do with my girl.

    A real quick note about the notebook: I found these at Aaron Brothers frame shop while I was in there for a different project (details to come). These were buy 1 get 2 free so I bought 3 pretty nice quality sketch books for $6. I probably should have bought more! The pages inside are blank and the back has a nice thick cover, but the front was not anything special, so I decided to cover it with pretty paper. I first made one for myself (seen in the photo here) and the next day made a second one with Audrey.



    spiral bound notebook / scrapbook paper / washi tape / scissors / double-stick tape (or glue stick)



    Cut paper 1/2 – 1″ larger than notebook cover on three sides. Any paper will work – I used thick scrapbook paper for this one and nice wrapping paper for the other.



    Add double-sided tape to the edges and center of notebook. If you don’t have double-sided tape or a fancy tape gun like this (which I actually use all the time), you can just use a glue stick.



    Line up the paper along the left margin and press to hold.

    (look at those sweet baby hands)



    On the back side of the cover where the paper is overlapping, notch the corners as shown. This will allow for clean folds.



    Add tape (or glue stick) to sides, fold and press to adhere.



    Finish the edges with coordinating washi tape. Just run a strip along the front, and then finish the edges in the inside as well.


    And then let your little journaler journal away!


    I just adore how she writes her name backwards. I could probably correct her, but I know it won’t last long and she’ll figure it out. So for now, have at it, girl. And also, I find it strange that two out of four of our kids are left-handed. Neither Ryan nor I are.


    So there it is … a super simple embellished journal you can make for yourself or with your kids.

    15 thoughts on “Covered Journal / a simple diy with Audrey”

    1. My 4 year old is a lefty and earlier this year was writing her name backwards too! This summer she started writing it correctly and although I was relieved I kind of miss those little backwards names.

    2. My son has just turned six, and it amazes me that he can do perfect mirror-writing, just like Audrey (most kids that I know write most of the letters the right way round, so it’s just spelt backwards). He’s right-handed, although fairly ambidextrous as he copied me (I’m left-handed) to begin with. He loves doing crafts, particularly ones that this that are ones I would do anyway, rather than ‘just for kids’ type ones. We got a whole lot of small notebooks and decorated them before adding magnets to the back to make shopping lists for all our friends for Christmas.

    3. Hi Emily, love how special you can make simple notebook with such a few touches of love <3
      When I read your daughter spells her name backwards it made me think automatically in Leonardo da Vinci, he used to write like that all the time! you shouldn´t correct her, she is using a different part of the brain and that´s so important!! maybe you could encourage her to go beyond writing her name. School will teach her to do it in the "right" way anyway…. Love all your entries, thank you so much for sharing everything you do. Have a wonderful day!

    4. Perfect little sussing up of that sketchbook. I have the same gun and loved it! I forgot about it because I ran out of refills when the local store stopped carrying it. I will have to look at get refills on Amazon. I highly recommend it too!

    5. It must be a lefty thing, because I’m left handed (only one in my entire family) and my mom tells me I used to write backwards like that when I’d use my left hand, but if I wrote my letters with my right hand, they’d come out correctly. I just preferred my left and so she let me roll with it. It’s sweet you let her do it her way for now, you’re a great mom :)

    6. My Tess is left-handed (the only one in our family) and also writes her name backwards! :) fun diy…thanks for sharing! :)

    7. I love this tutorial and love that you can do it with littler ones! My daughter is left handed and also writes her in a mirror image starting from the right. I think it’s the left handed-ness?!? I wonder if this is common for kids who are just learning to write… :)

    8. Hi Emily,
      It is so cute how Audrey writes her name! My oldest two are lefties also. My second never mirror wrote, but my first did. We homeschool and I had a bear of a time getting her to write things the correct way. An interesting fact: Leonardo Da Vinci was also a lefty, and all of his notebooks are in mirror writing.

    9. Super cute! I’m the only lefty in my whole family and I used to write my name like that too!! She’s the sweetest! :)

    10. This is such a genius idea! I will definitely be doing this soon! I’m a lefty, too, and no one else on either side of my family is/was except for my grandpa on my dad’s side. It’s so funny how that happens!

      Also, at first sight, I totally thought your tape gun was a minion. :)

      Maegan @

    11. What a cute idea…and such fun for your daughter. I recently got an idea from another artist (Carin Winkelman) to create my own “Pinterest” book. I bought a simple school notebook and am going to glue inspirational pictures & photos into it – something tangible to use when I need a pick-me-up, or fresh ideas – even though I have a decent Pinterest collection. I’m planning to do this project with my grandaughters…because they like art too…(especially if glitter is involved). :) Thanks for sharing this with us.

    12. My hubby and I have a 5 year old daughter who’s a lefty also, and neither of us are! Genetics sure are interesting!

    13. So sweet! I think you’ve just given me an idea for a quick project to keep my little girl busy tomorrow. I actually made a few blank spiral-bound notebooks earlier this year (when I made my own planner), so now I can put them to use! Maybe I’ll do a blog post on it too.

      Side note: The writing backwards thing is pretty normal for left handed people. When I was learning to write, it was just so normal for me to go from right to left. My seven year old still catches herself doing it. Also, I remember learning in elementary school that dexterity isn’t inherited, which seems so crazy to me. I’m left handed, as are my two children. Also, my sister & I are left handed, while both of our parents are right handed. Go figure!

    14. I love changing and making something boring to so pretty!

      I’m the oldest of 4 {3 girls and a boy} and my mom is a lefty, dad is a righty, and all my siblings and I are half and half! Also, out of 4 children not a single one of us has the same color eyes! Green, Blue, Brown, and Hazel/Gray. I tried to get my biology teacher to figure out the probability of that in college and it blew her mind!

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