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crepe paper poppies (tutorial)

    Paper flowers are just so pretty. There are many different versions, different materials, different methods and each one is as charming as the next.


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    Yesterday I pulled out my very old crepe paper flower kit that I bought as a college student from a mail-order-catalog called Martha By Mail. Remember that little gem of a business? Loved it. (here’s a fun blog post memorializing the catalogs)


    The kit came with crepe paper, flower templates and a booklet with instructions for several types of flowers.


    Yesterday, I spent some time making poppies and they turned out so pretty, I thought I’d share how you can make them, too.

    Here’s what you’ll need:


    crepe paper / petal template (see below) / floral stem wire / floral tape / scissors / glue

    Let’s talk for a second about crepe paper: you’ll want a few complimentary colors in varying shades. Each flower uses two colors for the petals, plus brown for the stamen and green for the leaves. You can find crepe paper at your craft store, or online here or here.

    STEP ONE // make the pistil & stem


    Roll a piece of crepe paper into a small ball. Place wire at base of ball and wrap it in a square of paper, gathering corners together and twisting down the wire. Wrap with floral tape to hold together.

    STEP TWO // add stamen


    Cut a 1 x 2 strip of brown crepe paper. Fold in half and again. Snip a fine fringe and unfold. Repeat with cream colored crepe paper, making it slightly longer.


    Dab glue on brown fringe and wrap around pistil. Continue with cream fringe.

    STEP THREE // make petals


    Make four double layer petals with peach and cream paper (peach on top).


    Layer one peach petal over one cream petal. Sculpt petals by gently pinching and pulling the top and through center.

    STEP FOUR // Add petals to stem


    Dab glue at base of each petal. Wrap around stem. Add next petal opposite and then fill in with last two.


    Wrap base with floral tape to secure.

    STEP FIVE // add leaf


    Cut leaf out of green crepe paper. Sculpt gently. Attach to stem with floral tape.




    A whole bouquet in varying colors looks so sweet in a little jar.


    I’ll be using a few of these poppies to give to the kids’ teachers for teacher appreciation week next week and as a gift topper for mother’s day gifts this weekend.



    Just one more way to make dainty paper flowers!

    For more flower inspiration, this book is on my must-buy-very-soon list.


    It’s so beautiful. See more details here.

    If you’d like to make a bouquet of poppies, feel free to use my pattern.


    The template for the poppy petal is found in the Archive (our library of downloads, freebies and templates). Please sign in (or sign up!) to the archive for instant access.

    19 thoughts on “crepe paper poppies (tutorial)”

    1. hi emilly…

      these are beautiful!! hoping to make these for a baby “sprinkle” shower i’m throwing next month. i have a question about the weight of the crepe paper…does it matter? is heavy sturdy enough?

      ps…i didn’t know how to thank you for my prints i ordered and received a while back…they are so so pretty. thank you again for custom sizing them to my ikea frames :)

      1. I would imagine that a thicker crepe paper would hold it’s shape better, but use what you can find!

        And I’m so glad you love your prints! Thank you for letting me know :)

    2. These are beautiful! I would love to try to create these! However, I’m not finding the petal template?

    3. These are beautiful! I went to the dollar store to get some supplies and now I am trying to print the template! I logged in to get access to the template but I don’t see it!? Help!

    4. Oh my word – I have the same kit! I loved Martha by Mail… that catalog was my Pinterest DIY board before there ever was such a thing. I still have the lip balm kit too. Thanks for the beautiful reminder!

    5. I am so glad yo resurrected this post. It is lovely and I enjoyed seeing your process.

      I recently made a watercolor paper flower from scratch. I enjoyed it and want to make more. I am going to check out the book. Thanks for the tip. In case you are curious about my watercolor flower you can see/read about my process at this link.

      Keep up the good work—Holly

    6. Emily,

      You have been – without realizing it – such an encouragement to me with this and all your posts. I won’t go on and on here, but thank you so much for sharing your gifts of making things beautiful with all of us “out there”.

      My one question is, surely all these paper things have a certain lifespan what with dust and handling etc. – so how long do you keep them? do you toss them after a certain time or store them somehow? After putting in the effort of making things, I always feel a little lost as to know what to do when their “moment” has passed.

      Thanks, Emily!

      1. Thank you for your kind words!

        I have a bouquet of roses I made over 12 years ago! They are in Audrey’s room – a bit faded and scrunched in places, but still pretty. I think as long as you still love what you created, keep them!

      2. Rachel,

        I have found that spray air like that used to clean a keyboard is very effective at removing dust from paper flowers. Hold the can FAR away from the flower when you spray. This is best done outdoors for obvious reason. With that said I use a much more durable paper than crepe paper. share if you have any links; I would love to see your work. Here is mine


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