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custom artwork for a fun client!


    My favorite HGTV show is Fixer Upper – where the darling couple Chip & Joanna Gaines help a family buy a major fixer-upper and turn it into something jaw dropping. Chip takes on the reno, Joanna works her magic on the design and interiors. She is beautiful and fashionable (I want all of her outfits) and has great farmhouse/cottagy/classic design taste.

    I was asked to create a custom watercolor with Joanna’s design essentials and was beyond excited to see what I could create.


    Joanna’s design essentials are more theory than actual items, so it was a fun challenge to figure out how to draw ideas like balance and texture.


    We worked to come up with great pieces that reflected these ideas and what resulted is a whimsical collection of pretty essentials that would look great in any home.  Joanna runs a shop called Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas as well as a great online shop so we used items from there as our inspiration.

    magnolia-inspiration-watercolormetal basket / stripe pillow / magnolia candle / hanging vase / cake plate


    The prints are being used for promotional purposes, they’ll be slipped into packages and orders and available at Joanna’s big fall workshop.


    Curious about what her design essentials are?

    unique light fixtures
    good faux florals
    personalized details
    pops of color
    architectural pieces

    Love those!


    Such a fun project that I was honored to be part of.

    42 thoughts on “custom artwork for a fun client!”

    1. I agree 100%. Love that show, love how Joanna and Chip interact, love her style, both design and fashion. What a cool opportunity for you!

    2. Love when two of my faves come together! Awesome godly women winning the world over through beautiful creations and sweet spirits! Fun to see you pair up together! You two are world changers!

    3. So excited that you are doing this for them! I love Fixer Upper! Joanna’s style is fantastic, just the way I go with my home. I wish they could come to Washington and fix up a home for me! I hope you get to do more work for her, your styles mesh really well :)

    4. I love the show too. I love your style and it seems to be a great match. So happy for you to be able to expand and show your awesome talents.

    5. I LOVE their show so when I saw your artwork I just had to read on! Thanks for sharing this good news with us! SO SO fun you got to do this and so sweet for them to enjoy your work. WIN WIN!

    6. Nailed it! Before reading anything, I recognized that the painting was in reference to Fixer Upper! I love Fixer Upper! Joanna’s design style is just what I like…besides yours of course ;) You are blessed with a gift and I am so grateful that you share it with us. Umm…is Joanna going to let u share it with your fans?

    7. LOVE their show and the way they demonstrate a Christian marriage. Great job Emily on her essentials/favorites! I imagine you two will become great friends. I just found your fall essentials print from last year when I unpacked my fall decor bin. Your watercolors make me happy! jc
      P.S. Can you convince her to come to the PNW for a visit?

    8. I was just in her shop about 2 weeks ago, and saw those on the counter. I thought it was so weird that they looked just like your drawings. Now I see why.e

    9. love your “essentials” painting for Fixer Upper! I recognized each of the items from their show. They are an amazing couple…their faith, their parenting, their oneness all shows viewers how to fix up all areas of our lives. What a refreshing show! I am proud to be from the same Lone Star State!

    10. That is so awesome!! Congrats! I love them! I also love this print you did! You’re fall one was a hit..all over instagram and pinterest. I was really disappointed when professional bloggers didn’t link back to you :( But we all know your great work!

      1. Thanks for your support Jennifer! I know it goes around without credit, but that’s okay. Glad many are enjoying the art work. I have a new Christmas Essentials print coming soon!

    11. How fun that you got to design for her! I visited her shop in August after The Declare Conference and it was such a delightful place to be. I wanted one of everything. ;) I think you captured the essence of it all very well!

    12. Give a shout out of love to that DYNAMIC duo! They are a delight to watch, down to earth and funny. Plus I LOVE to see what she wears. And Emily, you always brighten my day with your posts! May God bless you to continue to scatter sunshine!

    13. How exciting, that is also my favorite show on HGTV and I think you captured her style beautifully! That round chandelier is a favorite of mine and I recognized it instantly. So happy that you got to work with her and share your creativity together!

    14. You continue to amaze and impress me. You have so much talent and inspiration packed in your beautiful mind. Thank you for always being so generous to share your talents with us….I’m always blown away but everything EMILY!

    15. I adore her style and I love their team work attitude. It doesn’t seemed like a bunch of staged drama like other HGTV shows.Very sweet watercolor.

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