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DIY Seahawks birthday invitations

    If you haven’t gathered this from countless previous posts, let me tell you a not-so-secret secret about me: I am an in the moment kind of girl.  Casting vision, long-term goal-setting, meal planning, scheduling posts – these are not my forte. I’m a night-before, whatever is right in front of my face or on the to-do list today type which mostly works out fine. I like being flexible and I’m pretty good at pulling things together at the last minute.

    Like my son’s birthday party, for example.


    It’s coming up this weekend and we just figured out what we’re doing for his party. It’s been on my radar – just not glaring enough to do anything about it (see? not very forward-thinking). But we’ve come up with a plan (Seahawks watching party!!!), planned out the food (football game snacks, gatorade to drink, chocolate covered s’mores for dessert) and written the guest list. All that’s left are goodie bags (a big deal for a nearly-nine-year-old) and decorations (I’ll figure those out later – see below).

    Oh, and invitations.


    There are countless ways I use graphic design in my everyday, but making my kids’ party invitations ranks at the top of reasons I love knowing my way around Adobe Illustrator.

    First, I like that I’m not limited by what’s available in stores as far as themes go. Any design/colors/motif is possible.

    Second, I prefer an invitation where I don’t have to hand write in the details. By making them myself, I just type it all out which makes them easy to read and less time-consuming for me.

    Third, invitations always set the tone for the party and even if it’s not over-the-top extravagant, it’s nice to put some personal touches into kids’ parties.

    And finally, there’s no need to think weeks ahead (thank goodness!) and spend extra money ordering custom invitations online. All it takes is a little time in front of the computer, a printer and a few pieces of nice paper.


    Now, I’ve been designing invitations for quite some time (see a bunch of examples here), so the process is pretty quick for me. And it can be for you, too. This invitation is a mix of a free printable background (the playbook diagram – so cute!), free kraft paper digital scrapbook paper, and a Seahawk icon copied from the internet. Nothing too fancy! I made the yard line markers/numbers with a font called Stamping Nico (from and the main text is Trend Sans (from The design is simple, but playful and I like that it is seahawk-y/football-y without being obnoxious.  I also like that they were finished in time to give out a few days before the party.


    I know not everyone wants to make their own invitations, so my feelings will not be hurt if you click away at this point …

    * BUT *

    … for those of you who would like to create invitations and stationery and logos, blog graphics, artwork and postcards for your husband’s (or your own!) business, I’d love to help you learn how.


    This past spring I launched a great online class called Simplified Graphic Design teaching beginners how to use Adobe Illustrator. I LOVE THIS CLASS! I love teaching it and answering questions and hearing about how it is helping ladies finally feel confident using a seemingly complicated program to unleash their creativity. The class is made up of several HD video lessons you can watch online. You can go at your own pace and have access to the videos for as long as you’d like (no pressure to hurry through!).

    I teach the most common and practical tools/steps/techniques needed for everyday design and share all of my best resources for fonts, graphics, inspiration and tools.

    If you’ve been wanting to learn a new skill, need a refresher course on Illustrator, or have been dying to know how people make all those awesome graphics, this is totally for YOU!

    >> For all of the details and to register, click here <<

    p.s. space is limited and the class has sold out each time it’s been offered, so be sure to grab your spot.

    p.p.s. I’ll be browsing pinterest for great football party decorating ideas, but if you have any brilliant ideas, I’m all ears …

    30 thoughts on “DIY Seahawks birthday invitations”

    1. Dear Emily,

      May I ask where did you download from the free digital kraft paper? It looks very pretty!
      Many thanks and I LOVE your blog!

    2. Hello Emily. Your blog is full o’ inspiration. I’m interested in the class. Quick question, when does the current class start and also, any idea when the next class will begin. Thanks and have a good weekend.

    3. Ah, Emily, you had me right up to the part where you said Seahawks. As a born-and-bred Niner fan, I shudder…but still love the ideas. :-)

    4. This is such an adorable idea and so well designed for “last minute”, geesh. Question about the card stock. I found some blank “chalkboard” card stock at Hobby Lobby. What type of printer do you use and which white ink would you suggest? Thank you.

    5. Okay, I’m DYING to take your class, but I have an older version of Illustrator. I think I have CS1. Is that way too old to get anything out of the class? If I wasn’t a stay-at-home mama with a full-time student hubby, I’d buy an updated version. And that’s my plan down the road. So if you think I should wait, I will. But if my version isn’t that much different from your version, I’m all in. Also, what version do you have? Thank you!

      1. Each version has some changes and upgrades – probably many from your first version to the one used now – but it should not get in the way of the basic functions of what we do in the class. You may need to search around a little for certain buttons as some have moved, but for the most part, using an older version of Illustrator is just fine!

    6. For the graphic design class, it says “now open.” Is this different that the class we can go at our own pace? Just curious. I’ve been wanting to do your class on illustrator, and was planning on buying it and going at my own pace, but if you’re offering a class with participation, I’ll sign up for that now!

      1. You can definitely go at your own pace. I like to put groups through at the same time just to keep answering questions, but it is fine to go through it as quickly/slowly as you need. Sign up!

    7. SO cute! I googled first of course, but I coudn’t where you got the free playbook background image. Would you care to share? I can think of so many uses for that! Thanks in advance! :)

    8. Such a cute design! love your invitations. my question is what type of printer do you use, or do you outsource the printing? Can never get mine to come out to the quality print that I want.

    9. love those invitations!! i was going to ask you if you’d be interested in whipping up a quick seahawks season schedule with a win/loss line so we could keep track of our seahawks this year. :) love your work!!

    10. I think boys would love to burst through a paper sign like the teams do when they run out on the field. Maybe when you say it is time to cut the cake, they can run outside through it to a table where the cake is served.
      Bottom line – boys like to tear things up :). I have 30+ years experience raising boys so I am an expert.

    11. Love these! Super cute and clean and not obnoxious:) I’m having a Seahawks party for my soon to be 9 year old next month… Where did you find the Seahawks ribbon? So cute for treat bags. Thanks for the fun ideas!

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