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fancy sequin pillow {tutorial}

    This season is filled with shiny sequins. Have you noticed? They’re on sweaters, bags, curtains and pillows.  It’s a trend I’m really liking and have been wanting to add a little bit of sparkle in the form of sequins in our home.


    My aunt was wearing a sequin tank top on Thanksgiving and she gave me the brilliant idea to cut apart a tank and use it to make pillows. Smart, right? So I took her advice and here’s how I did it:



    :: sequin tank top {like this one from Old Navy in size XXL for maximum fabric}

    :: fabric for back {I used an oatmeal colored linen}

    :: pillow form or two {mine are 12×18}

    :: scissors, pins, thread, sewing machine

    STEP ONE: cut apart the tank at the seams


    STEP TWO: fold remaining fabric in half and cut for two equal pieces



    STEP THREE: cut out back material and pin right sides together


    Because the tank is made of stretchy jersey, I pulled slightly to the edges while pinning and sewing

    STEP FOUR: straight stitch pillow making sure to leave an opening in the bottom


    Backstitch several times at each opening to help hold the seams when stuffing with the pillow insert

    STEP FIVE: turn right side out



    The pillow is a little wonky looking on its own, but all straightened out when the pillow form was added.

    STEP SIX: hand stitch close


    The sparkle is so fun!



    If you are new to sewing, making pillows is one of the easiest projects to begin with. Just four straight stitches and you’re done! Plus, if you use inexpensive fabric {like a cut apart tank top} little harm is done if it’s a total flop. But, of course, it won’t be.

    So here’s to fancy sequins and beginner sewing skills.

    Will you be pillow-making this weekend?

    31 thoughts on “fancy sequin pillow {tutorial}”

    1. Hi! I LOVE this tutorial and I never thought about using a shirt – brilliant! Thanks for sharing! I’m wondering what needle you used. I tried adjusting a sequin top a few New Year’s Eves ago and my machine was like, “wwwwhhhhat are you doing to me?” I think I ended up breaking the needle. : / I’d love the advice. :)

    2. This is AWESOME. Love the idea of cutting up the tank. My daughter is turning 5 next month and would absolutely LOVE a pink sequin pillow. Thanks for sharing this.

    3. Perfect timing! I was just in Target last night and saw a beautiful aqua colored sequin tank and thought, I’d love to make this into a pillow. But then I kept on walking since I don’t need another project right now. But you make it look so simple so now I’m headed back to Target!

    4. Seriously SMART! I knew the second I saw the pattern what you used – I just purchased some of those tanks for gifts, and was planning on going back to Old Navy today – I’m totally inspired!

    5. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great idea – great project!! I’ll be checking out the racks, and even the clearance items, next time I’m in Old Navy. Great tip for perfect pillow fabric! :)

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