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free autumn iphone covers

    Autumn is officially here {well, I guess it has been for a few weeks now} which means it’s time to update our iphone covers.


    These pretty fall covers slip in perfectly to a clear iphone case and make it oh so easy to switch it up when the mood strikes.


    A full tutorial is on this diy iphone cover post, but it’s pretty simple: print the free templates on cardstock or photo paper, cut around the edges, cut out a hole for the camera and pop into your clear cover.

    I have created two templates: one for the iphone 4s


    And another for the iphone 5


    To download these freebies, I invite you to join the newest feature here at JDC: the archive


    It’s our way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.


    22 thoughts on “free autumn iphone covers”

    1. Emily, I’m so happy I stumbled across your site! Love it!!! Do you plan to create a template phone cover for the iphone 6? I ordered the clear case then realized you don’t have my model as a template. Very excited for your newsletters. Thank you very much!

          1. I just bought the Case-Mate Rose Gold Karat case because I realized your templates wouldn’t fit my new 6s (it was a sad, sad day because I have been rocking them for years) and honestly will be taking that brand new case off immediately if you are able to resize these for the 6. THANK YOU!!! And if not, THANK YOU still for years of an awesome cover. xoxo

    2. Thank you! I was REALLY hoping you would do one for fall, and these are more beautiful than I imagined they’d be! THank you! : )

    3. Wow – just started reading your blog and I absolutely love the idea of a printable iPhone cover that you can change out so easily. Will have to purchase a clear case for my iPhone!

    4. Super cute! Too bad I don’t have an iPhone or any phone that needs a cover. I bet I could find something else to do with them. =)

    5. You are a genius! This is such a clever idea!! I’ve never bought a cute iPhone cover because I didn’t want to buy one and then find another one that’s even cuter…but this idea solves everything! Thanks for sharing! xo

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