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Free Printable Christmas Houses Watercolor Coloring Page

    Here’s a fun project to do on your own, with friends or to keep the kids creatively occupied for a bit this Christmas season:

    A watercolor coloring page.

    I sketched a simple scene of Christmas houses and rather than filling it in with the typical marker or colored pencil option, I thought it would be fun to try it with watercolor.

    You may remember I shared a similar project a few months ago with a sweet little bird. So many of you did that project and I loved seeing all of the different results!

    This time, I went with a Christmas-y scene and hope you’ll share your finished projects with me again (I especially love seeing all of the children’s artwork. This is such a good project to do with kiddos who need a creative activity!).

    You’ll notice that the printable has very little detail. This is totally intentional so that you can let the watercolor paints blend, layer and puddle to give that pretty watercolor effect we all love.

    I also kept the sketch very minimal so that you can embellish as your imagination wishes. Once the main parts are dry, you can add in details with a fine brush like shingles, window panes, Christmas lights and greenery.  I even added splatters of white paint at the very end to give the look of snow.


    Strathmore Cold Press Paper | Windsor & Newton Tube Set | Prang Professional Watercolor Set | Round Brush Set

    If you need a basic watercolor lesson explaining the supplies and a few simple techniques, be sure to watch this video.

    Then download the printable, print and start painting!

    The download is free and can be found in THE ARCHIVE, my library of freebies. Scroll down to the TEMPLATES section and it will be waiting for you!

    If you are already a JDC subscriber, just enter your email address; if you are new, pop in your email and you’ll be in!

    If you paint this Christmas House scene, please let me know. I’d love to see what you create …

    If you loved this project and want more watercolor instruction + projects, come enjoy the whole Simplified Watercolor class! You’ll learn much more about the supplies to use, watercolor technique, lettering, layering, painting flowers, scribble art and more.

    This would make a delightful gift for a budding artist in your life! You can watch the class at your convenience (no start or end date) and all of the lessons are perfect for artists ages 10+. DETAILS HERE.

    8 thoughts on “Free Printable Christmas Houses Watercolor Coloring Page”

    1. Hello Emily! Beautiful watercolor idea! However, right now (Tuesday morning, 10:25 pacific) when I put my email address on the archive page I get back “Oops! There was an error submitting the form:

      There was an error with your submission: 400: Your merge fields were invalid.”
      Merry Christmas!

    2. LOVE this print… any chance you will be making the house print that you painted available as well as the coloring page template?? The version you made is beautiful!!

    3. I couldn’t get the watercolor paper to go thru my printer. It kept getting jammed because it was too thick. I tried changing the paper type. It’s just a HP standard desk printer. Any suggestions?

      1. You can print on printer paper. Then stack the watercolor paper on top of the print, hold up to a window so you can see through and lightly trace. It should work just as well!

    4. The download isn’t working. I’ve signed in as a new member and received verification. Still can’t download the Christmas houses or anything else.

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