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free printable diy summer iphone covers

    Summer officially begins this week which means it’s time to update our iphone covers.


    These nautical-inspired covers slip in perfectly to a clear iphone case and make it oh so easy to switch it up when the mood strikes.


    A full tutorial is on this diy iphone cover post, but it’s pretty simple: print the free templates on cardstock or photo paper, cut around the edges, cut out a hole for the camera and pop into your clear cover.


    I have created two templates: one for the iphone 4s


    And another for the iphone 5


    To download these freebies, I invite you to join the newest feature here at JDC: the archive


    It’s our new way to organize all of the best freebies, templates, downloads and make it easier for you to find and access them. Simply click on the image above to join.

    15 thoughts on “free printable diy summer iphone covers”

    1. Absolutely love these and have had them on my phone forever… just got a new phone though, any chance they’ll be updated for the 8plus?? :) Or is there any easy way for me to make them bigger?

    2. Hi Emily,
      The link for these from the archive page to download is giving me an error message…would love to be able to download them. Super pretty!! Can you check to see if yours is working?

    3. Thanks for sharing so much of your pretty artwork with us. Lately, you’ve really spurred me to dig out some watercolors when I get past this little season I’m in right now (moving my daughter to college, moving the rest of us across the country).

      I love the iPhone covers, but I’m too klutzy to use a clear cover, even one with a bumper. Can I put a bug in your ear to convert a few of these to iPhone wallpaper? Pretty please?

    4. I love these and can’t wait to print them…..just a quick question….where would i get a good quality clear case? Also, do you know if there are any clear cases with any cushion to them?…for those just in case moments? Thanks! :)

    5. I love these! I only wish that my phone was an iPhone when you put these adorable free covers up :( I wish you created them for other phones and sold them in your online shop :)

    6. LOVE the archives! PS I was noticing that the capital “S” on the fancy font is cut off at the top a little when I download it so when I’m typing it out, it’s also cut off looking. Is that my computer doing that?

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