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free Seaside clipart and how to use it

    masonsea630Can one ever have enough clipart? I think not. Especially of the hand-drawn variety.

    Add a little drawing to a gift tag or invitation, use one in your logo or in an ad – nothing overboard (ha!), but just enough to make a visual impact. Fun, fun, fun.

    underthesea-clipartI have summer on my brain and with that comes the beach. So I doodled a few favorites from the sea – shells, sea creatures, waves and a few beachy words.

    To make these clipart drawings, I first sketched with pencil, then over each one with my favorite fine-tip pen (this one), erasing the pencil marks with a good eraser (like this). I then scanned the drawings (with this scanner) and saved each one individually as a .png file with a transparent background.  You can totally use the clipart just in black and white (download it HERE).

    Or for a great extra step, I gave the clipart color and texture which you can also download here.

    Free Under The Sea Clipart / jones design company

    I made a short video showing you a few of the techniques I used for turning the black and white clipart into colored artwork. All of this was done using Adobe Illustrator.

    So fun, right?! If you’re totally lost OR if you loved it and want to learn in much more detail all about how I create in Adobe Illustrator, I’d love to have you join my class!


    I walk you through Illustrator from the very beginning steps of setting up your artboard and using the tools all the way to creating custom graphics using the best features and functions. Learn more about what you’ll learn, what past students are saying and for another great sample of the class by CLICKING HERE.


    To download the clip art, CLICK HERE to join or log in to The Archive. This is our library of all of our best freebies – artwork, templates, fonts and clipart.

    Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for what you’ll do with this Under The Sea inspired clipart collection!

    33 thoughts on “free Seaside clipart and how to use it”

    1. Thank you so much for these lovely clip arts.
      I’m thinking of adding these lovelies in a word file which contains the homework of my students, just to make it more summery :)
      Please, let me know if there is any problem with that.

      My warmest regards!

    2. I’m loving your chronicles. I’m loving your clip art. Quick question…when is the next registration time frames for your course on Illustrator. I’m trying to decide if I should add that to my plate now or wait until the next registration time frame. Thanks!!!

    3. I am SO excited!! I bought the course yesterday! I haven’t started watching yet but I have a question. (If you tell me to wait and watch the tutorials cuz you’ll tell me there then that’s fine, I’m just really enthused lol) if I go online to buy clip art and “paper”(? Is that what you filled in the octopus with?) where can I buy that stuff? Or get it free?

      1. I’m so glad you’re excited to begin! There is a section in the course called RESOURCES with all of my favorite places to get clip art and digital scrapbook paper. Etsy is a great resource – it just takes a bit to weed through to find what you’re looking for!

    4. That was really good Emily. I took your first class, but see that you now offer it in Bundle. I just finished a faux calligraphy course in Skillshare and came here only to see where you are offering one too. Since I’m such a fan of yours I’m thinking about taking that one, but know for sure I will take the watercolor class.

      Thanks for shareing

    5. Thank you Emily! My oldest son surfed for the first time in Seaside FL and I am going to make a big photo for his birthday, these are perfect!! Thank you! Love following along with your adventure!! xo

    6. Are there other types of illustrators other than Adobe that would be compatible to your clip art… something less expensive or open source?

    7. Hi Emily. I’ve been reading your blog for years. Love it. Quick question regarding Adobe. I just got the free 30 day trial to see if I would like it. Wow. I feel like you, just starting at the screen paralyzed with what button does what. Obviously as class is in my future!!! My question is what setting do you use when you print? I have the same printer as you and everything prints dark and slow. I typically change the setting on other programs to fast printing on plain paper but didn’t see that as an option. Help please. Thanks.

      1. I use matte photo paper setting for most of my print jobs. Or plain paper and ‘fast’ when I just want something real quick. I will say, this printer is not the fastest or best for regular b/w prints. But it is great for color!

      1. I used to buy a bunch of stuff from Design House Digital, but I believe they are no longer in business :( I’m guessing these papers came from there.

    8. Thanks, Emily. Yes, I was asking if I can use the clipart on designs for “printed” invitations, cards, etc. Thank you for your generosity and lovely work!!!

    9. Thanks for the adorable clip art!
      I tried downloading it but am unable to open once I extract them.
      Do I actually need illustrator to use them? My adobe program won’t open them because they’re png files.

      Thanks! :)

    10. Emily,
      Could you save the clip art all together (like you showed on the blog) as a pdf? I paper scrapbook and would like to print it out to put in my Project Life album, or maybe just print it out on card stock and let my kids paint it or whatever.

    11. I would love to take your Illustrator class, but I don’t have Adobe Illustrator. Just looked on Amazon and am having sticker shock. Is there a “smaller” version (like Elements for Photoshop?). What version are you using?


      1. Sandy,

        We’d love to have you! Adobe now only offers their software through their monthly Creative Cloud membership program. You pay monthly for access to the most updated versions of their programs. It is great! You can get just one program (like Illustrator) or the entire creative suite (illustrator + photoshop, indesign, acrobat, etc).

    12. This was so helpful and so much fun! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions, and offering such beautiful work!

    13. Oh my! Adorable! Thanks so much! I took your graphic design class and y’all, let me tell you…. amazing! I loved it!

    14. Emily, Thank you so much for sharing this. I took your graphic design class last year and I’ve been working in Illustrator using some of the techniques (, but it was so good to see a combination of the steps (some of which I’d forgotten) here as a refresher.
      You truly have a gift for teaching.

      1. So great, Amanda! It’s fun for me to share what I know and watching the steps together probably makes it all come together a little bit better. So glad you enjoyed the class.

    15. Thank you so much for the cute clip art images and showing people how to create different effects with the images in illustrator. I use illustrator but have never been taught how to create patterns with objects in this way. It looks so much easier and I will definitely be giving it a try.

      Thanks for sharing!

      Emma Jayne x

    16. Thank you so much for the gorgeous clip art. You’re right; you can never have enough! I love all of your work!

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