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giveaway winner + hair clips

    First things first :

    the winner of the January giveaway is:


    And what do you know, it looks like she also sells some pretty darling baby bracelets.

    Like these two silver ones.


    I like that they are sturdy, but still dainty. I’m so glad to have come across Nikki’s shop.

    Anyway, congratulations to miss Nikki {please send me a note and I’ll get your package of wintery goodies sent out}.

    . . . . . . . . .

    Second, thank you so much for your support of my new shop. It is always great to hear nice feedback so I thank you also for your kind words.  My munchkins were particularly into playing legos yesterday afternoon so if you placed an order yesterday, you are in luck : it is printed and will be shipped today.

    . . . . . . . . . .

    And now for a simple {but very practical} tutorial.


    I’m all about a baby girl wearing a flower headband {those will be added to the shop at some point}, but there are times when a simple hair clip does the trick. Finding plain clips is not always the easiest, so I just make my own.  This technique is certainly not original but the clips are awfully cute and I think worth sharing.

    So here is what you’ll need:


    :: metal single prong hair clips {purchased at the beauty supply store}

    :: ribbon

    :: fabric glue {you can use hot glue but it gets a bit bumpy when it dries}

    :: scissors


    You can use any type of ribbon – grosgrain, velvet, satin. I find that for the single prong clips 3/8″ ribbon works best. All of these are from May Arts or Midori.

    STEP ONE: cut a piece of ribbon to size


    For my clips just under 7 inches was plenty to wrap all the way around.

    STEP TWO: add a line of glue


    STEP THREE: attach to clip


    Press the clip to open, place the ribbon on the inside of the prong and wrap around the end, adding more glue to adhere.

    {oh dear, please excuse the chipping polish}


    Now add more glue and continue wrapping, pressing the ribbon into the springy part.


    wrap all the way, pressing the ribbon together to adhere.


    and you’re done.


    It’s as easy as that.



    Pardon the blurry photo. It is the best I could get of this squirmy babe.

    If you’d like to embellish further, you could add a mini flower



    If you find a clip in my Target that looks just like this one, it is Audrey’s. She likes to pull them out, chew on them for a bit and then drop them.  I don’t really like that about her.

    These make darling gifts when you package them all up together – very simple, personal and inexpensive.

    43 thoughts on “giveaway winner + hair clips”

    1. This tutorial is great but I am having with the glue!!! It comes out and then is like honey leaving a trail and then gets on my fingers and so far I haven’t had great success! Any tips???? Someone at Michael’s said to dilute the glue with acetone polish remover…!

    2. Thanks so much for sharing this! My daughter loves to pull her clips out too!!! Now I know what kind of glue to use to make them – I have everything else already… thank you thank you thank you!

    3. Hi, any tips for a newbie? I did complete them and they are cute but I feel like I had to use too much glue and they got the ribbon a bit messy. Is there a better fabric glue to use? Thanks!

    4. I enjoy the turorials and the links to websites with similar tastes. I am buying a new home and love finding inspirations to help me create a cottage style home in the new residence.

    5. I made ones like these for my girls when they were toddlers. I put a small piece of craft foam on the inside to grip those baby fine locks.

    6. I 100% snorted when I read this:

      If you find a clip in my Target that looks just like this one, it is Audrey’s. She likes to pull them out, chew on them for a bit and then drop them. I don’t really like that about her.

      Thank you for making me laugh today. :)

    7. Thank you for the hair clip tut. I have seen these clips in the baby botiques for like $8 a piece. Oh, and for those baby fine locks, if you use velvet ribbon it helps the clip to grip in their hair. Thanks again Emily. Have a fantastic weekend!

    8. Looking forward to making some of these for my little girl. She, too, pulls them out and plays with them. Her hair has grown a lot and is hanging into her eyes, so I need to get her used to wearing the clips! Thanks for the great tutorial!

    9. i actually have been making these clips for awhile, and it really helps to put a grip on the inside of the clip to help hold in the hair if you have a little one with not much hair (my daughters were both born with a head of hair but i still put grips on theirs too). you can use the grip stuff you use to put in cupboards and drawers or whatever…just cut it to the size you need…or you can use a small piece of foam…you can sometimes buy them where they have one side self-adhesive so you just peel and stick, or if you can’t find that, use craft foam and glue it in! i also use rhinestones and other little embellishments. Emily, i love the little flower one you made for Audrey! it would look perfect in my little Carmela’s hair. so pretty. I think you should make one and send it to me haha!!

      1. Interesting that you mention the cupboard lining. I just heard that from someone else this past weekend. What a great idea. Now if only she would keep them in her hair!

    10. I think that it is funny that Audrey does that… my little Lyla is about the same age and is always pulling the clips off of her headbands to chew on them!

    11. The little girl I nanny wears these types of clips a lot and I like that they are easy for her to slide in without grabbing her hair. Thank you for sharing this tutorial. Now I know how to make some for her!

    12. Thank you so much for this tutorial. I think Audrey is so precious and I am so excited to have your ideas as I am expecting twin girls in May. I will be copying this idea TODAY as I am taking meals to some friends who just had baby girls. I love this so much!

      BTW, I found the exact clips at Walmart in the craft section. They were a little less expensive than from the beauty supply store.

      Keep up the wonderful work!

    13. I’m the winner for Januarys give away and I couldn’t be more excited!!!! yay!!!! I love everything you do. I show everyone your blog. Heres my email I didn’t know how else to contact you to give you my info but if you email me back I can give you all that. Again you made my day I’m so excited thank you.

    14. I love this tutorial! Has anyone told you that you are awesome today?! If not, let me be the first! LOL. I am going to run out and buy extra ribbon today, I have tons of bland clips lying around.

    15. These clips are JUST adorable!!! I wish I had a baby girl to be-deck with them! I just might have to start making these for all my friends’ girls. :)

      AND…I’m awarding you the “Stylish Blogger Award” for your inspiring and amazing blog! This award is passed on from blogger to blogger. I received the award from someone, and I’m passing the award to you. Part of this award is to write seven things about yourself (in your blog post) and pass this award to 15ish other recently discovered blogs you think deserve this award too.

      You can see my post and the link for the award here:

    16. My daughter leaves a little trail of hairclips everywhere we go too! I just view that she is making babies everywhere cuter when she leaves one for someone else!

    17. When I started reading the post, I got super excited because I just knew I was going to win the giveaway. I used to win radio contests all the time. But I’ve never won anything online. I wanted your January treasures so badly I just felt that I had won. Yeah…I didn’t. Maybe next month :)

    18. Thank you so much for posting this! I saw these in pictures on your blog and was wondering where you got them. I’m due with our first little baby in March, and she’ll definitely need some of these! I love the baby tutorials!

    19. For what it’s worth, I appreciate your chiped polish, it makes you more relatable and human ;)
      DARLING clips … I’ll certainly be making these for Miss Harper Elle, thanks for the tutorial!

    20. These are precious! It’s a very pretty and simple alternative to the big bow/flower headband that I see so many little girls here in (in Texas)–not that there’s anything wrong with that. I have two little boys so I don’t need any for myself, but I have so many friends with little girls. They would love these and it gives me an excuse to make some. Thanks for another great tutorial!

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