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How to use the Watercolor Coloring Pages (and how to get them for free!)

    One great resource I have created for you is a watercolor coloring book. In it are 20 hand drawn sketches you can trace onto watercolor paper, add in your own details and use as the basis of your own unique artwork.

    Sometimes just coming up with what to paint is the hardest part, so these sketches are the perfect place to start. Plus, if drawing is not your best thing, the sketches will get you right over that hurdle.

    The printable watercolor coloring pages are available as a happy bonus in my brand new class, Watercolor for Kids. When you join the class, all 20 pages are included.

    But how exactly do you use the pages? Great question! You can watch this video to find out:

    Watercolor for Kids is a great online class geared toward 6-12 year olds (but truth be told, I had lots of fun doing the projects, too!).

    In class, I’m teaching the kids about proper watercolor technique, how to care for our brushes, the art of mixing colors, and two of my kids join in for a handful of super fun watercolor projects. This is a great activity for boys and girls and they will be able to do the projects again and again. Plus, the coloring pages are included as a free bonus, so kiddos will have 20 other options for what to paint next.

    For all of the details on the Watercolor for Kids class, CLICK HERE. 


    4 thoughts on “How to use the Watercolor Coloring Pages (and how to get them for free!)”

    1. I was just searching for seeds that came in cute packaging. Honestly, I know there are some out there but, I could not help to think of your water colors and how adorable they would be on a seed packet envelope. You probably already thought of this but if you every collaborate with a seed company and release such a thing I would buy it! I love my garden station and it would be a great addition.

    2. I am absolutely going to sign up my kids for your watercolor class! Question though. I know for your adult classes you could do it at your own pace. School is out June 21, and there is no way they’ll do it before then. Can I purchase the class now and it won’t expire till we are ready to get started when school is over? Thanks! My 10 year old watched your video with me and is very excited to try it out! ;-)

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