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i made a sock monkey …

    … and he turned out really cute.

    I used a pair of knee socks from target, some embroidery thread and two wooden buttons.

    He now lives happily with the little snow monkey on the left.

    I was inspired by the cute sock monkeys Darby made, then followed this tutorial to try one myself. The hardest part was stuffing the long skinny limbs. Otherwise, it was a very simple project. If you have a monkey in your life, I’m sure he would adore one of his own. Or her own.

    I wish that I was Oprah and I could surprise you all with a Land of Nod gift card – how amazing would that be? But, alas, I am not. And I can not. So, to see if you are the lucky winner of the Land of Nod gift card, click here.

    {I will announce the winner after I get my kids off to school, so check around 9am Pacific}

    And I forgot to announce {oops!} that the winner of the November Giveaway is:

    a m a n d a .  j o h n s o n

    {please send me a note and I’ll mail your package right out!}

    28 thoughts on “i made a sock monkey …”

    1. Love it! I just looked at the tutorial. So did you not use a sewing machine? I don’t have one so hoping I can do it without.

    2. I once made a sock puppet named Scappy. She had long yellow hair and hissed at people. Too bad camera phones didn’t exist in 1988 or I would have a photo to share.
      Think I’ll make this monkey for my niece.
      But I won’t make him hiss.

    3. I’m new and love your blog. Your sock monkey is absolutely adorable! You did a wonderful job and he looks a little whimsical with those polka dots. How fun! I love him!

    4. My husband LOVES sock monkeys. He’s bid on them at silent auctions, bought them as keychains and Christmas ornaments… We have a whole “family” that he’s collected. They used to “live” in our bedroom window (people could actually see them from the street –so romantic!) But your polka-dotted sock monkey is hands-down the cutest one I’ve ever seen. I would bid on HIM at a silent auction any day :-)

    5. That’s so cute, Emily! I think I’ll try one for my 22 year old son and hang it out of his stocking. LOL He loved sock monkeys when he was little. Love the sock you chose, I think I’ll try argyle.

    6. Oh my gosh! We just did a post recently on preparing for babies – this would be an adorable addition to the post – love that you used polka dots too – it adds to the cuteness for sure! :)

    7. Wow, thanks a lot for sharing this post. I immediately went to explore the links and got pretty caught in the whole craft hope topic. It’s always great to see that people from all over the world come together to help the less fortunate ones.

      And of course your sock monkey is really sweet with the big white dots :D

    8. Oh my, oh my, oh my!!! That is without question THE cutest sock monkey I have ever seen! Using those fun socks from Target is such a great idea. Great – I just gave myself more stuff to add to my DIY Christmas List :D

    9. love those sock monkey’s. Yours turned out very Cute!
      Our Cousin made all the kiddos in the family (6) different sock monkey’s. We all travel to GA for Thanksgiving. Its a big to do. After Thanksgiving dinner, we decorate the Christmas tree together. It was so wonderful to see the kiddo’s and their hand made sock monkeys to go along with our traditional sock monkey pj attire (Nick and Nora PJ’s) while we decorated the tree. We are Def big monkey fans!

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