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my favorite way to wrap a gift

    A beautifully wrapped gift is always a pleasure to give and makes the recipient feel extra special.

    I’ve noticed an influx of gift bags lately at parties and showers and I understand why … it takes extra time and the right supplies to wrap a gift the traditional way with paper and ribbon.  A gift bag makes it so easy.

    But I can assure you, this wrapping method is just as easy as those gift bags and costs just a few dollars.

    It is my favorite way to wrap clothes, stuffed animals, a small stack of books – anything smallish and odd shaped.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    :: gift

    :: tissue paper {two large sheets}

    :: roll of cellophane

    :: scissors, tape

    :: ribbon, stickers or gift tag for embellishing

    STEP ONE: layer two pieces of tissue paper {this will make it less see-through} on top of cellophane. Cut cellophane slightly larger than tissue.

    STEP TWO: roll up gift

    STEP THREE: place gift upside down on the center of the tissue/cellophane and wrap up both sides, securing with tape.

    STEP FOUR: tie ends with a pretty ribbon {see my favorites sources of ribbon here}

    STEP FIVE: embellish

    Grab a little helper to add a name with glittery alphabet stickers {found at the craft store}.

    Simple, personal, and oh so cute.

    And just in case you are curious about where the adorable swim suit and towel are from, here you go:

    swim suit: janie & jack       |       mermaid towel: target

    Happy wrapping.

    18 thoughts on “my favorite way to wrap a gift”

    1. I love your ideas and was wondering if you could let me know your sources for ribbons. The link does not seem to be working. Thanks!

    2. I think I am a paper nerd and always wrap gifts (just say no to bags!). Sometimes when I show up at a birthday party, i’m the only one with a wrapped present. This is a great tip! I have that same pack of tissue paper and cellophane sitting at home right now (and guess what?) ANOTHER birthday party this weekend! hehee.

    3. I would love to see a post on how you package the fabulous products you create & sell! I’ve got a couple ways I enjoy, but I’m always looking for inspiration! :)

    4. got that suit this year for my gal from J&J – its so cute but runs pretty large in my opinion – its very baggy in her rear, but we will grow into it.

    5. The gift wrap is darling! I love the embellishment ideas. I do tend to rely on bags, not because they are easy but because I have so many of them!! We are big proponents of reusing and because of this we have an under bed box full of bags that only seems to breed more bags. Do you have any creative ideas for using these bags in a more unique/personal way?

    6. I completely agree with you on the gift bags! I love wrapping gifts and making them extra special for someone :)

    7. I have done this style before, looks like candy. Thanks for the idea of adding the name in stickers, I have a ton of those on hand from scrapbooking days. I find them at Targets $ section too, can’t have enough. Happy Monday.

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