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newly organized pinterest boards (and how I did it)


    It was time for a deliberate reorganization. I started pinning a few years ago and created only a handful of boards. Most were titled generally – like decorate and things I like – which was fine until they started filling up and the categories no longer felt specific enough. As I have saved more favorite images/ideas/inspiration, it seemed fitting to make them more easily find-able for both me and those who follow my boards. So one day a few weeks ago, I finally made the time to begin my pinterest makeover.

    The first step was writing down all of my existing boards and separating them into more specific categories that made sense. So what was once Home Sweet Home turned into Exterior, Entry/Mudroom, Living Spaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms//grown-ups, Bedrooms//Kids + Bunks, etc. It helped to break the larger categories up into smaller, yet specific groups but still broad enough to not have too many boards. So while I could have broken kitchens out into white kitchens or industrial kitchens, I just went with kitchens. At some point if that board gets crazy-full, I can always make changes later.

    Next, I had to manually move pins from one board to another. I searched and searched for a way to bulk move (ie click on several pins at a time and move the group to a new board), but the option does not yet exist. So one-by-one it was.


    It took hours. Like a lot of hours. But it was mindless work and I got to look through hundreds of pretty pins which was not a terrible way to spend my evenings these past couple of weeks. Plus, it feels really good to start fresh with clearly labeled boards and pins all in the right place.

    Once the new boards were created and pins were moved around, I gave each board a cover photo and then organized them by category by dragging and dropping into place. You could also organize your boards alphabetically (which is also not a default option, but it should be).

    And here is my new and improved collection of pins.

    pinterest-boards-1pinterest-boards-2 pinterest-boards-3 pinterest-boards-4

    Ahhh. It feels good to have this one checked off my list. And now I can’t stop pinning to my pretty new boards.


     Are you needing a pinterest makeover? Need any other helpful tips or tricks? Or do you have any to share? Leave a comment and let’s chat!

    55 thoughts on “newly organized pinterest boards (and how I did it)”

    1. Hi Emily! I read this post and It was so helpfull. But I still got a question, because I am afraid to go foward! Is it risk to loose your followers as you move and organize your folders and delet some?
      I got some followers after a couple of years and I am afraid to loose them.

    2. This article was soo very helpful! I organize everything … but never thought of ‘organizing’ my pins more efficiently. I’d hit the ‘help’ bar many times but would loose patience or simply move on. It drove me crazy that my board was ‘alphabetized’ but with your help – its done, now have to change some titles around but, again with your help, that’s an easy fix! Thank you soooo much for taking the time to share this including images.

    3. I find the best way for me to keep my boards relevant and keep my followers from growing tired of having to go through the same 300+ pins before they can access new ones is this:
      1. create new board
      2. start title with the month and year THEN the topic
      3. invite people with similar boards to pin to it.

      This way if someone is looking for per say “Mens Suits now trending” they do not get 40 suggestions of suits from 4 years ago that are now dead links or just material they have seen a million times already. You can go to drhillarymarek to see how I have started to implcate this meathod. (I am bulk backdating some boards to the year they came out so please do not judge it until its done it will be much easier to navigate once everything in in a chronological order.

    4. I pinned this in October for a “someday” project and decided to tackle it yesterday in the post holiday lull. So excited to see that Pinterest has added a bulk move/delete option!!! Also, your suggestions/board names gave me a great framework to start with. Feels so good to have purged over half the pins cluttering stuff up and getting things organized in a way that help with a NY goal of defining my style. Thank you for such a great post!

    5. Hey Emily! I could swear that JUST TODAY Pinterest has created a “Move Pins” option. It says “new!” and I sure didn’t see it there this morning! Check it out!

    6. Hi, Thought I’d mention a few tools to help everyone with “Pin maintenance”. First, I was going to mention the website, but I saw someone else mention it. I’ve yet to try it, but it sounds great from what I’ve read. Secondly, I’d like to share a little tool I built for the chrome browser. It’s called “Pinterest Sort” and it was built to help a family member rearrange there boards alphabetically.

      Here’s a link to it:

    7. I note you have almost 25,000 followers on Pinterest and follow less than 90. [It’s not a flippant question, but how did you manage that? Are you ‘just’ so influential in your sphere that people follow you, you’ve not had to go chasing followers? Don’t you feel bad that you don’t follow these people back? As I say, they’re not flippant questions or meant to be hurtful, I’d just genuinely like to know! I feel bad if I don’t follow everyone back! Or is it a sign of kudos that you’re not a follower….and how did you manage that??!! The people with blogs with similar sized audiences to yours generally follow many more people back…??]. Would be interested to know {LOVE your boards, BTW, I added myself as a follower of some of your boards]

      1. This is a great question and conversation. I have not pursued pinterest as a big business growth strategy the way many have – it truly has just been a pinboard for me to keep ideas I like and inspiration for house/decorating/crafting. Why there are so many followers without intentionally seeking them out is most likely due to my blog readership – which I have intentionally worked on growing. I’m not sure what the etiquette is for following back, but my personal thought is that I like to be selective so that I’m not spending hours and hours on pinterest. I have a pretty specific aesthetic and prefer to follow others with a similar look who pin things I can repin, rather than weeding through a million images before finding ones that inspire me (for example, I don’t pin a lot of recipes, so following someone who mostly pins those is not one I choose to follow). Hopefully this helps answer your question!

    8. I have ” lost” many many pins recently… They just vanished off my boards… It was so sad to me. I’d spent so much time pinning and organizing and then bam it’s gone!?? Anyone know why this might of happened?

    9. It was so nice that you included the how-to on moving pins. I just started a Pinterest account and have already realized that I started too general of categories and didn’t have a clue about how to fix it. I reluctantly opened an account and I have now gone crazy adding pins and ever expanding boards. Thanks for the help!

    10. Hi Emily and everyone!

      Great post, I just love how you make your graphics so beautiful and clear! But I’m just dying to give you all this tip to save you the hours and hours… Get the Firefox extension Pin4Ever, it has changed my Pinterest life (I don’t work for them). The free version gives you bulk deleting, bulk moving, bulk rearranging, bulk copying and the ability to directly pin any screenshots you take. There are different levels of paid versions that allow you to do other things like bulk pin, back-up your boards, and check out which of your pins are the most pinned. It’s awesome, and again, I really don’t work for the company, haha! May this awesome app help make all the needed Pinterest organizing fun!:

    11. I used to use Pinterest and organized my boards as I am OCD to. Then I was cyber bullied on it by a gang of girls that threatened harm to me. I signed off and realized its just garbage. Then I realized what a colossal waste of time it is and stopped . I have over 7000 followers without even using it any longer for over a year now. I think its the biggest waste of time next to Fb. or twit. I would rather spend time outdoor, cooking, socializing and getting things accomplished. Instead of using Pinterest I started working out whenever I wanted to do it. I took cooking classes, photography, went out with friends. I evaluated all the time I spent on my rear end organizing boards and was shocked how much of life it takes up. Now I am almost 20 pounds lighter and I feel better that I unleashed myself from Pinterest and the computer . Its really just garbage in the end and not important to our lives. I think for people who depend on blog income that is useful but not for any other reason.

    12. Hello!
      I also re -Works my Pinterest. The advantage is that I think I have been here as long. In France, some people still do not know Pinterest or just discovering, so I have less pins! But the work was long and I put the title of my albums in English and French! This translation is much better !! Sorry!

    13. Bonjour!
      J’ai moi aussi re-travaillé mes planches Pinterest. L’avantage, je pense est que je suis sur Pinterest depuis moins longtemps. En France, pour certaines femmes, on débute juste sur Pinterest! Aussi, j’ai fais moi aussi un travail de réorganisation et surtout j’ai donné des noms, des mots clés et j’ai tout mis en anglais et français! Cela me permet de faire des progrès et d’être plus facilement consultée! On verra bien!

    14. I like the having a main category followed by sub for the board names. I only have a couple like that. I should work on that. Recategorizing really is a pain, though. The main thing I should do is go through and change text of things I pinned in a hurry and make sure links are correct.

      Some of my boards are alliterative, (Kitchen Kitsch, Bonny Bedrooms, Appealing Accoutrements, Fantastical Furni, Wonderful Workspaces, Whimsical Weddings, etc.) some are in a ‘Laundry & Closet’/’Porch & Garden’/etc. type format, some are just phrases (And Other Pretty Things, Yarn It, Sew What, etc.). All of my holiday ones begin with the date so they’re all together at the top/bottom of the list (10/31 Halloween).

    15. I did the same thing as Erin. Made titles start with the same title followed by a subtitle (I.e Taster Treats-bread or Remodel Ideas-Kitchen). Best thing ever!!! Way to go on getting yours done! I know it takes forever!!

    16. maybe its fall and the sense of structure with school and nesting…I just did the same thing to my boards! I too thought of the time spent…and enjoyed almost ever minute (except the re-pinning!). So much nicer. :)

    17. I SO desperately need a Pinterest re-do. I have “liked” waaaay too many things and it’s out if control. That’s what I get for not thinking I wanted to keep everything in boards. Now it drives me a bit crazy that I have as many, if not more, likes than pins. I so wish it was a little easier to reorganize but you’ve inspired me to chunk away at it and just get it done…over time. I have started deleting pins that I’ve done/made to help clean up my boards as well. I figure if I’ve done something, I should hopefully remember the idea!

    18. i’ve been reorganizing my boards lately, too! man, it takes forever. one tip that i wish i knew before i started is the order that i move my pins. i reorganized board from my most recent pins to my oldest, but then they show up the opposite on my new board – newest on the bottom, oldest on top – oops!

    19. When I first started using Pinterest there was a lot of talk about people getting in trouble for not giving credit where credit was due. I was told by numerous people to not PIN anything because if you did you could be sued….I should have ignored them because to this day I don’t know anyone who has ever been sued. Now I’m left with almost 3000 likes on ideas, products etc that I loved but now I have to sit down and try to plan out actual boards…I think your inspiration of tackling this task has inspired me to go forth and try to get it all organized…

      1. I half feel you there. I pin a ton but when I’m in a hurry and don’t feel like/don’t have time I just like things and my like board has turned into my pin-this-later or check-out-before-just-pinning space. It gets all backed up occasionally.

    20. My “recipes to try” category worked great thousands of pins ago, but not so much anymore… question is… to reorganize so that the followers can still see the pins??

    21. I’ve been meaning to do the same thing!! Nice job!!! Totally makes sense to be more specific with the group names rather than too broad.

      I wonder though, if you move stuff around and rename boards does that break the connection to those that follow that particular board?

      1. Yes … the followers number did go down by about 200 by the time I was finished rearranging, so I’m assuming that by moving and deleting boards, not all followers were brought along. That’s okay, though, because I think my new set up is much more user-friendly and hopefully those followers will come back :)

    22. Really, really appreciate how detailed you are as you explain your design decisions and “art” lessons. I get a lot of enjoyment from reading your blogs. Thanks so much for sharing your talents!

    23. I separated mine a few years ago when I noticed some boards have gotten really large.

      My recipe board in particular went from one to over 15 sub-categories!! I have them labeled as “RECIPES: (then the sub category like:) Entrees” that way I can find them easier when I need to pin to them or reference them, I know everything is under ‘R”. :o)

    24. And I thought it was only me. With boards named things like “How does one play this Pinterest game?” and “My First Pinterest Board,” I think I am due for some reorganization. I saw a board today named “My Favorite Meals” that had almost 5000 pins. Dude. Seriously. There is no way you have 5000 favorite meals.

    25. Great job! You’ve provided a service to many pinners who don’t know how to do this. I wish Pinterest was a little more flexible, allowing moving multiple pins at one time, etc. I even wish there was a way to make suggestions to them.
      Very often when I look at pinners’ boards, I find things have been obviously pinned onto the wrong board. Pinners should know they only have to select the edit button on the pin and change the category! The pin will leave the wrong board and go to the correct board. I think a lot of pinners don’t know they can do this.
      I periodically peruse my boards, cleaning them out, looking for duplicates and discarding ones I no longer want, moving the one posted incorrectly and creating new categories like you did, and enjoying my pins. I LOVE Pinterest.

    26. Nice Emily! I did this last year and it felt so good! Time consuming for sure. Great post. Reminded me that it’s probably time to go in an divide a few more full boards!

      I have to thank you for your darling prints! I ordered a couple of them for my family room bookshelves and just shared them in a post: (I mentioned your blog – hope that’s ok!)

      They make the room more stylish so thanks again! You are so talented and I just love your blog. Look forward to reading it every day. :)

    27. I also did this unbelievable task. Hours later……. and I do mean HOURS/
      I wish Pinterest would start Sub-Catagories. Such as in let’s say.. Desserts. Sub catagories could be Chocolate and Other Desserts. Nice way to divide without another board. I have thousands of FONTS and would love to divide according to types, dingbats and such. I have so many boards. Love surfing other pinterest boards and sharing mind. Check out mine @ Thanks for sharing your tips.

    28. I work on this from time to time but always seem to do more. Do you know of a good way to print a pin? I tried to print a picture of a haircut I wanted and I got a hodgepodge on the page. I could see the picture I wanted but there were lots of others over and around it. Thanks.

    29. Le sigh. I have nearly 9 Thousand pins. 9 Thousand… I’m sorting them slowly away. And have deleted about 800 so far with dead links. I’ve asked Pinterest design team to build a drag and drop style editing capability for reorganising pins/folders. A girl can dream. ;)

    30. I am not typically a neat and organized person but my Pinterest boards are a thing of beauty! I constantly organize and reorganize–such fun. My sister recently gave me her log-in information so I could tidy hers up. Maybe there’s a job out there…….

    31. It’s like you read my mind. I have been planning on learning how to reorganize my pinterest for the last few weeks and have gotten no where. Now I am going to get it done.

    32. I’ve also known that I’ve needed to do this for quite a while now. You’ve inspired me to get to it! Thanks for the tips and showing me that it CAN be done and that it’s worth it.

      What’s your next project?

    33. I did this somewhat recently as well. Mostly because my Recipes board had become way too overwhelming to find anything anymore. I separated them into Breakfasts, Snacks, Main Dishes, etc. Once I completed that I did the same with home ideas. It’s made my life so much easier to go back and find pins later!

    34. I’ve been thinking about doing a Pinterest overhaul for awhile now, but dreading the hours of the manual pin moving! Now that I’ve seen someone do it (and make it out alive, haha) I may have to get going on that soon!

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