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pleated projects week: pleated ribbon embellishments

    Today’s project is a favorite because of it’s versatility.


    The technique is simple: hand pleat ribbon and stitch onto desired item. I chose one of Audrey’s simple cardigan sweaters, but you could easily do this to a t shirt, a pillow, a headband, shoe clips … just use your imagination.

    Here’s what you’ll need:


    :: sweater {or t shirt, pillow, etc
    :: various ribbons {grosgrain or satin}
    :: coordinating thread
    :: scissors
    :: sewing machine and pins {not shown}

    Start by laying out a pattern for your ribbon.


    Next, create knife pleats {folds that go in the same direction} and iron to hold shape.  I just folded by hand, but you could mark measurements if you’d like your pleats to be perfectly spaced.


    Pin pleated ribbon onto sweater in desired location.


    Continue pleating each ribbon and pin to sweater.



    Using a matching thread, stitch along the top of the ribbon pleat.


    Switch out your thread with each different color of ribbon.

    Here’s the final product:  pleated-ribbon-sweater

    Isn’t it darling?!


    A very simple way to embellish.

    I’d love to see what you are inspired to create … be sure to share your pleated project on friday!

    11 thoughts on “pleated projects week: pleated ribbon embellishments”

    1. I love your color choices and width variation. This would also be great if the sweater (t-shirt, pillowcase, etc.) had a stain you wanted to cover.

    2. Adorable!! Wanted to ask – do you wash your ribbon before you sew with it? Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!!

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