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cable knit sweater pillow tutorial

    Today I’m guest posting at Finding Fabulous – a blog dedicated to finding fabulous design without spending a bunch of money.

    So in honor of the idea of decorating for less & thinking outside the design box, I’ve done a tutorial on turning a {thrifted} cable knit sweater into a cozy pillow.


    Click over to Finding Fabulous to see how simple it is.

    {p.s. I’m not sure when the post will be up, so check back a little later if it is not yet there}


    The tutorial post will be up tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.

    17 thoughts on “cable knit sweater pillow tutorial”

    1. i like how this looks, whats great about this is that you can go to a thrift store and buy an inexpensive sweater to make this. will sewing affect it? cause it is a knit sweater will the sewing come apart?

    2. Can’t wait to see this tutorial as I have a white cable-knit sweater I don’t really wear, it would look great on my country cozy look bed!

    3. It looks so cute….but I couldn’t see the tutorial. :( Could you re-post it on your blog? I had a hard time locating it on Finding Fabulous, and once I did, the pictures didn’t show up. I love the step by step pictures along with the instructions. Hope to see it here soon! Thanks!

    4. I love it all. And would it be completely weird to add that you have nice knees (see dress photo)??? I’m always jealous of cute knees… :-D And its completely scrumptious that your sweet girl is smiling on the floor in one of the shots. How fun.

    5. Hey, I can use the sleeves and neckline to make the candle holders from and then the body of the sweater for one of these – thrifted and no waste!

    6. That screams cozy to me!! I’ve always wanted to get some thrifted sweaters to make mittens. That would be a perfect use of scraps for this project – two projects in one thrifted sweater! Thanks for the fantastic tutorial!

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