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sweet diy headbands

    DIY headbands / jones design companyEvery day of Audrey’s baby life, I adorned her sweet head with a handmade headband (see photos here and here).  My baby girl turns six (SIX!!) next month and while she will still wear a headband from time to time, she’s mostly a ponytail or leave it down kind of girl. DIY headbands / jones design companySo when my sister and brother-in-law had a baby girl last summer, I was very excited about making sweet Ellie some headbands.  There’s nothing cuter than a baby girl in a headband.DIY headbands / jones design companyHere we are, seven months later and I finally put together some pretty adorable headbands for the baby (and a few matching ones for Audrey, too). DIY headbands / jones design companyI bought the elastic, the fluffy teal trim and a few felt colors at Joanns. The good colors of wool felt came from BenzieDesigns – truly the best place to find great felt.
    DIY headbands / jones design companyFor the bow headbands, I used this tutorial and downloadable pattern and this felt. The bows are very simple to make. For Ellie’s I glued it onto elastic cording; Audrey’s is on a 1/4″ elastic.
    DIY headbands / jones design companyThe felt flowers are made using this tutorial from Purl Soho (such a fun resource for patterns and fabric crafts). The clustered one turned out so darling with the mixes of greens and flower colors. The pink and coral felt is from Joann’s, the melon and yellow are Benzie Designs. That ruffly elastic is found in the elastic aisle at Joann’s and comes in several different colors.

    To package the headbands up for a gift, I cut a piece of cardstock to a 5×7 rectangle and clipped the corners using this punch.
    DIY headbands / jones design companyJust wrap the headband around the paper, fold the extra elastic and secure with washi tape. DIY headbands. How to package / jones design companyLook how precious our little Ellie-bean looks in her headband!

    baby in felt headband / jones design companyThese headbands took an hour or so to make and were a great project to work on while watching football. If you have a baby girl in your life, perhaps she would love a new headband or two.

    15 thoughts on “sweet diy headbands”

    1. These are so very pretty. They make me want to break out my felt and start making flowers. Thanks for the link to Purl Soho which another drool-worthy site. I like how you packaged them too. What a lovely gift any mother would be proud to have her child wear!

    2. These are beautiful Emily! Your posts always inspire the creative bent in me. And as I write a dear friend is laboring to bring a baby girl into this world and this would be a lovely idea to gift to her.

    3. These are adorable! Awwww, the days my baby girls wore headbands… She is six now, like your daughter, and soon to be 7 in June. When she was born, I went insane with all pink, dresses, flowery accents and overdid it a bit, ha! Well, she came after two boys, so I was dy-ing to have a little girl! She is also more of a pony tail kind of gal! Lovely headbands! Pinning.

      Ursula @
      Modern Quick DIYS . Home . Fashion . Parties

    4. Such a cute DIY! I love felt flowers…they are pretty and a touch retro:). And as a side note… I have an Elliet Jane as well (different spelling, but same sweet name?).

    5. What perfect timing! I’m due with a baby girl in just a few weeks and have really been wanting to make her some headbands. Thank you for sharing!!!

    6. I don’t know, Purl Soho’s tutorial is awfully long and rather confusing. I have made a lot fabric roses, I think I might use my rose pattern and your ideas. :)

    7. Ellie is one gorgeous baby. My granddaughter, Isabelle, was never without a headband or big bow in her hair until she turned 6 last April. Now, she too likes to do the plain ponytail or just let it go. She has very long thick hair with her bangs are the same length as the rest of her hair. She has constantly got her hair hanging in her face. Her mother, my daughter-in-law, sees nothing wrong with it. I bet if I made a couple of these cutie pies, Isabelle would considering wearing them. They would be comfortable and stay in place. Best of all, we could see her beautiful face! Thanks for the share!

    8. My sweet granddaughter, Lilly Claire, was born a month ago- I can’t wait to look at the tutorials a make her these adorable headbands…when my girls where babies we had to tape bows onto their heads ?

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