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tissue pom wreath {tutorial}

    Here’s a festive wreath that is fun to make and can be displayed beyond this holiday season.


    Isn’t it cute?! Funky and vintage-y and pretty. Here’s how to make one:


    // SUPPLIES //

    3 packages of tissue paper / wire wreath form / fringe scissors / scissors / hot glue gun



    1 / cut 5 layers of tissue into a 4 inch strip.
    2 / cut fringe along one side using fringe scissors
    3 / roll tightly from one end
    4 / hot glue to hold pom in place


    You’ll need a bunch of these, so just make a million while watching your favorite christmas movie.

    // STEP FIVE //


    5 / attach poms to wire wreath form with hot glue. Arrange the poms closely together, filling in your entire wreath form.

    Hang with a pretty ribbon tied in a bow.


    I cut a long piece of striped fabric on the bias {diagonal} to make this striped ‘ribbon’.


    More holiday wreath ideas coming soon!

    32 thoughts on “tissue pom wreath {tutorial}”

    1. I am almost embarrassed to admit that all this time I’ve been thinking this was a dried HYDRANGEA wreath!!! (That’s what being a mono contact lens wearer will do for you! DUH!) But just think how much prettier it’s seemed to me (if that’s even possible)! And how happy I was to see that golden gift tissue pop up with the supplies! What a surprise!

      I love all your wreaths, Emily … you’ve found new ways to use some materials that were on the way to becoming “tired” … !!!

    2. Looks so beautiful and seems so easy… Thank you for sharing with us such nice ideas, I am tempted to try even though I’m not very good at it!

    3. Hi! I love this and can’t wait to make it for my daughters birthday party! Do you remember where you purchased the gold tissue paper from?? Sometimes gold is a hard color to find!

      Thank you :)

    4. This is way too fun. I am going to make it almost exactly like yours because I love how you put it together color-wise. Thanks for the great project!

    5. This is such a cute wreath and the idea came in the nick of time! I was asked to make a wreath for a church Christmas display (due to time constraints, I should have said no), but it was easy to do – however, it took a lot longer than I anticipated (I used an 18″ form). I found it was easier to staple each bunch, then glue it to the form, and it saved my fingers from burns, too. Thanks for such an inspiring idea!

    6. I love the wreaths you come up with and I’ve made a few for our home. I LOVE this one (it just might be my most favorite Emily wreath) and can’t wait to make it!

    7. LOVE this & I have most of the supplies already BUT… I have to know-how long did it take (please be honest!)… it will help me decide if this is a project for now or next year! Thanks for your creative ideas!

    8. Love this, does not even look like tissue paper!

      Have you ever shared the source of this cute wood and metal shelving that the wreath is hanging form ?? Love it too.

    9. I LOVE this! I’m always looking for an inexpensive way to create a new wreath. I buy embroidery hoops – the wooden ones. I separate the hoops so that I end up with TWO wreath backings for under $1 :) Going to make one of these wreaths!

    10. I love this wreath! I am a big fan of DIY projects and doing them as cheap as possible. Have you ever tried using a cadrboard circle or something else instead of a wire wreath? If I could cut up an old box instead of buying wire wreath, that’d be amazing!

    11. Stuck at home after a bilateral mastectomy, this DIY girl is going crazy because I can’t lift anything over 5 pounds. This pom pom wreath and the duct tape wreath are perfect! Both light weight AND I’ll get the satisfaction of doing something :-)

    12. I like this but most importantly I’m so happy I can read your blog at work again!! For a good few months something was going on and I couldn’t keep the page open for more than 3 seconds. Now I’m back and sooo happy!!

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