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wire words

    When Ryan & I were expecting our first baby, we thought it would be fun to throw a ‘revealing’ party.  I created these sweet little invitations {eight years ago!} and used wire we had laying around to write ‘baby’.

    baby reveal


    {Just thought I’d show you the inside of the invitation. It was such a fun party and great memory. Oops, nice typo on the word September. I never noticed until today}.

    I have no idea where the wire words idea came from : but I’ve been using it over and over since then.




    So here’s how you do it:


    You’ll need:

    ::wire {I’m not sure what gauge to buy, but something that you can bend easily with your hands. I prefer that thicker one on the black roll, but the thin one works fine too}

    :: scissors

    :: a template of your printed word, if you prefer

    To create a word FREEHAND:


    Start bending the wire into cursive letters as you would write them with a pen.


    You may need to be creative on some letters {like the a which loops over the top in a clockwise circle rather than the normal counter-clockwise way you write}


    Cut off the end and create a loop.


    To create a word with a TEMPLATE:


    Print your word of choice in a cursive font {I used Little Days} in the size you like.

    enjoy 2

    ‘Trace’ the word as you bend the wire.


    enjoy 3






    See? Easy as can be. And pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

    . . . . . . . . . . .

    One more thing. It has absolutely nothing to do with wire words, but totally deserves some attention.

    Do you read The Lettered Cottage? Did you see what the darling team of Layla & Kevin have come up with now?

    This was their reading room ‘before’ {which I loved}


    And here it is as a guest room ‘after’.


    It is so great I gasped when I first saw it. Love everything about the space. Especially the salvaged wood on the walls. And the built-in bed. And that grain sack pillow and wall lamp.

    Nicely done Mr. & Mrs. Lettered Cottage. You are amazing.

    . . . . . . . . .

    And one more BIG thing.

    It is my niece’s birthday today.


    Not that she reads my blog or anything, but her momma does and I love her so she gets a little shout-out from her auntie.

    . . . . . . . . . . .

    Okay. Have a great day!

    34 thoughts on “wire words”

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    2. Hi i’m Dione and i’m 13,
      I was at a amusement park and i saw a dude makeing wire names and thought that was so cool, cause i’m one of those artistic people that the most artsy in the family and everyone comes to me for advice on crafts and stuff, and decided i wanted to do that so i came home and searched it and this was the first thing that came up and it helped me make my wire words. Mine are a little neater than yours cause mine is not done just by hand i have a jewerly tool set that helps make them really neat. So you know i’ll be reading more of your blogs. Thanks for shareing this wonderful idea.
      Thanks, Dione

    3. Just saw your blog linked by a dear friend. I do not know how I have missed you before now. I am adoring your blog!!!! Your creativity is astounding! Thanks for sharing of your talents here! I know it is no short thing to create all of this in a way to display it here. I cannot wait to add you to my google reader!

    4. wow, your invitations 8 years ago were WAY more chic than mine! you’re invite is just as classic today… that’s got to be a good feeling. {and I love the wording! and the “no.” that’s a really good one!} | xo!

    5. I saw someone selling wire words like this on Etsy the other day. I liked them so much I saved the store so I could buy some. Now I will just make my own! :)
      And yes, I LOVE The Lettered Cottage. They did an amazing job on that reading room. Who would have ever thought to buy old gymnasium flooring?? I wouldn’t have, but it turned out so well!

    6. The wire words are so cool! I saw your bulletin board post a few days ago and I have a huge bulletin board that I purchased at an estate sale this summer that would be perfect for that project. I can envision some wire words hanging on it. Also, Layla & Kevin are amazing. I follow their blog but missed that. Thanks for sharing it.

    7. Thank you Emily! I’ve been looking forward to this tutorial and you make it look so easy. Everyone is now getting a gift with some sort of word on it :) Super cute idea – reveal party. Saving this for someday {hopefully} Love everything you do

    8. love your sweet caroline graphic…

      love the lettered cottage room reminds me of my sleeping nook upstairs..i adore the scattered frames..the wood with the white and that LITTLE YELLOW CAN WITH PLANT..makes the room..that L can “style it up!”

    9. it’s my birthday too – that’s why I’m reading your blog in the middle of the afternoon!
      happy “champagne” birthday Caroline!

    10. Wow, that was way faster than I expected to be seeing this tutorial; thanks! So it really is just as easily strait-forward as it looked. Just like some of the wire art we did as kids, like ‘drawing’ a shoe and other stuff.
      But it’s been a long time…f you have to do a bunch (like for those invites) does it take very long, or end up hurting your fingers? The little word by itself looks very doable, but I wonder how laborious (time-wise) it is to actually do one, or more…guess I’ll just have to go find some and try, right?! Thanks again : )

    11. Love your tutorials. This is one I’ve done before too, with some little beads on threaded on the wire to spell “Hannah” for my baby girl’s room. (Not so much a baby anymore at 10!) Love the idea of a revealing party!! How cute!

    12. so many things here that i love…i mean, the revealing party, the wire words, the invitation, sweet caroline’s banner…girl you know how to inspire me! ;)

    13. Oh my goodness, that invitation and just the whole idea of a “reveal party” is so absolutely fun and adorable. The wire words are so whimsical-lovely – thank you for sharing, Emily!

    14. Great tutorial, thanks! How did you reveal at the party? My husband and I are thinking of doing something similar. :)

      1. We did reveal parties for our first three {when we found out our No. 4 was a girl, we just couldn’t wait and called everyone we knew!}. For this first one, we had different letters in pink & blue balloons and our guests had to pop them, then unscramble the letters to make a phrase. The boy word was “big red fire truck” and for girl was “little pink tutu”. Obviously, we used the boy phrase!

    15. Um, Emily? I don’t think some of us (me!) can manage this as neatly as you – even with a tutorial! :) But it’s SUCH a cute idea – I bet you could sell them, right?

    16. I just bought the white leather boxes Layla has under her side table at an antique store in Gig Harbor. I LOVE them.

    17. thanks so much for posting how to do wire words Emily!! i have been wanting to do this for awhile now, but didnt know how. you are awesome at everything!! where do you buy the wire?

    18. Well THANK YOU, friend! We really had fun with our little redo,
      And as usual, I’m leaving completely inspired by your blog…gotta go get me some wire! :-D

    19. Love the wire words. You make it look so easy. Guess I’ll have to give it a shot. I used your “My Children are a Blessing” message on our chalkboard this week. Lovely reminder.

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