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zinc letter look-alikes {tutorial}

    Forever a fan of anything typography-related, these faux-zinc letters are super simple and inexpensive to create and fabulous to look at.


    Perhaps you’ve seen real zinc letters {so pretty, but can get a little pricy} and there’s a good chance you’ve already read a tutorial for how to recreate the look {there are tons of them around blog-land!}. I gave it a try a few weeks ago and was so impressed with the results that I just had to share my version with you.


    // SUPPLIES //


    / craft letter / black craft paint / metallic silver craft paint / paint brush

    // STEP ONE // paint your letter black


    then let dry completely.


    // STEP TWO // dry-brush metallic silver paint in imperfect strokes over letter


    Before I tried this, I didn’t really understand what ‘dry-brushing’ was. Basically, just put a tiny bit of paint on a dry brush and quickly brush it onto the letter. You want some of the black to show through, so try not to saturate your paintbrush with too much paint. Brush in all different directions to get that sanded metal look.


    And that’s it!



    For just a few dollars and less than 15 minutes, you get fancy looking zinc look-alike letters.




    24 thoughts on “zinc letter look-alikes {tutorial}”

    1. I got the letters, now I know how to paint them! These will be used to label areas of my 4th grade classroom, including, LIBRARY, MATH, WRITING, SCIENCE. It’s going to look so great! Thanks!

    2. This is amazing!! I’m copying this tutorial right now and am doing on post on it tomorrow!! I’m going to link it back to you. I’ll share with you when I’m done. Thanks for the inspiration!
      Jamie @

    3. My daughters and I decided last Christmas we would make each other gifts this year. Now I know what I’m going to do. Thank you!!!

    4. I actually got the zinc letters from anthro for my son Rafi from his baby shower – I wanted to have a masculine version of the pretty bohemian “chic” :) anthro letters I have for my daughter Rina. BUT I have been dragging my feet about putting them up because we live in San Francisco and if there were any sort if earthquake (which is obviously a real possibility) they would probably give him a concussion. So, I actually just decided to return them and do this! And now I will know exactly how to do it!! Thank you!

    5. Thank you, Emily, for the great tutorial for Anthro-inspired zinc letters and for all the great tips and sources. I just love how you help us all create beautiful things for our home on a sensible budget. Just a funny note…..whenever I go into Anthropologie (mainly just to look and get ideas) there are not that many people in the main part of the store, but if you go to the sale room, which is not much bigger than a rectangular closet, the place is packed. (lol) Thanks for proving to us all that it’s not necessary to have an unlimited bank account to have style. :-)

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