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audrey’s room at nonna’s house

    Nonna {Ryan’s mom} knows how to put a room together.

    This is her most recent project, which she has dubbed Audrey’s Room.

    audrey's room

    The baby girl still sleeps in a pack and play while visiting, but someday soon she’ll be able to sleep in her own big bed.

    I love the mix of art work, book pages, mirror and chalkboard – all hung randomly, but they work together perfectly.


    The headboard was a project done on a whim using foam wrapped in fabric and then tufted with covered buttons.

    headboard 2



    Isn’t it such a delightful room? Nicely done sweet Nonna {hope you don’t mind that I snuck some photos while visiting the other day!}

    the room

    And just for good measure, here is Audrey in her ‘real’ room.


    You know all of those adorable photographs of babies standing in their cribs? I was going for that look, but my baby girl would have nothing of it. She’s still pretty cute though.

    zig zag

    I will make a formal introduction soon, but please head to my best friend’s new blog for a heartfelt message for this Memorial Day.

    Thank you to all of the soldiers, both past and present, who have given us this amazing gift of freedom.  We remember and honor your life of service.

    24 thoughts on “audrey’s room at nonna’s house”

    1. Hey Emily!! I totally love your blog and all the things you make!!! I just found out I’m pregnant (just now at 10 weeks!) so I’m looking for nursery ideas. I LOVE the Zeph 3:17 verse- it’s my very favorite. That board you have behind Audrey’s crib is amazing!! Could you give me any pointers on how you made it? I’ve looked for a tutorial on here but haven’t seen one. Just thought I’d ask for any advice- thanks so much!

    2. Love both rooms, do you know the green color your mother-in-law used in her room? I am in the market for a nursery color myself and I love that one!

    3. OMG! I looooove the headboard and that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to do for my bedroom! Gotta do a tutorial on that! :) Beautiful room! And the pic of Audrey in her room at home is priceless!

    4. Would Nonna mind sharing where she found the chandelier? It looks just right for my oldest daughter’s new room! Thanks-

    5. Lovely! Aubrey is sooo blessed to have a grandma who creates such love space. And you Emily must have soo much fun with you MIL…you seem like kindred spirits.

      I just came across your BFF’s blog yesterday and immediately I said to myself…this was designed by Emily!

    6. beautiful!! I am not usually a big fan of yellow but I am totally into it right now… especially when it’s just pops of it here and there.

    7. i have very similar colors in my bedroom, i really like the paint color at your mother-in-laws, u happen to have the name of it?? thanks!

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