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Discover your style + decorate with confidence

    I truly love decorating. The act of taking a space and infusing it with personal style, putting order to something haphazard, making functional and aesthetic improvements to a space, this is one of my most favorite things to do.

    And based on the online conversations we’ve had over the years, on the comments and interest you’ve shown in the changes we made to our old house and are now making to our new home, you love it, too.

    What is this draw we have toward decorating a home?

    Some of it is just purely the visual part of living in a home that is pretty.

    But the other part – the part that is harder to define and transcends trends, budget, style – is the way a decorated home makes us feel.

    Welcome. Comfortable. Calm. Inspired. Energetic. Cozy.

    Just as how wearing an outfit we feel good in makes a big impact on our days, decorating our homes in a personal and stylish way makes a noticeable difference in how we live in them.

    And – BONUS! –  when we feel happy and relaxed in our homes, we are much more likely to invite others in.

    The desire for a pretty home is in us, but what if the skills to make it happen are not?! 

    The newest online class, SIMPLIFIED DECORATING was created to help us all make our homes into places we love.

    How fun would it be if I could come over, chat about what you’d like your home to look/feel like, maybe move some furniture and shop for a few pillows or a new couch or whatever you need?! Since that is a little tricky to make happen, let’s do it virtually, instead.

    I put all of my best decorating knowledge into video lessons that you can watch from the comfort of your soon-to-be-happily-decorated home.

    We’ll walk through the whole decorating process: first identifying your personal style, next assessing your room, creating a design board with items that fit your style and finally, putting it all together in a way that makes sense.

    The course takes place online and you can follow along at your own pace. There are 15 lessons, each about 5-11 minutes each (for a total of just over 3 hours of inspiring video learning).


    • Discover your personal style
    • Avoid common decorating mistakes
    • Create a design board for any room
    • Incorporate your style into your home
    • Save money by not spending on the wrong things
    • Get a cohesive, comfortable home that makes you happy
    • Have a clear decorating direction


    The course is split into four parts:

    In the first portion of the class, you will walk through a series of steps to identify your personal decorating style.

    Putting a name to it and understanding what the style is characterized by is the first and most important step in the decorating process.

    In the second section, you’ll learn the seven essential elements for every room, common decorating mistakes with practical tips for how to avoid them, and a simple way to establish a cohesive color palette.

    Before you begin on decorating your room, you’ll need a plan. This section covers what features to look for in your space, how to create a design board, practical tips for avoiding overspending.

    You’ll also learn my step-by-step process for decorating any room.

    This is where you put your knowledge to work! Be inspired by before and after successes and discover three things you can do today that will make a big impact.


    • worksheets for discovering your style
    • seven elements that are essential for every room
    • step-by-step guide for how to decorate any room
    • practical tips for where to save and where to spend
    • the best home decorating sources
    • 5 common mistakes and how to avoid them
    • how to create a design board
    • three things you can (and should!) do today

    Registration is now open!

    You can join now and begin at any time (tonight? yep. Next week? Sure. In six months? Also, yes).

    Here is what Simplified Decorating students are saying:

    “I LOVE LOVE LOVE your simplified decorating class and have had so many aha moments with your approach to decorating. I now see clearly my design style and my approach to shopping for things for my home has been more focused which is awesome for my husband. ?” – Natalie G.

    “Thank you so much! You do a great job of breaking down the steps and making it easy to understand! Now I am motivated to finish my art studio, living room and dining room!” – Melinda B.

    “My house now feels more complete and peaceful as I think about bringing home a new baby. No more empty blank walls! Thanks so much for all your help in making this task not seem as intimidating. I learned a lot!” – Kate W.

    If you need a little help, inspiration and motivation to make changes in your home, I can’t wait to be part of it!

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    1. I think that many people who are new to decorating their own apartment need a push in the right direction. In my case, I needed up having my bedroom furnished by a company called Furnishr ( and they really helped me to focus on what I wanted out of my apartment. How I wanted to feel and my vision was really inspired by them.

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