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a fiddle leaf fig tree

    In pretty much every room I’ve ever loved, there is some element of natural greenery – often in the form of the handsomely quirky fiddle leaf fig – that brings the whole thing together. There is just something about the organic shapes and punch of color that a living tree can bring to a room that keeps it fresh and classic. I’ve been looking for a healthy, tall fiddle leaf fig for months and finally came across one at my grocery store {of all places!}.


    It is not huge, but larger than the bitsy ones I had seen at IKEA, the leaves looked bright and free of dark spots, and even though I know these plants are a bit temperamental and tend to die easily, at just $12 I couldn’t resist.


    It fit perfectly in this sturdy basket from Target {with a saucer inside to catch drips}.  Fiddle leaf figs are particular about sunlight {indirect}, temperature {consistent 60-80 degrees}, watering {only when top 1″ of soil is dry – about every 2 weeks} and they don’t like to move. I couldn’t decide where to put this little guy, but ultimately decided on the entry because it probably gets the best indirect light and the temperature remains pretty consistent. Plus, it looks good next to the deconstructed chair that I was going to refinish but ended up liking in it’s deconstructed form too much to continue.


    I like the look of the tall tree versions better than the full-and-leafy-look, so I risked my new plant’s life and pruned off the bottom leaves.


    I don’t know if this is how to train a tree to become less-bushy, but for $12, I figured I couldn’t lose.


    After trimming off the bottom leaves, it looks much more refined.  fiddle-leaf-fig-pruned-into-tree

    I do hope I can keep this one alive!


    While snapping photos, Audrey wanted in on the action so she hopped in to have her picture taken with Fig.


    She is so much fun. Silly and sweet and always happy to be in front of the camera.


    24 thoughts on “a fiddle leaf fig tree”

      1. The fig is doing great! It has sprouted another branch down low, but I’ll just clip that again. I moved it from the entry to the living room and it did not do well there – eventually all of the leaves fell off. I was going to toss it, but decided to see if I could nurse it back to health, moved it into my front office window and after a few weeks new leaves began to grow! That was probably a year ago. It is now in the growing season again and is doing great.

    1. Hi- I’m wondering the same thing. How did it survive after pruning? I have been able to find the bushy ones but prefer the tall look with leaves on top, like you. Let us know how it’s doing after pruning, I would love to hear. Thanks!

    2. HI!

      I was wondering if your fiddle leaf survived after the pruning?! I want to do something similar to mine, but I’m nervous!


    3. Looks great, Emily! I’ve been slightly obsessed with fiddle leaf figs after seeing them in so many beautiful spaces in design magazines. Lucky you to find one at your grocery! Must be the PNW….I can’t seem to find one down here anywhere (CA).

      1. Kelly, I live in SoCal and usually find them at Home Depot (not all the time), also Armstrong Nurseries, but they can be pricey. I’ve also bought one at Rogers Gardens, again pricey. Continue searching for cheaper ones because I have literally killed 7 of these beauties. I’m still holding out that one will “take”. I think I’ve been overwatering.

    4. Really pretty! I’m in love with that basket you put the tree in. Also. I was staring at those pictures of Audrey (cute!), thinking something about this is familiar…when it suddenly occurred to me that I’d JUST done a post with fall family photos where the twins were wearing the exact same “dress” (theirs are more like shirts since it’s a 6-month size, and they’re 13-months) with leggings. It’s one of my faves, which makes me scratch my head why it took me so long to figure out the connection. (Tired.Mama.Brain).

      Here’s the pics:

    5. Gorgeous! Can I ask where you found that great wire basket for the boots? I’ve been looking everywhere for one that size and can’t seem to find one.

    6. so happy to hear they can be tricky to keep alive! Mine was happy and bushy…now is not happy AT ALL. Haven’t called “time of death” yet, but i think it is near. I found mine at Home Depot, and it was about $20…fyi.

    7. I’ve had a fiddle leaf fig tree for about one month. The nurseryman told me the only difference between the tree and the bush is how it’s pruned and how much they charge for it. I named mine “Hope” as in, I hope I don’t kill it. I have a little grow light for mine since during the winter the lighting in my home is pathetic. They really are beautiful!

    8. Good luck! I think you’re off to a good start by not buying one at Ikea. I don’t know anyone who has bought one there that still has it!

      It’s true…they make any room/vignette look better!

    9. Love your house! There are actually two different types of Fiddle leaf figs, the tree kind and bush kind :) Yours will never be a tree but it looks great anyways!!

    10. LOVE it! I have had an 8ft tall single trunk fiddle leaf fig in my living room for about 4 years. It is surprisingly happy despite the fact that I have moved it 3 times. You will likely get new growth from some of the spots you pruned. Just keep pinching it back even though it seems so wrong to stop new growth. I have been playing with mine to encourage new branches to fill it out. It will make a ton of new growth from the ends, but nothing from lower down the branches. I still get excited every time it makes new growth! Good luck!

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