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free spring art print

    There is still a week or two before the official first day of spring, but don’t you just feel ready?!

    We’ve had some uncharacteristically sunny, warm days in the Pacific Northwest and it’s been lovely. We’ve played outside and opened the windows and bought my first bunch of springtime tulips.

    Last year I watercolored an assortment of the things that remind me of spring: pastels, fresh greens, pretty dresses and ballet flats. Then I scanned the painting, added text and turned it into a printable pdf file that you can download and print at home to put you in the springtime mood.  Just print on your favorite paper (see my favorite sources here) and display in your entry or bedroom or office or any place you need a little colorful pick-me-up.

    To grab your free spring art print, click below for instant access to our freebie files we call The Archive.

    Happy Spring!



    6 thoughts on “free spring art print”

    1. Emily,
      I already put my a Spring print out last week for the 2nd consecutive year. The weather had been gloomy, so I decided to “think Spring” and put my spring decorations up. I felt a but guilty doing so in the middle of a Lent, but I have been keeping true to my Lenten values 100%.

    2. Hello Emily,

      This print is absolutely lovely. I have a request :D Would you consider making a print available for sale of the amazing watercolor rendering of the Boden tulip trench you painted?? I think you posted it on your Instagram feed a bit ago. I could perhaps have an accompanying Bible verse about joy or another that inspires you?? It is just wonderful and I do not think I would be alone in purchasing it.

      Your thoughts?

      Sonya McKelvey

    3. I am so ready! Thanks for the reminder of all the pretty things that spring has in store. I just love when you do these watercolour roundups. So lovely and inspiring.

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