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fun freebies: striped number art

    Free Striped Number art prints / jones design company

    Because I can’t get enough of black + white stripes (I even have a pinterest board dedicated to the pattern!) and bold typography (here’s the pinterest board for that!), I had some fun combining the two into these cute STRIPED NUMBERS ART PRINTS.


    You could use them for birthdays, add them over coat racks to identify whose is whose, or just frame your favorite number and add it to a gallery for a bold punch of pattern.


    I also added in an ampersand. Because who doesn’t like ampersands?! And also, I thought it would be fun to put this one in my bedroom.

    free striped ampersand print / jones design company

    You can download the prints for free. Just print on white cardstock, trim to size (5×7) and enjoy! For a list of my favorite sources – like printers, paper and more, click here.

    To download the whole collection, you can join or log in to our library of freebies called The Archive. In there, you’ll find all our best downloads, art prints, fonts, clip art and templates.

    free striped numbers and ampersand art / jones design company

    Happy Spring!

    ** UPDATE **

    A Zero has been added! Along with a cute plus sign. Sorry for the omission earlier! The file has been updated and can be downloaded in The Archive.

    free stripes numbers. zero and plus sign / jones design company

    43 thoughts on “fun freebies: striped number art”

    1. These are so cute! I just printed out a bunch of “25”‘s to cut out and hang along w/ my white fabric scrap garland around my entire backyard fence line for my 25th anniversary dinner party in July. I’m doing touches of black stripes w/ my rustic elegance theme. Thanks for creating and sharing these!


    3. Merci pour ces chiffres qui me plaisent beaucoup, d’autant plus qu’en ce moment, je peins plein de rayures sur mes toiles !!!!! C’est un signe …. A bientôt

    4. These are so pretty! Thank you so much for the freebie. Our upstairs bathroom is black and white and I plan on using this printable somehow in there. Love the & !!! :) Thank you again!

    5. Great numbers! I appreciate your generosity and wonder if I can use them on the front of birthday cards for my family members?

    6. THANK YOU!!!! these are so amazing! i am totally in love with these. i could be in lover…if you could think up lower case….okay, and upper case…letters for us! i am thrilled to have these lovely numbers. thank you for your generosity and for sharing your talents with all of us lurkers.

    7. Hi Emily,

      I would love to have a striped number zero as well to use for a 70th birthday party this summer. Any chance there is one available? Love and Hugs, p

    8. Thank you for sharing such awesome artwork with the rest of us. It’s so generous of you & brings an extra element to my own collage work.

    9. I have to just share with you my love of the Ampersand…Yes, it is currently boarding on an obsession. But I wanted to share it because it might give you a new perspective and a moment of pause when you now look at it.

      The Ampersand obviously means ‘and”…it connects two things together, instead of dividing things like “but” can so often do. ” you did a great job, BUT you should have done something different”. This is oddly profound to me. Life is often about “and”…even sometimes connecting two things that feel like they cannot possibly go together. ” I am a good mother, AND sometimes I feel completely lost on this road” Can both still be true? Are we often in a place of seeming contradiction? Yet, in those spaces, those often hard sticky spaces, we have the opportunity to dig down deeper, search for a new perspective, and often give grace. The grace we so desperately need to give to ourselves or others. We are “and”. We are complex. So are our children, and our spouses, and our Heavenly Father. If everything is either/or, you will miss the true, deep, complex picture of yourself, your children, and our Loving Father. Try to use the lens of “and” as you encounter yourself and others. You will hold a more graceful space around you.

      thank you for this adorable, and thoughtful freebie :)

      Jodi Moreno

    10. Love the striped numbers!! I am printing out the Ampersand. Do you think you could do some letters? I am making an “I” wall (for my last name). This would be a great addition. I might do my kids soccer numbers. But not sure where I would put them yet. I would love some ideas!?!?! Thanks for sharing!

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