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going green {the painted version}

    Proud moment in my decorating life: I committed to a color.


    The back door in our kitchen was previously white. When deciding on what color to paint it, my gut said go with black! like our front door. My husband said let’s go green.


    As you can see, he won. And I’m so glad.

    I wanted a green that was slightly muted, but not drab; cheerful and bright but not too bright; a noticeable spot of color, but not out of place with our mostly neutral home.


    We went with Homestead Resort Moss by valspar paint at Lowes. I bought a sample jar {only $3!} and it was the perfect amount to cover the door with three coats.


    Painting the interior of the door gives us just the unexpected touch of color the room needed. And every time I glance out the back door, it makes me happy.

    I’m so glad we went green.

    26 thoughts on “going green {the painted version}”

    1. Love it! I’d love to hear any tips you have about painting doors. I’d love to paint mine black or something fun like green, but haven’t had the guts to do it. I’d hate to ruin a perfectly good door. How do you get a nice smooth finish without brush strokes?

    2. emily, I looove it!!! yay for color! Question for ya…what are your thoughts of that middle La Fonda Olive color? Ezekiel’s room is a {{really}} bad shade of green. Looked way cuter when I did my sample than the whole room. Yuck.

      He really wants green though and now that 13 year old Aberhem will be joining our family soon {& Ezekiel’s room}, I want to make sure I don’t pick a little kid green, but one that the boys can grow into.


    3. I had to laugh when I saw your paint chip – I just painted the exterior of our house the darkest one on that sample. My house is mostly earthtones, including golds, reds, and greens (think autumn). Those little sparks of color are amazingly effective.

    4. I knew I recognized that color…it’s the exact green we used in our Craftsman kitchen, which has white Shaker cabinets, white subway tile with black accents and a black and white tile checkerboard floor. There isn’t a lot of open wall space, but it’s just enough to highlight this great color. :)

    5. I did some major re-arranging in my kitchen yesterday and I love the new look… now I’m wondering if I should paint my kitchen door might need to be next on the list. Yours looks great!

    6. What a great idea! Since this is a metal door I am wondering what kind of paint you used and prep. I thought I would have to take the door off the hinges and tape off the window and spray it for it to look nice. This is such an amazing thought. My back door is white and I think a pop of color would hide dirt and bring a smile to my face.

    7. Yes Please! What is that print? You always have such wonderful creative items in your home! Is that a print you did? I would love to know!

    8. I love the green! I’ve been itching to paint our backdoor and hadn’t thought I might be able to do it with a sample can. Now I just have to find the time!

    9. I love the green door! It’s very refreshing looking.
      I don’t know if anyone else has been having this problem with you blog, but lately every time I view it, only about half of the pictures show up. For instance, I can only see the first three pictures on this post but not the last.
      I love your blog though! thanks for all your hard work and eye candy!

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